Skinning and Peeling Tomatoes

you can peel the blanched tomatoes after puting in ice-cold water

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Tomatoes skin and peel I show you in this article with photos and cooking video. There are certainly many methods to remove the skin from tomatoes, I would like to show you the professional, for cooks right variant, step by step. After skinning, you can remove the seeds from the tomatoes and process them into tomato cubes, the tomato concassée (from French tomatoes concassées).The tomato pulp, for example, is used for a fine tomato vegetable, for a tomato sauce, or you just cut tomato cubes as decoration for the starters or as an inlay for a tomato soup. I hope you like this article, you can share it with your friends on Facebook. Thanks a lot!

1. What do you need in Terms of Tools?

For skinning and peeling the tomatoes you need a large pot, a skimmer, a cooker, a bowl with ice water, a chopping board, a small sharp knife. Ingredients: water and salt and fr Water and salt and fresh, firm tomatoes.

2. Skin Tomatoes

The raw and firm tomatoes are cut crosswise on the smooth side. Use a sharp knife and cut slightly diagonally under the skin. The stalk of the tomato (on the other side) can also be cut out right away, but you can do this later.
prepare the tomatoes for blanching: tomato-cross-shaped-skin incision
The raw tomatoes are cut cross-shaped, just under the skin. You need a sharp knife!

3. Blanching Tomatoes

Place a large pot of water on the stove and boil the water. The water is salted when it boils. Place the sliced tomatoes in the boiling water. After about 40-70 seconds the skin of the tomatoes will come off and the tomatoes will be quickly lifted out of the boiling water with a skimmer and put into the ice water. This must be done quite quickly so that the flesh remains firm.
blanched tomatoes laid in ice water so you can peel the tomatoes
Quickly transfer the blanched tomatoes from the boiling water to the ice water so that the cooking process is interrupted.

4. Peel Tomatoes

The tomatoes can now be peeled, leave the blanched tomatoes to cool in ice water for a few minutes.
you can peel the blanched tomatoes after puting in ice-cold water
Peel the blanched cold! tomatoes with a small knife.

5. Seed Tomatoes

The peeled tomatoes can now be quartered, then the tomato seeds can be cut out very well.
remove the seeds from the tomatoes
The blanched, cooled and peeled tomatoes are quartered and the seeds removed.

6. Tomato Cubes – tomato concassée (from French tomatoes concassées)

The tomato quarters without skin and seeds can now be cut into tomato cubes  – in professional kitchens named tomato concassée (from French tomatoes concassées). First cut them lengthwise into strips, then into cubes. The tomato cubes are often served with starters, used for salad decorations, tomato cubes are also a substitute for tomato soup or fresh a strong, dark sauce and complete the taste.
zurich ragout with tomato cubes called tomato concassee
Tomato cubes – Tomaten-Concassée  put fresh ones on the plate, here as decoration at Zuricher Geschnetzeltes – Zurich Ragout.

7. Store Tomato Cubes and Tomato Pulp

Place the tomato cubes or tomato quarters in a glass with screw cap and consume the tomato cubes within two days. Please keep in the fridge.

8. Video Skinning and Peeling Tomatoes

IIn the following video I show the skinning and peeling of cocktail tomatoes.

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