Mediterranean Recipes

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Thomas Sixt: Chef & Food Photographer

Mediterranean Recipes from my kitchen can be found on this page. More cooking and baking inspiration:

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Mediterranean potato salad

Mediterranean Potato Salad

Grill shrimp

Grill Shrimp

Mediterranean pasta salad

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

cataplana recipe image

Cataplana Recipe from the EsquiNa Restaurant in Burgau, Portugal

Suckling piglet recipe image

Suckling Piglet Recipe with Kitchen Story from Loulé

Sweet potatoes recipe image

Sweet Potatoes Recipe for Easy Preparation in the Oven

Rice pan recipe image © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

8 Variants Rice Pan Recipe with Step by Step Instructions

Prepare mussels quickly

Prepare Mussels Simply and Quickly

Paella pan recipe picture

Preparing Paella Pan in a successful Way

Spaghetti with pulpo

Spaghetti with Pulpo, cooked quickly

Ensaladilla Rusa recipe picture

Ensaladilla Rusa easy to prepare

shrimp pan

Prawn Pan

Bean soup close-up

Bean Soup

Fried peppers served

Roast Peppers Recipe – Pimientos de Padron +12 Variants

Fish in a salt crust

Preparing Fish in a Salt Crust – Recipes Ideas and Tips from Star Chefs

Pumpkin in the Oven Recipe Image

Pumpkin in the Oven Recipe with great Variants

Moussaka Recipe Image

Moussaka Recipe

Children noodle salad prepared

Pasta Salad for Children

Rabbit roast recipe picture

Rabbit Roast Recipe Original from Spain

Paella pan directly from the oven to the table

Original Paella from Spain, Recipe from Mallorca Monastery Santuari De Lluc

Lemon chicken recipe image

Lemon Chicken Recipe

Roast Chicken Recipe Image

Roast Chicken Recipe

Asparagus salad with prawns Recipe Image

Asparagus Salad with Prawns Recipe

Salmon in the oven Preparing Recipe Picture

Salmon in Oven Recipe from the Chef

Fish fried with rice recipe picture.

Fish with Rice Recipe

Tomato Rice Recipe Image

Tomato Rice Recipe

Couscous Salad Recipe

Couscous Salad Recipe with Mint, Asparagus and Strawberries

Quinoa Salat Recipe Image

Quinoa Salad Recipe with Asparagus and Strawberries with Balsamico

Couscous Recipe Image

Couscous Recipe with Seasonal Variations

Tuna spread served with bread, vegetables and herbs.

Tuna Spread with Herbs and Vegetables

Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe Image

Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe

Tuna Salad Low Carb Recipe Image

Tuna Salad Low Carb Recipe with Spinach and Apple

Colorfully arranged tuna salad.

Tuna Salad Recipe with Romana Salad, Avocado and Egg

Quinoa salad recipe picture

Quinoa Salad Recipe

Chicken Skewers with tomato rice Recipe Image

Chicken Skewers on Tomato Rice Recipe

Pork tenderloin on vegetables in aluminum foil, Fielt roasted pink

Pork Fillet in the Oven Recipe

Lamb shank recipe picture

Lamb Shank Recipe, Stew Lamb Knuckle And Serve As Roast Lamb!

Mediterranean vegetables Antipasti Recipe Image

Mediterranean Vegetables Antipasti Recipe

Rabbit Roast Recipe Picture

Rabbit Roast Recipe

Greek salad recipe image

Greek Salad Recipe for Gourmets

Fillet steak recipe image

Fillet Steak on Fennel, a Quick, Summery Steak Recipe

Dorade in Ofen Recipe Image

Gilt Head Bream, Dorade Recipe for the Oven

Mussels in white wine recipe image

Mussels in White Wine, Recipe with Video

Duck breast from the oven with peppers, fennel and potatoes Recipe picture.

Duck Breast Recipe for the Oven – Easy and Quick to Cook great!

Veggie Pasta Recipe Image

Veggie Pasta Recipe

Couscous with Chicken Recipe Image

Couscous with Chicken Recipe

vegan avocado chocolate mousse served as dessert, decorated with strawberries, pomegranate seeds and mint

Avocado Chocolate Mousse – Vegan Mousse au Chocolat for Gourmets Recipe

Gazpacho recipe image

Gazpacho Recipe with Chef Tips for Spanish Summery Soup

Italian tomato soup recipe image

Tomato Soup Made from Stewed Tomatoes, the Secret Recipe from Italy

Cold tomato soup recipe image

Cold Tomato Soup Recipe With Variants Tips

tomato soup fresh tomato recipe image

Tomato Soup Fresh Tomatoes With Pesto And Monkfish Or Tofu

oven roasted vegetables recipe image

Oven Roasted Vegetables Quick Dinner Recipe

Octopus calamari fritti recipe image

Calamari Fritti Recipe, Octopus Fried In Batter

recipe pic for red lentil stew or red lentil soup

Lentil Stew deliciously prepare, Recipe and Kitchen Story with Chef Cooking Tips and Variants!

Deer Ragout and Wild Ragout Recipe with Step by Step Instructions, Cooking Video, Chef Tips

Deer Ragout and Wild Ragout Recipe with Step by Step Instructions, Cooking Video, Chef Tips

Simply prepare Fish in the Oven, Recipes Ideas and Tips from Star Cooks

prepare fish in tomato sauce. recipe picture for article with vieos instructions

Fish in Tomato Sauce, refined Recipe with Cooking Video, simple and sure to succeed

recipe picture salad with shrimp avocado

Salad with Prawns with Avocado and Quail Egg, Kitchen Story with Recipe Video and Chef Tips

Chicken Drumsticks in Oven, Recipe with Video for easy Preparation

Gyro recipe image

Gyros Recipe with Cooking Video Instructions

venison goulash thyme stock close up

Recipe Venison Goulash prepared in fine Thyme Stock, with Cooking Video Instruction

For Gourmets under Time Pressure: Venison Steak with Porcini Ravioli and orange-red Cabbage

Venison Steak with Porcini Ravioli and orange-red Cabbage for Gourmets under Time Pressure

Healthy and Oriental: Rice Salad with Mint, served with Almonds, Dates and Vegetables

Healthy and Oriental: Rice Salad with Mint, served with Almonds, Dates and Vegetables