Greek Salad Recipe for Gourmets

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I present my Greek salad recipe to you in this post.

With this salad, almost everyone immediately thinks of onions and olives, feta cheese and cucumbers in a vinegar salad dressing.

I just thought about it and developed a new creation.

The wonderful salad is ideal for the guest kitchen or if you simply want to make friends with your loved ones.

In the article you will find lots of tips from the professional kitchen.

1. Recipe Greek Salad

Greek salad

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 961
Total Time 40 Min.
Preparation Time 20 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Simple instructions for a new variant of the Greek-style salad.

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Greek salad recipe image
Greek salad recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Salad dressing Greek salad 2018

1 pc Shallot
20 ml balsamic vinegar (I use old, aged balsamic vinegar)
30 ml Water

Yoghurt with garlic and lemon Zaziki “light”

2 slices garlic (finely sliced)
primal salt

Salad dressing Greek salad 2018

6 pinches brown cane sugar
1 tsp truffle oil
1 tbsp Créme Fraîche
70 ml Olive oil

Feta cheese baked with thyme

200 g Feta sheep cheese (Original from Greece)
80 g bread crumbs
1 tsp fresh thyme
2-3 pc eggs

Yoghurt with garlic and lemon Zaziki “light”

black ground pepper

Feta cheese baked with thyme

250 ml Rapeseed oil

Yoghurt with garlic and lemon Zaziki “light”

1 cup Joghurt
1 tbsp lemon juice
Cayenne pepper

salad and decoration

150 g colorful leaf salads
8 slices cucumber
1 pc tomato (I like to use 2 cherry tomatoes for each person)
2 tbsp pine nuts
15 pc black and green olives (by Dimitri)


Dice the shallot
Finely dice a shallot.

Prepare onions

Finely dice the shallot for the salad dressing and set aside.

Prepare salad dressing
Prepare the salad dressing with balsamic vinegar.

Prepare dressing

Mix the remaining dressing ingredients in a mug with a hand blender.

Stir in the diced shallots, prepare the dressing.

Mix the finest breadcrumbs with the thyme.
Mix the finest breadcrumbs with thyme, the breading for my feta cheese cubes…

Prepare cheese

Cut the sheep’s cheese into 1 cm cubes. Prepare the breadcrumbs and thyme.

Feta cheese cubes in beaten egg
Place sheep’s cheese cubes of approx. 1 cm edge length in the egg.

Cheese egg

Put the cheese cubes in the egg first.

Bread sheep's cheese Step 1
Place the cubes of feta cheese, coated with egg, in the thyme breadcrumbs.

Bread cheese

Place the cheese cubes in the breadcrumbs and coat in breadcrumbs.

Feta cheese is breaded twice for my Greek salad.
Put the feta cheese cubes back into the egg and then back into the breadcrumbs. That’s called double breading!

Repeat breading

Repeat the process and bread the feta cheese cubes twice.

Lemon freshly sliced close-up
Lemon sliced on a board.

Prepare Zaziki

Mix all the ingredients for the yoghurt with the garlic and lemon Zaziki “light”.

Leaf salad for the starter
The prepared leaf salads on a board.

Prepare lettuce

Pluck lettuce, wash and spin dry.

–> Prepare for marinating.

Cut tomatoes for tomato salad.
cut tomatoes.

Prepare tomatoes

Halve the tomatoes, cut out the stalks, quarter or halve depending on the size of the tomatoes.

Season the cut sides of the tomatoes with salt, pepper and sugar.

Types of cutting for fresh cucumbers
Types of cutting for cucumbers.

Prepare cucumber

Cut cucumbers into slices or cubes according to your own ideas.

The picture shows variants of the cucumber cut.

–> Place the chopped cucumbers in a bowl and season with salt and pepper.

Roasted pine nuts in the pan
Be careful when roasting, pine nuts burn quickly!

Prepare nuts

Briefly toast the pine nuts in a pan.

–> Prepare for serving as decoration.

Baked feta cheese with herbs
Sheep’s cheese balls, breaded with thyme and breadcrumbs and fried in hot fat, taste great.

fry cheese

Fry the breaded feta cheese cubes in hot rapeseed oil at 160-170°C until crispy, then place on paper towels and season with salt.

Greek salad recipe image
Greek salad recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Marinate the lettuce with the salad dressing and arrange neatly on the plates.

Add the baked feta cheese cubes and decorate the plate with “light” tzatziki.

Lay out the salad with tomatoes and cucumber and serve sprinkled with pine nuts.

Serve the olives separately.

2. Nutrition Facts and Calories

3. Dressing Ideas Greek Salad

It is clear that the salad must contain onions.

The onions are shallots today, I “packed” them into the salad dressing.

In the well-known variant, the onions are usually cut into strips and are relatively “loud”…

To create a fine dressing, I refined the dressing with garlic, truffle oil and crème fraîche, with balsamic vinegar and Greek olive oil as the basis.


Since almost everything good comes from Greek culture, I assume that the Romans already copied from the Greeks.

Aristoteles must have forgotten one or two vinegar barrels in the cellar and that is how the first balsamic vinegar was created.

If you have a different opinion, please comment at the bottom of the page.

Greek salad 2018 arranged on the plate.
Greek salad, with a little idea it becomes a gourmet salad…

4. Side Dish Ideas Greek Salad

I simply refused to put the wonderfully pickled olives in the salad.

Such a pickled olive is a taste pearl.

Mixed into the salad, I don’t think it tastes half as good as served separately.

My guests were enchanted by the wonderful taste of the Dimitri olives :-)!

Aioli, rollado, olives and bread
Typical side dishes in Mallorcan cuisine are aioli, olives and aioli.

5. Greek Salad with Feta

The thing with sheep’s cheese or goat’s cheese is such a thing – not everyone likes it.

That’s why it’s easy for me to organize the best sheep’s cheese on the market to lovingly bread it in breadcrumbs at home in the kitchen.

I prefer goat’s cheese with honey anyway, briefly grilled and served on farmer’s bread with blossom honey….

Caramelize slices of goat cheese with sugar and creme brulee burners.
Goat cheese in the pan while caramelizing.

Back to sheep’s cheese:

These baked feta cheese cubes become really delicious if you add thyme to the breading.

You can use fresh thyme or dried thyme. Why does thyme fit into the Greek salad?

In ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, thyme, which is also known in various varieties as quendel, hummingbird, humility or garden thyme, was already used to treat respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal complaints.

Well-known authors such as Theoprastus, Dioskorides and the polymath Roman Pliny described the various types of use and preparation in various ancient writings.

Thyme has only been cultivated in German-speaking countries since the 11th century. It is said that wandering Benedictine monks brought the healthy herb with them from Italy.

Well, thyme goes perfectly with the Greek salad…and monks do good, too…

Garden herbs bouquet
Herbs as a supplement are popular with star chefs, anything that tastes good and makes you happy is allowed.

6. New Idea Feta Baked for Greek salad

Look how delicious these cheese cubes look delicious and fine…

Baked feta cheese with herbs
Sheep’s cheese balls, breaded with thyme and breadcrumbs and fried in hot fat, taste great.
Feta cheese salad with tomato, cucumber, onion and garlic yoghurt
The salad turned out beautifully, feta cheese with a difference, Greek salad style 2018

7. More Ideas

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  • Only original Greek graviera tastes even better than baked feta! 🙂 And then a bit with honey and sesame… wonderful! But of course feta will do too 🙂 the Greeks know a thing or two about cheese!


    • Good idea! Kind regards Thomas