Roast Duck Recipe for the Oven

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Today I show you my Roast Duck Recipe for the Oven.

The duck roast in the oven comes today in Bavarian variant on the table.

Beside red cabbage, pretzel dumplings and glazed carrots there are ideas for crispy duck and for sauce preparation.

Many step-by-step photos and videos accompany you as you cook.

Have fun reading and cooking yourself!

1. Recipe Roast Duck for the Oven

Following now the photo recipe with exact quantities. I wish you good luck!

Roast Duck with Pretzel Dumplings and Red Cabbage

Bavarian variant, cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 1848
Total Time 330 Min.
Preparation Time 90 Min.
Cook Time 140 Min.

Simple instructions for cooking roast duck in the oven.

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Roast Duck Oven Recipe Image
Roast Duck Oven Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Duck Roast

1 pc Duck (ca. 2 kg)
5 pc onions (for stuffing)
5 pc Apple (for stuffing)
4 tbsp. majoram
black pepper

Duck Gravy

roasted stuffing of duck (Roasted duck apple and onion)
crushed, cooked duck bones
Duck’s intestines and neck
roast set from baking tray and fat
1 l veal stock
1 l chicken broth or vegetable broth
1 pc potato (raw to grate finely and tie the duck gravy and sauce)
black pepper
60 g Cold butter

Bavarian Pretzel Dumpling

aluminium foil
120 g butter
1 pc onions
black pepper
400-500 ml milk
500 g pretzel cubes (of pretzel sticks / lye sticks)
4-5 pc eggs
1/2 bunch Parsley

Red Cabbage

500 g red cabbage finely chopped
100 ml Vegetable broth
120 g apple puree
3 tbsp cowberries (I like also cranberries)
150 ml white wine (or red wine)
30 ml balsamico
1 pc onion
1 pc Bay leaf (put on the onion)
1 pc clove (stick through bay leaf in onion)


Preaparing Roast Duck

Roast duck ingredients
Fresh duck with apple and onions

Prepare ingredients

Prepare the ingredients.

duck with entrails on baking sheet
Duck with offal and neck prepared.

Prepare duck

Buy the Duck fresh or defrost them, clean the duck:

Pluck the feather remainders, place the innards like liver, stomach, heart, further neck and belly fat on a baking sheet.

Wash the duck and put it on the baking tray.

Stuffing for duck
Filling for the roast duck

Prepare filling

Prepare the filling:

Peel the onion, cut into quarters and place in a large bowl.

Wash the apples, cut them into quarters and add to the onions.

Season the filling with salt, pepper and marjoram.

fill duck
Fill roast duck with onions and apples

Stuff duck

Preheat the oven to 175°C hot air.

Fill the duck and season with salt and pepper.

Ducks stuffed on the baking sheet
Duck stuffed on a baking sheet

Prepare duck

Put the duck in the oven.

The cooking time is 85 minutes.

After 30 minutes pour over the duck with the roast fat, prick the legs slightly in the skin, after pouring gently add salt.

Repeat the dripping with dripping at least 4 times during the entire cooking time.

Roast ducks
Roasted ducks ready to trigger.

Roast ducks

Take the roasted duck out of the oven.

Place the fat and the offal in a saucepan.

Throw breast of duck
Carving the duck.

Carve duck

Allow the roast duck to cool slightly, then release the breast and legs.

Place the duck pieces on a baking tray, skin up.

Cut the carcass into small pieces and place in the pot with the filling.

Duck Sauce Bavarian Gravy

Prepare duck sauce
Duck bones the carcasses are hot in a saucepan while cooking duck sauce.

Prepare sauce

Place a few ice cubes in the pot, add the veal stock and broth.

Bring the duck stock to the boil and let it steep for 2-4 hours at low heat.

Pass the sauce through a fine sieve, bring to the boil and thicken with grated potatoes.

Make the sauce ready to serve.

In Bavaria we add marjoram to the sauce

Pretzel Dumplings

Mass for the filling of the roast veal. Prepare a classic bread dumpling mixture ...
First prepare the bread dumpling mixture for filling the veal breast: bread rolls, onions sweated in butter, milk, salt, pepper, nutmeg, eggs and parsley …

Prepare dumplings

Cut the pretzel sticks into fine cubes.

A diameter of 1 cm has proved its worth. Place the pretzel cubes in a large bowl.

Heat about 30 grams of butter in a pot and let foam up, add the finely chopped onion cubes and sweat until colourless.

Add the milk, bring to the boil and season to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Pour the milk and onion mixture over the bread cubes and mix well.

Let the bread mixture cool down a little, then fold in the eggs and let the mixture steep for 15-20 minutes.

Heat the remaining butter, prepare aluminium foil sheets, finely chop the parsley and mix into the pretzel dumpling mixture, which is only warm to the touch.

Flavour the dumpling again with nutmeg, salt and pepper.

Brush the aluminium foil sheets generously with butter, then divide the dumpling mixture, beat the aluminium foil together and form even sausages – turning the ends together.

Cook the napkins and bread dumplings in the aluminium foil either over steam, in a steam cooker or in lightly boiling water for 40 – 50 minutes, depending on the thickness.

Unpack the bread dumplings, keep them warm or wrap them in foil to keep them fresh.

Just before serving, cut the hot dumplings into oblique slices and prepare them for serving.

