Grill Shrimp

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You can find the ➽ Grill Shrimp Recipe in this article.

Grilled king prawns taste delicious and are prepared very quickly.

Today I use the charcoal grill and don’t skimp on tips and ideas.

Have fun and good luck!

1. Recipe Grill Shrimp

Let’s go, the following step-by-step instructions provide information.

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Grill Shrimp

Prepared, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt

Servings 2
Calories 911
Total Time 40 Min.
Preparation Time 20 Min.
Cook Time 20 Min.

Simple instructions for grilling king prawns.

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Grill shrimp
Grilled prawns Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


1 kg Shrimps
2 Piece Lemon (Alternatively limes)
primal salt
Pepper black, ground
2 bunch fresh parsley
2 Piece glove of garlic
some Chili


Prawns prepared for grilling
Prawns prepared for grilling

Prepare shrimp

Defrost the raw shrimp.

Drain the shrimp well and dry with kitchen paper.

Prepare the shrimp.


Prepare lemon

Halve the lemon or lime and set aside for serving.

You could prepare a lemon star, you can find the instructions for this in the article.

Parsley sauce with garlic
Parsley sauce with garlic

Prepare sauce

Wash and dry the parsley.

Pluck the parsley and place in a kitchen cutter.

Peel the garlic cloves, cut into small pieces and add to the parsley.

Chop herbs and garlic, then mix with olive oil.

Season with salt and pepper.

Grill grate glowing white charcoal when heating up
Grill grate glowing white charcoal when heating up

Prepare grill

Preheat the grill, you can find tips for this in the section Preparing the grill for grilling shrimp.

Preheat the grill grate for 10 minutes.

Prawns visible when grilling
Prawns being grilled on the grill grate, the embers visible

Grill shrimp

Place the shrimp on the grill grate.

Grilling prawns on a charcoal grill
Grilling prawns on the charcoal grill

Turn shrimp

Turn the shrimp and finish cooking.

Grill shrimp
Grill Shrimp Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Serve shrimp

Arrange the shrimp and serve with the sauce and lemon.



2. Calories And Nutritional Values

You can find the calculated calories and nutritional values for grilled king prawns in the next table:

3. Grill Shrimp Shopping Tips

Please get raw shrimp for grilling.

You can usually find cooked or glazed shrimp and raw shrimp in the freezer.

For frying or grilling shrimp , raw shrimp are better.

Gray shrimp are usually raw and red shrimp are usually cooked.

The exception proves the rule, special shrimp varieties are always red.

For example Gambero Rosso which I have used elsewhere.

In my experience, the bigger the shrimp, the better.

Small shrimp are unsuitable for grilling whole, they cook quickly and the flesh becomes rubbery.

A small shrimp overview for shopping can be found below:

Prawns prepared for grilling
Prawns prepared for grilling
shelled shrimp
shelled shrimp
Fry shrimp
big shrimps

Difference Between Scampi and Shrimp:

The real scampi is a small crab and tastes delicious!
The real scampi is the better shrimp and tastes delicious. Here in the picture shelled scampi on a board.
Gambero Rosso in the pan
Gambero Rosso are luxury shrimps from the Mediterranean and popular with gourmets.

Think Of Simple Side Dishes:

We served the shrimp with lemon and a simple parsley sauce.

The parsley sauce consists of parsley, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper.

You can find more sauce ideas further down in the article.

A fresh baguette or other bread is recommended if you want to go quickly.

Other supplement recommendations are added below under the appropriate heading.

Garlic cloves
Garlic cloves

4. Prepare Grill For Grill Shrimps

In order for the grilling of the shrimp to work, you need a hot grill grate and white-hot charcoal.

Alternatively, you can prepare your king prawns on the gas grill or the electric grill.

There are different forms of heating for charcoal.

The chimney starter, which allows the charcoal to glow quickly, has proven its worth.

Here are some pictures:

Barbecue charcoal, charcoal in the chimney starter
Barbecue charcoal, charcoal in the chimney starter
Heat up the charcoal
Heat up the charcoal
Glowing white barbecue charcoal, charcoal in the grill
Glowing white barbecue charcoal, charcoal in the grill

5. Prepare Lemon Crown For Grill Shrimp

We usually cut the lemon or lime into halves or into quarters or eighths with the grilled shrimp.

For a special day I have a nice tip for you.

Cut the lemon into a lemon star or lemon crown.

This looks very nice and the annoying lemon stones can be easily removed before serving.

For the perfect Wiener Schnitzel, I made a video a long time ago on how to prepare the lemon crown.

Please place the lemon on the cutting board when cutting it.

In the video I have to juggle the lemon and the camera (Headcam) on my head and couldn’t show it perfectly 🙂

6. Sauce Tips For Grilled Shrimp

You will find a simple sauce in the recipe, here are some further recommendations:

7. Side Dish Tips For Grill Shrimps

The grilled king prawns go well with a wide variety of side dishes, you will find tips for combinations below.

Finally, I would like to make your choice and your kitchen life easier for you:

Pizza dough recipe image © Thomas Sixt
Pizza dough

➽ Prepare pizza bread.

➽ Add olive oil, thyme, rosemary to the pizza bread.

➽ Goes well with basil pesto and carrot green pesto .

sushi rice
Sushi rice

➽ Combine with sesame andsesame furikake .

➽ Goes well with Nuoc Mam Sauce and coriander.

➽ Combine with wasabi, soy sauce, wasabi cream.

Place flat rice noodles in boiling water
Rice noodles when soaked in boiling water

➽ Complete with steamed or roasted vegetables.

➽ Combine with sesame and Thai basil.

➽ Delicious with soy sauce, nuoc mam sauce and chili sauce.

Mediterranean pasta salad
Mediterranean Pasta Salad

➽ Combine with olive oil and garlic oil.

Rice noodle salad with lots of fresh vegetables
Rice noodle salad

➽ Asian variant with suitable vegetable ideas.

Italian Pasta Salad

➽ Colorful pasta combined with thyme oil and balsamic vinegar.

Rice pan recipe image © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
Rice pan

➽ Combine seasonal vegetables.

Risotto made with saffron
saffron risotto

➽ Italian classic related to paella

Tomato rice recipe image
Tomato rice

➽ Mediterranean variant with marjoram or oregano

8. FAQ Grill Shrimp

You can find a summary of the most frequently asked questions about grilling shrimp here.

What shrimp are ideal for grilling?

Get raw, fresh, or frozen shrimp as large as possible.

How long does it take to grill the shrimp?

Depending on the heat source, you can grill the shrimp for 3-6 minutes per side.

When is the charcoal visibly ready to put on the shrimp?

The barbecue charcoal should look white and glowing.

Why should I preheat the grill grate?

Only on a hot grill grate the food is cooked perfectly.

How can I grill small shrimp?

I recommend you remove the heads and cut the shrimp tails in half. Grill briefly and quickly, the shrimp will fan out and look like butterflies.

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