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I show you how prawn fry works step by step in this online cooking school. Fried shrimp is a popular dish, after all, the seafood can be excellently combined with a variety of dishes.

You can grill or fry shrimp, both variant taste fine. Today we will look at the preparation of shrimp with and without shell in the pan. My first tip is to use only raw shrimp, you can recognize them by their gray color. In the post I’ll introduce you to a workflow and let you share already published recipe ideas. 

Wish you now a lot of fun and good luck!

Fry Prawns With Shell

Defrost the shrimps in cold water.

Prawns in the bowl
Raw prawns defrosting in a bowl.

Dry the prawns one by one. Use kitchen paper for this.

Fresh prawns with shell
Prawns photographed on a kitchen board.

Heat a frying pan on high heat, sauté the dry-laid shrimp with a little oil.

shrimp pan
Fried Prawns in the pan

Optionally, you can flambé the shrimp with a little cognac.

red prawns in the pan
Gabero rosso are fine shrimps from the Adriatic Sea

Arrange the shrimp and enjoy

shrimp pan
Shrimp ready for serving in the pan

Fry Prawns Without Shell

Defrost the shrimp in cold water.

Raw and unpeeled prawns
Raw prawns still in their shells are an attractive main feature of our food.

Remove the intestines from the top of the shrimp.

Raw shrimp
Here is to see how to remove the intestines from raw shrimp

Remove the shrimp shell from the shrimp body.

Shrimp peel
Shrimp peeling from the shell.

Dry the peeled shrimp well.

raw peeled prawns
The raw, peeled prawns on a board.

Fry shrimp: Use a high quality pan, high heat has proven to be effective.

Frying prawns
Shrimp and shrimp shells when frying

Fry Prawns as Butterflies

Shrimp cut in half up to the caudal fin turn up like butterflies when fried. Especially for salads, this form is very attractive.

Prawn fried in a pan at high temperature
So that the prawns stay in the plate, I halved them lengthways to the end of the tail. The two halves are still held together by the tail. When seared, the crustacean turns up and the shape is perfect to appear as a turret in the soup.

Difference Shrimp and Scampi

Learn the difference between shrimp and scampi here.

The real Scampi is a little crab and tastes delicious!
The real scampi is the better shrimp and tastes excellent. Here in the picture released Scampi on a board.

Scampi belong to the family of lobster-like sea creatures. Unlike shrimp, they have claws. Shrimps have a laterally flattened and additionally narrow tapered tail. The tail of the scampi is much wider.

Distinguishing scampi and shrimp Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

Shrimp Shopping Tip

The photos used already lead you on a trail: The larger the shrimp, the better they are for frying or grilling. Shrimp can be bought in different qualities:

Wild caught shrimp –> Are rare and particularly expensive.

Aquaculture shrimp –> Grow in saltwater lakes.

Intensive farm breeding –> Is unfortunately controversial because a lot of antibiotics are added to the water.

Calibration of shrimp:
Note the specification on the package, given as caliber. Confusingly, with head the calibration refers to the kilo, with product without head most per lbs. i.e. pounds. (One pound = 0.454kg).

For example, if a package of shrimp with head says 4/6, it means that for one kilo there are 4-6 shrimp (these are king prawns).

For example, smaller specimens would say 26/30, 31/40, or even 41/50 on the package.

Another designation is U-5 or U-7, which means there are under (U=under) 5 or 7 shrimp to a pound in the package.

Preparing seafood, shrimps in the picture at the market
Preparing seafood yourself starts with shopping. Fresh fish doesn’t smell and then tastes delicious!

Cooking Video Fry Prawns

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