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My Asparagus Soup recipe from the star kitchen I show you in this post. Additionally you get a big overview about asparagus soup and asparagus cream soup. Read more if you want to delve deeper into the subject. Here you can read almost everything about asparagus soup in one article. I show you among other things… how you can prepare asparagus soup with asparagus from the glass… how asparagus soup is made from fresh asparagus… In addition I go into the variants of the binding of an asparagus cream soup… furthermore, I look at the special form of an exotic asparagus soup with coconut milk. I wish you much fun and good success with the soup cook!

1. Asparagus Soup Recipe simple

You can prepare the simplest asparagus soup all year round. A few years ago I was invited to a friend’s house for Christmas and was amazed. The family tradition was to serve an asparagus cream soup on Christmas Eve. This asparagus cream soup was delicious and I’ll get straight to the basic ingredient.
Served cream of asparagus soup with North Sea crabs.
Cream of asparagus soup served with crabs. I pour brown nut butter over the crabs. © Food photographer Thomas Sixt
Cream of asparagus soup served with crabs. I pour brown nut butter over the prawns.© Foodfotograf Thomas Sixt

2. Asparagus Soup with Asparagus from the Glass

I ate this soup with asparagus from the glass for the first time in Vienna with a family friend on 24 December. December is really not an asparagus season, so the cooked asparagus has to be added to the soup. I thought the soup was excellent, so here is the recipe:

2.1 Ingredients Asparagus Soup from the Glass

2.2 Preparation Asparagus Soup, Asparagus from the Glass

  1. Carefully remove the asparagus from the glass, the asparagus water will be put into the pot immediately.
  2. Cut off the asparagus tips and save them for decoration.
  3. Cut the asparagus spears into small pieces and put them in the pot, add the white wine and broth and bring to the boil.
  4. Let the asparagus soup simmer for ten minutes, then bring to the boil and slowly add the cream.
  5. Mix the soup with a hand blender and pass through a fine hair sieve.
  6. Season the asparagus soup with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
  7. Mix this simple asparagus soup with cold butter and serve with the slightly warmed asparagus tips in the soup bowl.
asparagus for cream soup
White fresh asparagus, the basis for a perfect and fantastic asparagus soup and asparagus cream soup.

3. Asparagus Soup from fresh Asparagus

The asparagus soup made from fresh asparagus is of course the best asparagus soup, so I would like to go into more detail here.
Prepare asparagus soup.
Prepare asparagus soup with asparagus and asparagus peels.
Asparagus soup with asparagus, prepare asparagus peels.

3.1 Asparagus Soup from Asparagus Rests and Peels

Peel and clean a bunch of white asparagus. Bring the peels and cuttings to the boil in vegetable stock with a little milk and lemon juice and leave to stand for 20 minutes. This asparagus broth can be used for the soup or drunk to purify.

3.2 Asparagus Soup Soupbase

I sacrifice the lower 8-9 centimetres of the asparagus spears for a powerful asparagus soup, cut them into small pieces and then sweat them in a little butter with a shallot. I add a little white wine, then I add the asparagus stock from the asparagus leftovers and let the soup steep for about 20 minutes. So the asparagus taste can develop optimally. The cream is then added to the boiling asparagus stock, I mix everything up, let the soup steep for another 10 minutes, then pass the soup off. The asparagus tips are used as an inlay and can be cooked directly in the soup. I taste the soup with some sugar, salt, pepper, nutmeg and cayenne pepper.
Cook the asparagus soup in the asparagus broth.
Cook the asparagus as a soup in the asparagus broth.
Cook the asparagus as a soup in the asparagus broth.

4. Asparagus Cream Soup

The asparagus soup is turned into creamy soup or asparagus cream soup by various measures.:

4.1 Asparagus Cream Soup with Cornflour

Bind the asparagus soup with some cornflour – mix a heaped teaspoon of cornflour in cold water (100 ml) and add to the boiling soup (500 ml).

4.2 Asparagus Cream Soup with Potato

Just cook a chopped potato from the beginning and mix it with the soup. The starch of the potato binds the soup and makes the asparagus soup creamy. You can also bind the asparagus soup later with a little finely grated potato. Peel the potato, grate finely, bring the soup to the boil, gradually add the grated potatoes, bring to the boil, add more potatoes until the desired binding is reached.

4.3 Asparagus Cream Soup with Flour

The binding with flour is done right at the beginning of the soup preparation: sauté the shallot and asparagus pieces in butter, sprinkle in some flour. Sweat the flour slightly, but do not brown it. Then deglaze with cold wine or cold liquid so that no lumps form.  Warm roux must always be extinguished cold, if the roux becomes cold it must be extinguished with warm liquid. This prevents lumps from forming.
Asparagus soup with asparagus and king oyster mushrooms.
Asparagus soup recipe picture
In a further recipe for asparagus soup I’ll show you a soup with asparagus and herb mushrooms © Foodfotograf Thomas Sixt

5. Asparagus Soup from Green Asparagus

I cook my asparagus soup always with white asparagus, green asparagus comes only as a luxury insert in the soup.
asparagus cream soup-coconut milk
Exotic asparagus cream soup with coconut milk, chilli, ginger, sesame and green asparagus.

