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Duck with Pineapple Recipe

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This time I’ll show you a particularly exciting, tasty duck with pineapple recipe that contains one ingredient that you’ve probably never used in cooking before.

With the Red Bull we “inspire” our sauce for duck breast – hard to believe but it actually tastes great!

If you are not a friend of the energy drink, then you can confidently leave out the canned food and control the sauce with a little more broth!

In the video I show you the preparation step by step.

I wish you good luck!

1. Recipe Duck with Pineapple

So, well equipped and prepared, now I wish you a lot of fun in the kitchen!

Duck with Pineapple

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 542
Total Time 50 Min.
Preparation Time 35 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing exotic duck dish.

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Duck with Pineapple Recipe Image
Duck with Pineapple Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer


120 g rice
360 ml Vegetable broth
1 piece duck legs
1 piece onions
1 piece glove of garlic
80 g pineapple
1 tbs flour
1 Can Red Bull (You can also omit that :-))
2 tbsp Soy sauce
some Chili
150 ml chicken broth
1 bunch Coriander


Cook basmati rice
Cook basmati rice

Cook rice

Set up the rice with the broth and cook until soft or al dente according to personal taste.

-> Keep the rice warm until serving.

Duck pineapple ingredients
Duck with pineapple ingredients in the kitchen.

Prepare ingredients

Detach the duck legs as shown in the video and cut into pieces.

Prepare and provide the pineapple as shown in the video. Alternatively, you can use a piece of pineapple from a can.

Peel the garlic and onions and cut into fine cubes.

Roast duck meat
Fry the duck leg meat cut into pieces.

Roast duck

Cut the duck leg pieces into small pieces and fry in a pan with the skin side down.

Stew the pieces of meat with the lid on and continue cooking over reduced heat.

Duck meat with pineapple in the pan
The duck meat with pineapple in the pan.

Prepare duck pan

After 15 minutes of cooking, flip the duck pieces and push to one side of the pan.

Sauté the onion, garlic and pineapple in the resulting pan juices and allow them to color slightly.

Deglaze duck with pineapple
Deglaze the duck with the pineapple in the pan.

Prepare sauce

Add the flour and toast lightly.

Then deglaze with Red Bull Energy Drink and drink the rest.

Alternatively, you can use more broth and some white wine.

Add the soy sauces as well as the chicken broth.

Season with some chili.

Simmer the pineapple sauce and duck leg pieces gently.

Cut the duck meat into slices
Cut the duck meat into slices.

Complete duck

Remove the duck pieces from the pan and taste a piece of meat.

When the meat is tender and cooked through, you can put it back in the sauce.

If the degree of doneness is not right, cut the duck meat into slices.

Cut coriander
Finely chop the coriander.

Prepare herbs

Finely chop the coriander.

Alternatively, you can use parsley or Thai basil 🙂.

Put the herbs in the duck pan.

cut chili
cut chili

Cut chili

Finely chop the chili and add to the duck pan or set aside for decoration.

Duck with pineapple in the pan
Duck with pineapple in the pan while reducing and glazing the sauce.

Finish duck

Let the meat cook in the sauce and reduce the sauce to an ice cream.

Add broth if necessary.

arrange rice
Arrange the rice in different ways

Arrange rice

Arrange the rice on hot plates:

-> Place the rice directly on the plate with a spoon

-> Rinse the cup with cold water, then put the rice in the cup and press firmly. Pour the rice out of the cup onto the plate.

Duck with Pineapple Coriander and Redbull. Unusual recipe for duck with peppers and rice.
You may also like duck with pineapple. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer


Place the duck pieces on the plate with the pineapple and sauce.

Decorate with chili and serve quickly.

You could also decorate with sesame or colored sesame.

I wish you a good appetite!



Instead of duck legs, you can also use a duck breast for the preparation.

Here is the article How to Fry Duck Breast , I’ll show you step by step.

Cut the roast duck breast into slices or cubes and serve with the prepared sauce.


2. Nutrition Facts and Calories

3. Prepare Duck with Pineapple and Red Bull

Red Bull gives wings – this time to our duck (ducks do have wings, but double is better).

In fact, we use the Red Bull to make a wonderful sauce out of it.

Cooking with Red Bull sounds crazy…I love crazy things, especially when they taste good!

Ingredients tip from chef Thomas Sixt

Have you ever wondered what we actually eat when we drink a Red Bull?

Red Bull consists of water, caffeine, sugar, taurine and B-complex vitamins.

Lots of good things that have often gotten us through the day and now I will explain to you how I use Red Bull in my recipe:

4. Duck Sauce with Pineapple

When the duck legs have been roasting for a while, I add pineapple pieces, onion and garlic to the meat.

cutting pineapple
A fresh pineapple is ideal for this dish!

When everything is a bit browned, I sprinkle some flour on top to make a sauce.

You can also use some rice water instead of flour.

It is important that starch is included so that a nice sauce is created.

As you may already know, you always have to deglaze flour with cold water.

And this is where our beloved energy drink comes into play.

I deglaze the whole thing with the Red Bull, add some broth and let everything reduce until the sauce has the desired consistency.

The Red Bull is particularly good in combination with the pineapple.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first whether it could really taste good.

And it tastes really, really good!

Instead of Red Bull you can use more broth or some dry or exceptionally sweet white wine!

Sauce cooking tip from chef Thomas Sixt

5. Remove the Duck Bones thereby Shortening the Cooking Time

Before I sear the duck legs, they have to be shelled raw.

Here is the video for that:

Once the triggering is done, our clubs can get started.

First, without adding any fat, we place them skin side down in a pre-heated pan and sear the duck legs.

Cover the pan and the meat will be nice and tender!

Chef Thomas Sixt describes steaming

Now comes an important cooking tip that you must not forget:

Always cook the duck legs with a lid.

Duck leg meat has a relatively strong connective tissue.

The lid creates steam, which the meat absolutely needs to soften.

As you can see in the video, I turn the meat over after a few minutes and push it aside to thicken the sauce.

During this time, the duck legs will continue to cook nicely.

They’re crispy on the outside, but not quite done on the inside.

6. Prepare Duck Faster

Help! It smells delicious, I’m hungry but the meat is still too pink! There is a solution to every problem:

Here’s a tip from me to help the duck cook faster: Take the meat out of the pan and cut it into strips.

Then you put the pieces back into the sauce and let everything simmer until the desired degree of doneness is reached.

By cutting into pieces, I reduced the cooking time quite a bit and the dish is ready in 35 minutes in total.

You can find even more great tips in my cooking video further down in the post!

I hope you enjoy experimenting with Red Bull.

And be careful: Don’t drink all of it before you make the sauce! 🙂

Roast duck on plate recipe image
Roast Duck Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

7. Preparing Pineapple Cooking Video

Use a fresh pineapple or a canned pineapple for the dish.

I show you how to peel the pineapple in the following video:

8. Other Matching Ideas

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  • I really have a hard time with sweet fruit in a "savory" dinner… so my wife was more of the driving force here… but I was also convinced afterwards: you can rely on professional chef ideas, which was combo very delicious!


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    • Hello Stephan, thanks for the fun pun and your pleasant feedback. I look forward to trying the dish. I wish you good luck! Kind regards Thomas


  • Hi Thomas, I love pineapple!!! And that's why I became aware of your recipe. I happily made it and savored every bite of it. Would love to have more of this, it was great!! Greetings Svenja


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