How to Peel Asparagus

Asparagus peel cover picture
Peeling asparagus Frontal image shows peeled white asparagus.

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I will show you how to peel asparagus step by step in this article. The peeling technique differs for green and white asparagus. We will now look at this step by step with pictures.

In the article you will find tips on preparation and recipe ideas. Questions? Feel free to send me your cooking question via the comment function.

1. The optimal peeler for peeling asparagus

Use a high-quality pendulum peeler for peeling. The sharper the blade, the easier it is to remove the asparagus peelings.

Pendulum peeler or potato peeler
A selection of pendulum peelers as used by a chef and professional. © Thomas Sixt Food Fotograf 

2. Peel Asparagus white

Peel the white asparagus just below the tips.

Peel the asparagus white
Peeling asparagus white explains this picture.
Asparagus peel finger and hand technique
Grasp the asparagus spear with your fingers at the tip. Place the asparagus spear over the hand on the wrist. Turn the asparagus spear and remove the peel evenly with the pendulum peeler. This way you can peel the asparagus safely and the asparagus spear will NOT break!
Asparagus peeled with asparagus stalks
Peeling asparagus made easy: Use a sharp pendulum peeler.

3. Peel Asparagus green

Peel the green asparagus from about 3 cm above the ends.

Asparagus recipes cover picture
Green asparagus in bunches on a kitchen board.
Peel the green asparagus
Peel green asparagus correctly shows this picture

4. Recipe ideas for Asparagus

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