Garlic Mustard Salad Recipe

Garlic Mustard Salad

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Here I would like to present you my Garlic Mustard Salad Recipe.

This is a wild cabbage salad made from self-collected herbs with asparagus and blueberries.

This salad will put a smile on your face. Because it is an exciting salad creation, e.g. for your barbecue with friends.

In addition, we use only local ingredients on the plate, which is good for our CO2 balance, especially during the barbecue season 🙂

We find the garlic mustard in many places in Europe. The plant often grows in company with nettles and is almost as common as these.

Since the plant has a slightly spicy garlic smell, it has received its name. The leaves can be used as pesto or as a spice in butter, cream cheese or soup.

I have prepared the garlic mustard as a leaf salad for you. In keeping with the asparagus season, I am therefore presenting a simple yet novel dish.  

Have fun collecting and a good appetite!

1. Tips for Collecting Garlic Mustard

To collect this wonderful herb, you don’t have to drive far or search for a long time.

Most of the time it grows right in front of your front door on the wayside.

The plant is usually 60-80 cm high, bears small white flowers, has heart-shaped, serrated leaves and has a light leek or garlic scent.

The harvest time of garlic mustard is from April – June

Info from Chef Thomas Sixt

For our salad we need a good bunch of this beautiful plant.

Garlic mustard growing in the nature

Further infos:

The wild herb is said to have a helping and healing effect. The crushed leaves were put on wounds in early times and the leaves are said to support healing.

As an infusion or tea, the wild herb is said to help with colds, rheumatism and bleeding gums.  

Garlic Mustard has been known as a soup spice since the Middle Ages and has been replaced by Marmite or Vegemite in modern times.

I have tried the herb as a spice in various soups and find the taste quite wonderful. Please try it out!

Let the garlic mustard steep in the soup after boiling. The wild herb develops its aroma best at 90°C! 

Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

2. Tipps for Preparing Garlic Mustard Salad

Wild herbs, the gifts of our nature, are richer in content and spicier than any salad plant from the supermarket vegetable bin.

The preparation work is somewhat more complex than for packed salad :-)…

The salad washing I will show you step by step with photos in a cooking course article.

I will show you how to prepare and wash lettuce step by step in another post. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Marinate the Garlic Mustard Salad

For the spicy wild herb I recommend a light vinegar-oil dressing.

The garlic herb goes wonderfully with raspberry vinegar or apple vinegar.  

The fruity component makes the smile at the table really round! 

Salad dressing: Mix one part of vinegar with salt, pepper and sugar. When the ingredients have dissolved, you can add 3-4 parts of oil slowly with the whisk, stirring constantly, to make a creamy salad dressing.

Dressing Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

Now comes the secret tip for your star cuisine…

Combine the salad with asparagus and blueberries or strawberries, this is the perfect taste combination of spicy, bitter, sour and sweet.

In autumn, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds are also suitable. In addition to high-quality olive oil, walnut oil also harmonises excellently!

Let your creative vein run free!

Maybe this salad will be your new favorite dish! The combination turns the simplest ingredients into a star chef dish for at home.Maybe this salad will become your new favourite dish! The combination makes a starred chef’s dish for the home from the simplest ingredients.

3. Recipe Garlic Mustard Salad

Garlic Mustard Salad with Asparagus and Berries

Wild herb salad with variations, cooked, written down and photographed by Chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 382
Total Time 28 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 13 Min.

Easy tutorial for preparing garlic mustard salad.

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Garlic Mustard Salad
Garlic Mustard Salad Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt



150 g garlic mustard (alliaria petiolata)

Spargel und Beeren

3 bars Asparagus (white or green asparagus)
1/2 tsp Salt (I use Himalaya salt!)
1 tsp Sugar
1 tbs oliv oil
80 g blueberries (alternatively strawberries)

Salad Dressing

3 tbs cider vinegar (alternatively white wine vinegar)
1/4 tsp Salt
2 tsp brown sugar
4-5 pinches black pepper
8-10 tsp oliv oil


Freshly picked leek herbs

Collect herbs

Gather garlic mustard or alliaria petiolata in nature.

Leek herb or garlic mustard

Prepare herbs

Carefully pluck off the leaves and flowers, wash them while weighing them in cold water and dry them.

Spin dry the leaves in the salad spinner and place in a bowl to marinate.

Asparagus while cooking
Cooking asparagus

Prepare asparagus

Peel the asparagus spears and cook until al dente.

Then cut the asparagus into slices or lengthwise.

For a result like in the picture, cut the asparagus spears raw into thin strips with the pendulum peeler and blanch them briefly until crisp.

Gently marinate with salt, sugar and oil.

Strawberries on kitchen board
Strawberries prepared on the kitchen board

Prepare berries

Wash and dry the blueberries.

This dish also tastes good with strawberries.

salad dressing
A fine dressing makes the salad delicious! Taste the dressing sweet and sour with sugar. © Food photographer Thomas Sixt

Dressing vorbereiten

For the dressing, mix cider vinegar with salt, pepper and sugar and work in the oil with a whisk.

Leek salad with asparagus and blueberries

Arrange and serve

Marinate the leaves with the dressing and arrange on the plate.

Add the asparagus. Sprinkle individual blueberries over it.

Decorate with flowers and serve quickly.

Bon appetit!

Depending on the season you can use other berries: Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries fit perfectly!

4. Calories and Nutritional Values

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