Asparagus Sous Vide

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In this article, I introduce you to preparing asparagus sous vide. With this method, the seasonal vegetables are gently vacuum-cooked in a small bag at a temperature of 85°C in a water bath. For this you need a sous vide cooker and a vacuum sealer.

I will introduce you to alternative preparation methods with similar flavour output a little later in the article.

The step-by-step photos will guide you to the perfect asparagus dish. Feel free to write me a success story, a cooking question or 🙂 Kitchen gossip!

1. Shopping List for Asparagus Sous Vide

Here is the handy list for your shopping.

You can also prepare this dish with green asparagus. The cooking time will then be slightly shorter.

Sous vide cooking works with white and green asparagus.

Chef Thomas Sixt on Cooking Asparagus
Asparagus peeled, green
Peeled green asparagus © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

2. Recipe Asparagus Sous Vide

Get inspired now and check out the instructions with step-by-step photos. If you have any questions, please use the comment function at the bottom of the page!

Asparagus Sous Vide

Instructions with Tips from Chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 1180
Total Time 25 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 25 Min.

Asparagus Sous Vide recipe by professional chef Thomas Sixt. Instructions for a safe asparagus dish with tasty side dishes.

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Asparagus sous vide
Asparagus sous vide recipe picture


Spargel garen

1 kg Asparagus (I use white or green asparagus)
60 g butter
1/4 bunch Herbs (Wild garlic or thyme)


15 pc Potatoes (I use young potatoes)
1 tsp. Salt
4-6 pinches Pepper black, ground
1 tsp. Sunflower oil

Beigaben und Soßen Ideen

8 tbsp. Wild garlic pesto
250 g butter


Preparing and cooking asparagus

Sous vide device
Prepare the sous vide device

Prepare the sous vide appliance at 85° C.

Fresh white asparagus
White asparagus fresh

Briefly rinse the asparagus and dry it.

Peel the asparagus white
Peeling asparagus made easy. The picture shows from which position you peel the white asparagus.

Peel the asparagus, the picture shows the place from where you peel the asparagus spears.

Peeled white asparagus
Asparagus spears with asparagus skins on the kitchen board.

Place peeled asparagus spears and asparagus separately.

Cut off the asparagus ends
This picture shows how to cut off the asparagus ends.

Cut off the ends of the asparagus.

Saver bowls in the pot
Asparagus shells in the pot for asparagus soup.

Place the asparagus trimmings and asparagus peelings for asparagus soup in a pot.

Saver bars peeled white
Prepare the asparagus stalks for seasoning.

Season the peeled asparagus spears with salt, pepper, nutmeg and a little sugar.

Place the asparagus in the bag
Place the peeled asparagus stalks in the vacuum bag.

Place the asparagus spears flat in a vacuum bag.

Asparagus with butter in bags
Asparagus spears with butter in a vacuum bag.

Add the slices of butter to the asparagus.

Asparagus with herbs in the bag
Optionally, you can add wild garlic or thyme to the asparagus.

Optionally add thyme or wild garlic to the asparagus.

vacuum-packed asparagus
Vacuum-sealed white asparagus in a bag.

Vacuum seal the asparagus in the bag.

Asparagus in sous vide
Asparagus when placed in the sous vide device.

Place the asparagus in the vacuum bag in the sous vide cooker and set the alarm for 50 minutes. Temperature 85°C

Prepare potatoes

Fresh potato
Fresh potatoes with their peel

Prepare the potatoes for washing.

Wash the potato
Wash potatoes

Wash the potatoes with a brush and cold running water. Then boil them in a pot with water and salt until soft.

Peel the boiled potatoes
Boiled potatoes while peeling

Carefully drain the softly cooked potatoes, let them steam off and prepare them peeled or unpeeled for serving.

Garnishes and sauces ideas

Nut butter, that's browned butter.
Nut butter in a bowl.

Heat the butter in a saucepan, simmer, brown and strain through a fine sieve. Serve as a fine butter sauce with the asparagus.

Pesto in the bowl
Wild Garlic Pesto

Prepare the wild garlic pesto according to the instructions and serve with the asparagus.

Fried basil leaves until crispy.
Crispy fried basil leaves are the highlight topping.

Briefly fry the wild garlic leaves in oil, then lay them on kitchen paper and season with salt.

Finishing plates

Cooked asparagus
Asparagus cooked sous vide

Remove the asparagus in the bag from the sous vide machine. Cut open the bag and prepare the asparagus for serving.

Asparagus sous vide
Asparagus sous vide recipe picture

Arrange the potatoes, asparagus and wild garlic pesto on plates and serve sprinkled with herb chips.


3. Calories and Nutritional Values

4. Alternative Cooking Methods to Sous Vide

You can steam the Asparagus over boiling water. The taste output is similar. Alternatively, you can prepare them in aluminium foil or baking paper. I show you this variant in the asparagus in the oven.

Founder asparagus cooking in the pot
Boiling or steaming asparagus in water is more environmentally friendly than vacuum cooking.

5. Helpful Tips about Asparagus and Sous Vide

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6. More matching Ideas for Asparagus

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