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Here I show you my recipe to prepare Fish in the Oven. Fish in the oven, this is a simple preparation for whole fish with little effort.

Choose a high temperature, 220°C hot air, this is grilling fish in the oven. Of course, the typical aroma of charcoal is missing here. But you can spice the fish with garlic and herbs.

The article gives you lots of tips on preparing fish and the cooking video shows you everything step by step.

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1. Whole Fish in the Oven

You can prepare this dish with freshwater fish and saltwater fish. I recommend to fish in the size up to 45 cm, a sea bass can also be a bit bigger.

These are portion fish and the advantage is obvious: the preparation is quick and the fish does not have to be portioned after cooking, it can be served whole.

Suitable are trout, char, perch, gilthead, sea bass (Branzino),… When roasting or grilling fish in the oven, please note the temperature.

Preheat the oven to 220°C hot air. Frozen fish must always be thawed before cooking. Put the fish in cold water for about an hour.

Trout in the oven, during the asparagus season this dish is simply a poem.

2. How do I know fresh Fish?

This question is often asked to me, The scales should look shiny fresh, the gills should be bright red, the fish should hardly smell like fish.

Fresh fish has clear and shiny eyes – only perch-like fish like the zander always have cloudy eyes.

trout gutting
Somewhat brute but true to reality, a beautiful rainbow trout, freshly caught, gutting and ready to cook.

Always prepare fresh fish very quickly, put on ice the fish can wait one day in the refrigerator for the preparation.

sea bass fresh fish on ice
For Gna
Fresh sea bass on ice, so the fish stays fresh for a day!

3. How do I scale a Fish?

Trout and char do not need to be scaled, zander, sea bass and other saltwater fish need to be scaled.

Fill the sink with cold water, hold the fish under the water and remove the scales with the back of a knife (small kitchen knife) against the direction of growth from the tail to the head.

The scales under water prevent the scales from flying around in the kitchen. Please also add a fish prepared by the fishmonger.

dorado fresh fish on ice
Fish with coarse scales must be scaled before preparation.

4. Preparing Fish for the Oven

After washing and flaking, the fish is drained and then placed either on baking paper or in a coated roaster.

Season the fish inside and out with salt and pepper, add some garlic and thyme and drizzle olive oil over the whole preparation.

fish in the oven
Alfonsino fish prepared in a coated roaster. A real feast for the eyes and the palate!

5. Side Dishes with Fish in the Oven

You can cover a second baking tray with baking paper with vegetable slices, suitable are fennel, courgette, potatoes, mushrooms and herb mushrooms, peppers, eggplant, in the asparagus season also asparagus white and asparagus green.

I have made a similar contribution, the gilthead in the oven with asparagus. The preparation of vegetables in the oven is practical because everything is cooked at once and you don’t need pots.

A pesto is an excellent match for the vegetables mentioned above. You will find two pesto contributions:

Make pesto yourself Make pesto yourself and wild garlic pesto elsewhere. You can also prepare parsley potatoes, mashed potatoes, spinach or other vegetables.

trout müllerin style

The trout “Müllerin Art” is turned in flour, then roasted and cooked in the oven to the end. An example of a combined method of preparation.

6. Fish in the Oven Cooking Time – How can I tell that the Fish is ready?

The cooking time is 20-30 minutes at the high temperature of about 220 °C hot air stage (trout 38 cm long).

Finally, the cooking time depends on the size of the fish and the performance of the oven. The fish is ready when the skin is tanned and the eye is completely white.

7. Recipe Fish in the Oven

Fish in the Oven

Alfonsino from the oven with herbs, a recipe by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 483
Total Time 40 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 25 Min.
Fish in the oven Recipe and preparation instructions with many tips from the professional chef. In addition to fish freshness features, the fish preparation with scales is explained in detail, the optimal preparation in the oven with side dishes is also shown with video. Good luck!

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2 pc Alfonsino (or an alternativ fish)
40 ml oliv oil
1 bunch thyme
1 pc clove of garlic
500 g herbs mushrooms (or other mushrroms)
pinch Salt
pinch Pepper
some drops fresh lemon (juice)


Leave the Alfonsino well flaked, best done by the fishmonger. Replenish the fish in a sink filled with cold water.

The fish in the water scales, while a knife (knife back) against the growth direction along the fish lead. The water keeps the scales in the sink and does not fly through the whole kitchen.

Sprinkle a baking tray with baking paper or a coated roaster with olive oil. Place salt and thyme sprigs on top.

Place the Alfonsino on top, season with salt in the belly, add the thyme and garlic, the rest of the herbs and garlic over the fish.

Place the herbs’ mushrooms cut into slices with the fish and drizzle olive oil over the entire preparation.

Place the baking tray with the prepared Alfonsino in the preheated oven at 220 ° C hot air.

Cooking time approx. 12-16 minutes. The fish is cooked when the eyes are completely white.





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4.99 from 1062 ratings

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