6. Asparagus Soup like Alfons Schuhbeck

With the Alfons we have prepared the asparagus course from asparagus remains and peels as well as from asparagus spears. Today I don’t want to talk so much about it, but there is a lot of cream and butter in the asparagus soup. The soup was always strongly mixed with cold butter before serving and then served foamed.

7. Asparagus Soup with Coconut Milk

I also like the exotic version of asparagus soup, where the cream is replaced by coconut milk. The soup can be served with Please try it out for yourself – you don’t need a recipe for that and you can trust yourself to taste it.

8. Asparagus Soup Inlays

The following are suitable for the asparagus soup: semolina dumplings, small bacon dumplings, Schöberl, a pancake roulade with smoked salmon, a glazed meatballs, the asparagus tips,…
clear asparagus soup with filler
A clear asparagus soup with dumplings, asparagus tips as an inlay and grilled tomato skewer as an addition.

9. Decoration and Colour for Asparagus Soup

I like to decorate the asparagus soup with chervil, tarragon and parsley. Fried parsley is also very good! I very much like to combine it with asparagus soup ths white garlic pesto.

10. My Recipe for Asparagus Soup and Asparagus Cream Soup

Here is my asparagus soup recipe from the star kitchen. Please try and enjoy!

Asparagus Soup

Asparagus soup and asparagus cream soup in different variations with detailed information by Thomas Sixt

Servings 4 Persons
Calories 534
Total Time 60 Min.
Preparation Time 30 Min.
Cook Time 30 Min.
The asparagus soup and asparagus cream soup are discussed in detail in this article. In addition to the recipe, there is all the information you need to prepare this wonderful and popular soup. I show variants and as always there are the most important tips and tricks from the star kitchen. Good luck!

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Asparagus soup or cream of asparagus soup recipe picture.
Serve asparagus soup with asparagus and wild garlic pesto.


300 g white asparagus
500 ml Vegetable broth (or chicken broth)
some lemon juice
some milk (or coconutmilk, soy milk, oat milk)
50 g butter
4 pc shallots
80 ml dry white wine
250 ml Cream (or soy cream)
1 pinch brown cane sugar
1 pinch Salt
1 pinch Pepper
1 pinch Cayenne pepper
1 pc Bay leaf
1 tsp Cornstarch
80 g Cold butter (or magarine)
some chervil (or parsley)


Asparagus Soup

Prepare asparagus soup.
Prepare asparagus soup with asparagus and asparagus peels.

Clean and peel the asparagus, bring the asparagus peels and asparagus remains to the boil in the cold broth with milk, lemon juice, salt, pepper and a little sugar and leave to stand. This is how the asparagus broth is made as the basis for asparagus soup and asparagus cream soup. Let the broth steep for 20 minutes.

Prepare the insert for the asparagus soup
Asparagus and king oyster mushrooms as a filler for the asparagus soup.

Cut the asparagus tips and upper asparagus spears into bite-sized pieces and provide them as an extra insert. Cut the remaining asparagus into small pieces and sauté in butter with bay leaf for 10 minutes until colourless. Deglaze with the white wine.

Strain the asparagus soup through a sieve.
Spargesuppe happen.

Pass the asparagus broth through the shallots and asparagus pieces and simmer gently for another 10 minutes.

Cook the asparagus soup in the asparagus broth.
Cook the asparagus as a soup in the asparagus broth.

Bring the soup to the boil, slowly add the cream and let it boil again and again.

Refine asparagus soup with cream and mix up.
Finish the asparagus soup with the cream and mix.

Remove the bay leaf, mix the asparagus soup with a hand blender, leave to stand for another 5 minutes, then either pass or continue to prepare unpassed. Bring the soup to the boil again and thicken to taste with cornflour. Stir the starch in a little cold water, pour the starch water into the boiling soup and bring to the boil.

Asparagus soup or cream of asparagus soup recipe picture.
Serve asparagus soup with asparagus and wild garlic pesto.

Bring the soup to the boil, add the raw asparagus pieces to the soup and simmer. Arrange the asparagus tips in warm soup plates, season the asparagus soup with salt, pepper, sugar, nutmeg and cayenne pepper, mix with the cold butter until frothy and arrange.

Wild Garlic Pesto

Practical storage of wild garlic pesto in a screw-on jar
Wild garlic pesto or basil pesto are great accompaniments to this dish. It takes about 12 minutes to prepare!

The wild garlic pesto is prepared quickly: Remove the stalks from the wild garlic and put into a mixing bowl. Add parmesan, pine nuts, salt and pepper and mix with olive oil. With a little olive oil you get a firmer rwild garlic pesto, with more olive oil the ramson pesto becomes more liquid. You will find the link to the step-by-step instructions for wild garlic pesto at the end of this page.

11. Asparagus Soup Calories, nutritional Values

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