Breading Fish

Prepare the fish breading
Prepare the fish breading

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Breading fish made easy 🙂 that’s what the following cooking school teaches.

As a chef, I’m happy to show you the relevant steps to make your baked fish perfect.

The perfect fish breading succeeds quite simply.

Follow this guide…

Good luck!

Breading Fish Step 1: Select Fish

Sea fish or freshwater fish, plaice or carp?

Many types of fish can be breaded well and you can buy according to market supply and gusto.

Saithe fillet on the cutting board
Saithe fillet on the cutting board
Prepare whole plaice, severed head and fins.
Prepare plaice whole fins and cut off head.
Carp fillet
Carp fillet prepared for kitchen
Turn the cod fillet in flour, season beforehand.
Cod fillet

Breading Fish Step 2: Prepare Fish

We usually bread sea fish without skin, carp fillet is coated with skin and fried.

Portion the fish fillets and prepare them for breading….

Cut pollock fillet
Cut pollock fillet
Cut Pollock
Cut Pollock
Pollock portioned for fish sticks
Pollock portioned for fish sticks

Breading Fish Step 3: Prepare the Breading

For breading we need the portioned fish fillets, salt, pepper, freshly sifted flour, eggs and cream and breadcrumbs.

The set-up in the kitchen is what we chefs call a breading line.

Bread the fish sticks
Bread the fish sticks

Season the eggs with salt, pepper and a little cream.

The cream makes the breading smoother.

You could add a little bit of sweet paprika, but that’s a matter of taste.

Mix the seasoned eggs in the bowl with a fork.

mix egg
mix egg

The egg yolk and white should be completely dissolved.

Prepare the fish breading
Prepare the fish breading

Breading Fish Step 4: Turn Fish In Flour And Egg

The breading will only stick to the fish if you follow the order and start with the flour.

The flour coating on the fish allows the egg to adhere so the breadcrumbs stick well to the fish.

Bread the fish sticks
Bread the fish sticks

Step 5: Bread Fish Fillets In Breadcrumbs

The last step is to coat the fish fillet dipped in egg in the breadcrumbs.

Gently press the fish fillets into the breadcrumbs to create a firm coating.

For a thicker breading, you could dip the breadcrumb-coated fish fillet in egg again and roll it in breadcrumbs once more.

Breaded fish sticks
Breaded fish sticks on the baking sheet

Step 6: Fry Fish

Breaded fish fillets need to fry in enough vegetable oil.

A large frying pan with sufficient oil has proven itself.

Too little fat or oil when frying the fried fish will cause the breading to become dry.

Defrosted or freshly breaded fish has a cooking time of about 3 minutes per side.

The optimal temperature for baking fish is about 170°C.

Place fish fingers in hot fat
Place fish fingers in hot fat
Fry fish sticks
Fry fish sticks

Step 7: Serve the Fish

Always prepare the side dishes and cold sauces for the fried, baked fish before preparing the fish.

Remove the light brown fried fish pieces from the pan and drain on a paper towel.

Then arrange the side dishes and the fish and serve.

Fish sticks recipe image
Fish sticks recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

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Christmas carp
Christmas carp breaded fish

Christmas carp is a typical and fitting dish.

I’ll show you two variations of the breading:

Once with breadcrumbs and once with batter.

As a second dish I recommend you my fish sticks recipe.

It goes perfectly with a homemade remoulade sauce.

Calamari fritti pick up where the first recipe left off.

You can make the fried squid rings with flour only,

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