Duck Breast Recipe for the Oven – Easy and Quick to Cook great!

Duck breast from the oven with peppers, fennel and potatoes Recipe picture.

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You can find my duck breast in the oven recipe in this post.

In addition to the Barbarie duck breast, the vegetables are also prepared in the oven and offer Mediterranean enjoyment in your own four walls.

In terms of taste, this is a great thing and anyone who has little time will be happy because it is fantastically quick.

I love this dish because it is so easy to prepare and prepare.

At best, I need 15 minutes until the chicken breast is in the oven with the vegetables.

In the cooking video I show you everything step by step.

You can find this and other inspiration in the following text. Good succeed!

1. Recipe Duck Breast from the Oven

Here are the instructions, further tips can be found after the recipe.

Have fun and good luck!

Duck breast from the oven with Mediterranean vegetables

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 661
Total Time 40 Min.
Preparation Time 25 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Simple guide for preparing duck breast in the oven.

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Duck breast from the oven with peppers, fennel and potatoes Recipe picture.
Duck breast in the oven Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


4 Pieces small potatoes
1 Piece fennel
3 Pieces red bell pepper
10 Pieces Olives
5 Pieces glove of garlic
1 Piece barbarian duck breast
some fresh thyme
primal salt
black ground pepper


Ingredients for duck breast oven
The ingredients for duck breast in the oven.

Prepare ingredients

Prepare a larger roaster, preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius hot air.

prepare ingredients.

cutting potatoes
cutting potatoes.

Prepare potatoes

Cut the peeled potatoes into quarters or eighths and place them side by side in the roaster.

Prepare peppers
Prepared peppers

Prepare peppers

Place the halved peppers without the seeds in the roaster with the potatoes.

Prepare fennel
Cut fennel.

Prepare fennel

Cut the fennel into eighths and place in the roaster with the remaining vegetables.

Provide olives
Black olives for Mediterranean vegetables.

Add aromatics

Peel the garlic cloves and place in the roaster, add the black olives.

season vegetables
Season the vegetables in the roaster.

Spice up

Season the vegetables generously with salt and pepper.

Leave a space for the duck breast of vegetables and season the base of the roaster at this point as well.

Prepare duck breast
Prepare duck breast

Prepare duck breast

Clean the meat side of the duck breast.

Cut out veins and tendons.

Remove quills from skin side.

Score the skin in a diamond shape.

Duck breast in the roaster
Place the duck breast in the roaster.

Put in Duck Brest

Place the duck breast, skin-side down, in the roasting pan in the seasoned spot.

Season the duck breast with salt and pepper from above.

Put the roaster in the oven. The preparation time is about 35 minutes.

Duck breast and vegetables from the oven
Ready cooked duck breast and vegetables from the oven.


Take the roasting pan with the vegetables and duck breast out of the oven.

Duck breast and vegetables cooked in the roaster
Duck breast and vegetables ready to serve.

Provide plates

Prepare hot plates for serving.

Set out the roaster on a kitchen towel next to the plates.

Arrange vegetables
Arrange vegetables on plates.

Arrange vegetables

Arrange the vegetables on the hot plates.

Form a nice ensemble with potatoes, fennel, peppers, garlic and olives.

refine the sauce
Add thyme to the pan juices.

Refine the gravy

Sprinkle the finely plucked thyme into the resulting gravy and stir.

Season the gravy again with salt and pepper if necessary.

Carve duck breast
Carve the duck breast.

Carve duck breast

Place the duck breast on a board and cut diagonal slices.

Arrange slices of duck breast
Arrange slices of duck breast

Arrange Meat

Arrange the carved duck breast slices on the hot plates with the vegetables.

add sauce
Serve the duck sauce.

Add sauce

Pour the gravy onto the plate.

Duck breast from the oven with peppers, fennel and potatoes Recipe picture.
Duck breast in the oven Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Serve the dish quickly.

I wish you a good appetite!


2. Calories (kcal) and Nutritional Values

3. Muscovy Duck Breast Briefly Explained

I would like to write a little technical information about this particular species of duck, since the usual sources give little information.

The Muscovy duck is originally at home in the tropics, which is why it was also known as the “barbarian duck” or “Canard d’Inde”.

This species of duck is native to the New World West Indies and Amazon, where various sources indicate that it lived on trees.

This duck is important today in gourmet cuisine, it is a delicate muscovy duck (also musk duck or warty duck) that has only been bred in France since 1871.

She became popular and famous for her spicy and firm meat.

Compared to the German domestic duck, which always has to be well-done, the Muscovy duck, here only the breast, is served soft pink.

If you are preparing a Barbarie duck whole, it is advisable to serve the tender pink breast as the first course, and then the cooked legs as a second course.

But that should be saved for another article because otherwise we would sink too much into gourmet food.

You can find the recipe for duck legs in the oven instead.

Dipping carrots in carrot green pesto
You can dip and eat the carrot green pesto with walnuts with carrot sticks.

4. Prepare the Duck Breast Skin, Cut Into It and Season

After unpacking the duck breast…

Carefully cut the duck skin, not the meat – this way the fat can fry nicely and the skin will be crispy!

