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Ensaladilla Rusa easy to prepare

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My recipe Ensaladilla Rusa shows you step by step the preparation of Spanish potato salad.

The typical tapas salad with egg, tuna, peas and mayonnaise tastes simply fantastic and conjures up a vacation feeling on the table.

Today you get a lot of ideas and variations for your home salad. Promise! The popular potato salad is an eye-catcher and succeeds fully simple.

Wish you good luck! Feel free to leave me a cooking question or kitchen gossip at the bottom of the page, thanks!

1. Ensaladilla Rusa Shopping List

For your potato salad you need the following ingredients:

You will find the exact quantities a bit further down in the recipe.

The typical potato salad goes perfectly with barbecue. I have dedicated a separate post to the olive salad.

Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt
Olivier salad recipe picture
I will present the olive salad elsewhere © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
ensaladilla-rusa portrait format image with surroundings
Spanish potato salad tastes delicious, get inspired by the recipe below.

2. Recipe Ensaladilla Rusa

Here follows the instructions. Feel free to leave me a cooking question or kitchen gossip at the bottom of the page via the comment function. Please write in German or English, my Spanish is still very weak 🙂 Thanks!

Ensaladilla Rusa

Instructions with tips from chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 295
Total Time 42 Min.
Preparation Time 12 Min.
Cook Time 30 Min.

Ensaladilla Rusa Rezept mit Schritt für Schritt Anleitung von Kochprofi Thomas Sixt.

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Ensaladilla Rusa recipe picture
Recipe picture Ensaladilla Rusa photographed in the Spanish sun.


For the preparation of salad

3-4 pc eggs
250 g Potatoes (washed, peeled)
100 g peas (fresh or frozen)
1 Glass Red peppers
6-8 tbsp. Mayonnaise
Cayenne pepper

Additions and Decoration

1 pc. Lemon
1 Glass Olives (Pearl onions, pickles, capers, carrots)
2-4 Branches Rosemary (or thyme)
1 Glass Tuna in oil (or mackerel)


Cut the peeled potatoes
Cut the peeled potatoes into cubes.

Cut peeled, raw potatoes into 1 cm cubes.

Boil potatoes
Potatoes when boiling in salt water.

Boil the potato cubes in salted water.

Peas in a bowl before cooking.

Get the peas ready.

Boil potato cubes
Diced potatoes while cooking and checking the cooking point.

Check the cooking point of the potato cubes.

Boil peas
Boil the peas in the pot.

Just before the end of the cooking time, add the peas to the potato cubes and cook until al dente.

Boiled potatoes and peas
Boiled potatoes and peas.

Drain potato cubes and peas in a sieve.

Boil eggs
Boiled eggs in shell.

Boil the eggs or peel already cooked eggs and cut into eighths.

Cut the pickled peppers
Pickled red peppers while cutting on the kitchen board.

Remove bell pepper pieces from jar, dry and cut into strips or pieces.

Mixing mayonnaise together
Homemade mayonnaise in a bowl.

Prepare mayonnaise yourself or put ready-made mayo in a bowl. Add cooled potato cubes and peas, bell pepper pieces and eggs. Season with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and a little sugar and mix gently.

Ensaladilla Rusa served
The served Ensaladilla Rusa side view.

Arrange potato salad on plates, decorate with olives and rosemary, arrange tuna fillet or mackerel fillet and serve with a lemon quarter. Enjoy your meal!

3. Nutritional Information and Calories

4. Preparation Variations and Tips for Ensaladilla Rusa

Some tips for variants I promised you in the introduction. Now follow more tips for situation flexible at home salad 🙂

Variations for the mayonnaise:
You can add more garlic to the mayo. Then the salad tastes stronger and goes better with grilled food.

Stretch the mayo with crème fraîche or sour cream. It has been proven that 1/3 mayo and 2/3 dairy products. This makes the salad cream lighter and finer in taste.

Vegetarian and vegan:
Use a pure vegetable cream with soy products. With lemon juice, salt, pepper and sugar, plus a little cayenne pepper, you can create a delicious salad dressing.

Herbs and mayonnaise
Herbs like wild garlic, chives and parsley you can add to the mayonnaise.

Ideas for complementary vegetables insert:
Add pickles, pearl onions, carrots, and jarred capers to your salad to taste.

Did you have any broccoli left in the fridge? Simply cut into florets, boil briefly, then fry in a pan and serve with it.

Slice the pickles
Slice pickles, you can also use fresh cucumbers.

Variants for fish and seafood:
In addition to tuna and mackerel, crayfish, freshly fried shrimp, and mussels are great to add to the salad.

Tuna in a glass photographed from above.
White tuna from the jar deserves your attention. You can remove the fillets wonderfully and the fish tastes incredibly delicious.

5. More Potato Salad Recipes

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