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I would like to introduce you to my prawn pan recipe in two variations. It’s a quick recipe and a feast for all the senses. I particularly like prawns… That is really true 😉

You can prepare the crustaceans very easily. With or without shell, it’s a matter of taste. You can find both versions together here.

Let’s go shopping quickly and then we’ll go to the kitchen. I wish you good luck and bon appétit!

1. Shopping List for Prawns Pan

The fine crustaceans come in different qualities. Medium and larger ones are better for frying. Important: You can usually recognise raw prawns by their grey colour, and uncooked prawns are the first choice for frying in a pan. Here is my short shopping list:

Difference Prawn/Shrimp and Scampi

Prawns in the bowl
Raw prawns defrosting in a bowl.
Preparing seafood, prawns in the picture at the market
Here I photographed shrimps fresh on the market.
The real scampi is a small crab and tastes delicious!
The real scampi, also called Norway lobster, belongs to the lobster family. The tail is broader and not pointed. Shrimps are greyish-bluish when raw, scampi are reddish in colour. Here in the picture, gutted scampi on a board. Scampi are considerably more expensive.
Prawns fresh with shell
Here, for comparison, the shrimp photographed on a kitchen board.
Prawns raw and unpeeled
You can fry raw prawns with or without the shell.
Raw prawns
The intestines can be removed from the top of raw prawns.
Shrimp shells in the broth
Tip: Use the shrimp shells for a stock! Sauté the shells and simmer in stock for 20 minutes.

Gambas and king prawns are large shrimps. Scampi belong to the lobster family and have claws.

Ingredients Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

2. Recipe Prawn Pan

Now it starts: Here you will get step by step in a short time to a fine meal, which presents itself convincingly beautiful.

Enjoy the preparation, good luck and bon appétit!

Prawn Pan

Instructions from chef Thomas Sixt with many tips.

Servings 4
Calories 659
Total Time 35 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 20 Min.

Prepare prawn pan top fine and delicious step by step with this recipe.

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shrimp pan
Shrimp pan photographed from above recipe picture.


Prawn preparation

400 g prawns
30 ml oliv oil
2 pc cloves of garlic
6 twigs thyme (Optional)
1 pinches Salt (I use Himalayan salt.)
some Pepper
1 pinches Cayenne pepper
25 g butter
1/2 pc Lemon (I only use a little juice here.)
1/2 bunch fresh parsley (Optional )


Prawns in the bowl
Raw prawns defrosting in a bowl.

Prepare Prawns

Place the prawns in cold water and defrost.

This takes about 40 minutes.

Avoid hot water, as seafood cooks from a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius.

Fresh and crispy fried young garlic.
Young garlic, finely chopped and deeply fried, tastes wonderful with this pasta. Please don't forget salt!

Prepare garlic

If available, cut young green garlic into fine strips, fry briefly in oil until crisp, place on kitchen paper and season with salt.

Sprinkle this garlic over the prawns only at the end.

Peel the garlic
Peel Garlic Step picture

Alternativ garlic

Alternatively, peel and halve the garlic and set aside for frying.

Herbs and aromatics
Erotic cuisine, herbs that can enrich your love life …

Prepare herbs

Have the herbs ready. I like to add thyme for flavour when frying in the pan.

I only add fresh parsley chopped at the end, just before serving.

As a rule, use lovage sparingly. Another variation would be to use herb chips made from basil as a topping for serving.

To do this, deep-fry the basil chips in oil until crispy, place them on kitchen paper and sprinkle with salt.

Roll the lemon or lime on the kitchen board by hand and cut in half.

New stainless steel pan
High quality stainless steel pan with non-stick effect without coating.

Select pan

Tip for the right pan:

Use stainless steel or copper pan with a thick base, iron pan or cast aluminium pan.

Thin-bottomed pans are not ideal because the pan cools down too much when the prawns are placed in it and the seafood cooks rather than frying.

Shrimp peel
Shrimp peeling from the shell.

Clean Prawns

Cut 3 mm into the shrimp on the curved top side, if the shrimp shell is not already cut.

Raw shrimp
remove the intestines from raw shrimp

Remove gut

The gut is the black thread that you can clearly see.

Remove the gut from the shrimp.

raw peeled prawns
The raw, peeled prawns on a board.

Dry prawns

Dry the prepared prawns again, using kitchen paper.

Frying prawns
Shrimp and shrimp shells when frying

Fry prawns

Fry the prawns with garlic and thyme in olive oil in the pan.

After frying, glaze with the butter, season with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper.

Serve drizzled with lemon juice to taste.

Shrimp shells in the broth
Shrimp shells in the stock for spaghetti

Prepare stock

Freeze the shrimp shells or process them immediately:

Fry in oil, flambé with cognac, pour in white wine and stock and boil for about 20 minutes.

Use the stock for fish soup or as a sauce base.

Fresh prawns with shell
Here for comparison the prawns photographed on a kitchen board.

Dry Prawns

Dry the defrosted prawns.

shrimp pan
Shrimp pan photographed from above recipe picture.

Fry prawns

Fry the prawns in the pan with thyme and garlic, season, glaze with butter and lemon juice and serve.

Shrimp shells
Shrimp shells on the plate after eating.

Arrange and serve

Serve with white bread or rice.

Depending on the season, wild garlic pesto, pesto alla genovese, aioli or mayonnaise also harmonise.


3. Calories and Nutritional Values

4. Prawn Pan Side Dish Ideas and Sauce Tips

I like to serve this dish with rice or, as in Italy, with white bread or flatbread.

Of course, you can also cook a risotto to match the season. A colourful leaf salad is just as good. As a basis, I recommend my summer salad or the salad with prawns.

For sauces, I like mayonnaise, also with garlic as aioli, wild garlic pesto, pesto alla genovese and carrot green pesto. Take a look at my 8 fondue sauces for more ideas.

Carrot herb pesto
Pesto prepared with carrot greens, an unusual dip with walnuts.

5. More Matching Ideas

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