Cutting duck skin Tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Clean duck breast on the underside.
Clean duck breast and remove veins.
Cut the skin of the duck breast crosswise.
Score the skin of the duck breast.

Now the breast is seasoned with salt and pepper. Personally, I love black pepper, although we only ever used white pepper for Alfons Schuhbeck.

I think white pepper tastes pungent. That is why black pepper is used. I’ve gotten picky about the salt.

In the video I use black Hawaiian salt and recommend either Fleur de Sel or a real, unpurified ancient salt or Himalayan salt.

These types of salt are healthier, if you want to know more about them, you can read more about them in this book .

Place the breast skin-side down in the roaster and continue with the vegetables.

Himalayan salt
Ingredients Lexicon: Find out why Himalayan salt is a healthy ingredient.

5. Prepare Duck Breast Made Easy

First of all: If you prefer to leave the oven cold, you can roast the duck breast in the pan . I show that in detail in the article How to Fry Duck Breast !

I use a fresh Barbary duck breast for this dish.

This special duck breast should be tender pink on the plate, at best crispy and there are one or the other trick to ensure that it always works.

The most important thing is a preheated oven – I tend to have high temperatures, so I use the hot air setting at 220°C and preheat the oven accordingly.

The oven temperature should really be reached when the prepared duck breast goes into the oven, as this is the only way to ensure optimal cooking.

Duck breast and vegetables cook in the oven at the same time – that’s practical and saves time!

Tip for roast duck from chef Thomas Sixt
Place the garlic and thyme in the pan with the duck breast.
Duck breast roasted with thyme and garlic.
Season duck breast with salt and pepper.
Duck breast in the pan while seasoning with salt and pepper.

6. Duck Breast Whole or Slightly Crispy

Everyone likes it differently, I like the breast slightly crispy with this dish, it’s not a fried Chinese duck but a fine French duckling.

If you like to follow my recommendation, do the preparation exactly as explained in the video.

The breast remains on the skin side and after 30 minutes the dish is ready.

But if you want the breast to be really crispy, then please set the alarm for 20 minutes and then switch the oven to hot air grill.

First turn the breast once – correct – skin side up, add salt and cook for another 10-12 minutes.

The breast should now be crispy and crunchy, calming even the last critic.

Pour the resulting gravy and duck fat over the duck breast.
Duck breast roasted crispy… that tastes delicious! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
crispy duck breast roasted to perfection
Crispy duck breast roasted to perfection.

7. Soft Pink or Even More Pink

The cooking time of the duck breast depends on the one hand on your oven and on the other hand on the thickness of the duck breast.

If the breast is particularly small, the cooking time must be reduced slightly, if the breast is larger it takes a little longer.

After one or two attempts you always get the hang of it. I just want to encourage you here so that it works really well.

properly carve the duck breast, the meat is cut diagonally.
Duck breast roasted pink and sliced.

8. The Vegetables for the Duck Breast – a Bit Mediterranean

I love the Mediterranean cuisine and therefore I prepare fennel, potatoes, peppers, olives and garlic as side dishes.

By the way, in the video the order is the other way around, I show the vegetables first, then the preparation of the duck breast – but it doesn’t matter how you do it yourself.

Oven vegetables prepared raw in the Roast Reindl.
Prepared, raw oven-roasted vegetables in a roast beef. Alternatively, the vegetables can be placed on a baking sheet with or without parchment paper.
Oven vegetables fresh from the oven. Deliciously roasted with plenty of great flavors.
Colorful, roasted, Mediterranean oven-baked vegetables with plenty of delicious aromas.

9. Duck Breast Sauce and Juice and Sauce

In this preparation I “only” work with the gravy.

On the one hand, this is the fat from the duck breast, plus the resulting roasted ingredients and, as can be seen in the video, fresh thyme.

The fresh thyme is added to the hot gravy shortly before serving and develops its incomparable aroma over a gentle heat.

Drizzle the gravy over the vegetables and duck and serve quickly!

Check out Duck Breast Sauce for more ideas.

Prepare the sauce for the duck breast, recipe tip from Thomas Sixt Image Duck breast with sauce arranged on a plate
Preparation of a duck sauce – all professional cooking tips at a glance!
duck legs orange sauce
duck legs served with orange sauce

10. More Recipes for Roast Duck and Roast Goose

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  • My duck breasts all weigh 360 grams each. How long do they have to go in the oven? I wanted to try your recipe for Christmas.


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      Chef Question Cooking time duck breast in the oven

      Chef Answer: I can't give you an exact time.

      –> The cooking time depends on your oven and how well it heats.
      –> The longer you leave the duck breast in the pan, the shorter the cooking time in the oven.
      –> The duck breast roasts faster in the iron pan than in a coated pan. The solution:
      –> Preheat the oven at 200-210°C for hot air.
      –> First fry the duck breast on the skin side for 5 minutes.
      –> The skin of the breast should already have a nice color.
      –> Season the skin with salt and place in the oven.
      –> Make a pressure test after 8 minutes
      –> If red juice escapes, the duck breast is usually cooked exactly medium.

      You can find exact instructions for frying duck breast

      in the cooking school section.

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