It is also possible to fry the dumpling slices in butter.

Prepare Red Cabbage

Cut red cabbage
Cut blue cabbage

Cut cabbage

Cut or plane the red cabbage finely and place in a pot.

Marinate red cabbage.
Red cabbage with cranberries and applesauce

Marinate cabbage

Mix the finely chopped red cabbage with the stock, apple sauce, cranberries, wine, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper – knead well.

Knead the marinated red cabbage with your hands
Knead the red cabbage

Knead cabbage

The marinated red cabbage can be marinated overnight in a pot in the fridge or cooked immediately.

Before boiling, add the onion, halved and larded with bay leaf and clove.

Cooking red cabbage
Cook the red cabbage for at least 2 hours.

Cook red cabbage

Bring the red cabbage to the boil with the lid on, then simmer lightly for 1.5-2.5 hours with the lid on, if necessary add some vegetable stock.

Season the red cabbage to taste with salt and pepper and keep ready for serving.

Put the food on your plate

peeled duck pieces on baking sheet
Duck raised, breast and legs on a baking sheet.

Duck pieces grill

Before serving, lightly salt the duck pieces under the grill at approx. 230 ° C until crispy.

Serve side dishes and duck
Serve the crispy roast duck with side dishes.

Arrange plate

Heat the side dishes and arrange on warm plates.

Drain the red cabbage on a sieve and serve.

Add the dumpling slices.

Roast duck on plate recipe picture
Duck crispy with dumplings, red cabbage and Brussels sprouts


Mix the sauce with cold butter and put on the plate.

Carve the crispy grilled duck pieces and put them on the plate.

Serve quickly, enjoy your meal!


Glazed Carrots as a Side Dish:
Cut the carrots into even pieces and sauté in butter.

Season with salt, pepper, nutmeg and sugar.

Add water and cook until al dente. Reduce the liquid.

Finish with freshly chopped parsley.

Note on our own behalf:

The embedded videos show the preparation of roast goose

and Christmas Goose

The duck preparation is completely the same.

2. Nutritional Values

3. Time Plan for Preparing Roast Duck in Oven

The goal is a crispy duck with tasty side dishes. You can be flexible here:

The whole duck, weight approx. 2 kg, needs a temperature of 175°C hot air. The cooking time is 85 minutes.

Tip from chef Thomas Sixt


When I get guests in the evening, I put the roast duck into the oven around 10 o’clock in the morning.

Around 12 o’clock I can release “The Bird”, chest and clubs I put then on a baking sheet with the skin upward.

Duck sauce:

I cook the carcass and remains in a pot with the apple and onion filling and the gravy, veal stock and vegetable broth.

There is also time to prepare the side dishes and set the table…

Here’s my overview of the ingredients, that’s handy when you’re standing in the supermarket:

This dish is a festive roast, the time frame for the preparation is 2-3 hours.

Duck Roast with Potatoe Dumplings, Gravy and Red Cabbage. © Food Photographer Thomas Sixt

3.1 Prepare stuffed Roast Duck

I fill the duck’s belly with apple, onion and marjoram.

Cut the apple and onion into small pieces and season with marjoram, salt and pepper.

You can optionally add garlic.

Ducks stuffed on the baking tray. © Food Pic by Food Photographer Thomas Sixt

The filling allows great aromas to develop during roasting.

Roast juice and duck fat get a taste.

You can also put the duck unfilled in the oven, then put the apple and onion pieces on the baking tray, so you achieve a similar effect.

Since the preparation of the duck works like with the roast goose, I have inserted the video for you:

3.2 Duck with Pretzel Dumplings

The dumplings with pretzels are a special form of the napkin dumplings.

Instead of sliced white bread you use freshly cut pretzel sticks.

First remove the salt from the pretzel sticks.

As an alternative I show a variation with potato dumplings with the other duck recipe.

The video of the dumpling preparation follows here:

3.3 Duck and Red Cabbage

You’ll find a recipe for red cabbage on my site.

At best, prepare the red cabbage the day before and then heat it up again.

Red cabbage always tastes better after the second heating.

Tip from chef Thomas Sixt

Making red cabbage yourself is a lot of work.

Perhaps you would like to use a prepared red cabbage that has already been cooked.

Here are my tips to refine:

I will show you how to prepare red cabbage in the following video:

3.4 Duck Sauce – How to prepare tasty Gravy

You will find a very informative article about duck sauce with a complete overview.

Since we prepare our bird today as a whole, the bones which we use for the preparation of the sauce remain after the release.

For a great duck sauce you need the duck carcasses, apple and onion, veal stock and broth.

Place the ingredients cold in a pot.

You can add some ice cubes.

Bring to the boil slowly and simmer for 2-4 hours.

Duck bones, the carcasses in a pot. Cooking Gravy for duck.

The preparation I show you in the following videos as an example…Tips for tying the sauce…

4. How to Prepare crispy Duck

How does the cook from the Chinese restaurant manage to bring the duck always so deliciously crispy on the plate?

The bought and already roasted duck pieces go into the deep fryer… that produces 100% crispy but the fine roast taste is reduced.

We are doing this classically today, have a look at the following tips:

The release of the duck roast + duck crispy prepare I show you in the video exemplarily…

4.1 Duck Tranch Video

4.2 Crispy Duck Video

5. Other Recipes with Duck

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