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I present my roast duck legs in the oven recipe in this article.

As always, there are lots of detailed tips about roasting duck legs and several cooking videos.

No question should remain unanswered and I am happy when you get your duck legs juicy and crispy on your plate at home.

The recipe is kept simple and the vegetables are prepared in one wash with the duck legs in the oven.

Nevertheless, in the article I go into detail about the optimal preparation, give sauce tips and ideas for other side dishes.

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1. Recipe Roast Duck Legs

Below is the recipe with all the ingredients and quantities. I wish you good luck!

Roast Duck Legs from the Oven with Vegetables

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 634
Total Time 80 Min.
Preparation Time 60 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing duck legs in the oven.

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Roast Duck legs in the oven recipe picture
Roast Duck Legs in the Oven Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


2 Piece duck legs
1-2 bunch Soup vegetables (Carrots, celery, leeks, parsley roots)
2-4 Piece glove of garlic (Optional)
2-4 Piece shallots
4-6 Piece cherry tomatoes
2 pinches thyme
1-2 leafes sage (Optional)
primal salt
black ground pepper
1 Piece Apple
4 pinches brown cane sugar
200 ml dry red wine
250 ml Vegetable broth
30-50 g butter
1-2 tbs Cornstarch
2 tbsp cowberries


Duck legs fresh
Duck legs packed on the kitchen board.

Prepare duck legs

Prepare the duck legs in the kitchen.

Preheat the oven to 200°C for hot air or 210°C for bottom and top heat.

Wash duck legs
Rinse duck legs with cold water.

Wash duck legs

Unwrap the legs and wash under cold running water.

dry duck legs
Drying washed duck legs Step image

Drying legs

Dry the duck legs on all sides with kitchen paper.

Prepare vegetables
Prepare and prepare vegetables.

Prepare vegetables

Wash, peel and prepare vegetables.

cut vegetables
Cutting vegetables, prepared vegetables on the cutting board.

Cut vegetables

Cut vegetables into pieces. Follow the size examples in the picture for a perfect result.

Optionally, peel and add a few cloves of garlic.

Prepare baking sheet
Prepare baking sheet

Prepare baking sheet

Season baking sheet with salt and pepper.

season duck legs
Seasoning Duck Legs Step image

Season duck legs

Place duck legs skin-side up on the baking sheet.

Season the skin side of the thighs with salt and pepper.

Put in the oven for 15 minutes.

Duck legs with vegetables
duck legs with vegetables on the baking sheet

Add vegetables

Add the vegetables and put the baking sheet in the oven for another 20 minutes.

Cut apple slices
Prepare apple slices

Prepare apple

Prepare apple slices:

–> Wash the apple, cut in half and quarter. Cut out core.

Prepare apple slices for cooking
Place the apple slices in an oven dish with the butter.

Apple seasoning

–> Place the apple slices in a suitable oven dish.

–> Gently season the apple pieces with salt and sugar and cover with butter flakes.

–> Place the apple slices in the container in the oven.

Duck legs with sauce
Duck legs with sauce on the baking sheet.

Prepare sauce

–> Deglaze the duck legs and the browned vegetables with the red wine and vegetable stock.

–>Prick the duck leg skin with a fine fork.

–> Add the cold butter.

–> Cook the duck legs for another 20-25 minutes.

-> I like to add cranberries to the sauce. This creates a delicate taste.

The cooking time of the legs is 45-70 minutes, depending on the size.

pass duck sauce
Pass the duck sauce through a fine sieve.

Pass sauce

–> Strain the sauce from the baking tray into a saucepan using a fine sieve.

–> In the meantime, keep the vegetables and pieces of duck warm in the oven.

Duck sauce in the pot
Duck sauce in the pot while boiling.

Boil sauce

Bring the duck stock to the boil and have a whisk or blender ready.

Mix the cornstarch with cold water.
Mixing cornstarch to bind.

Bind sauce

–> Mix the cornstarch in cold water.

–> Slowly add the starch water to the boiling duck stock until the desired consistency is achieved.

Duck Legs Papillotes
Prepare the duck legs for attaching the papillotes.

Finish duck legs

Optionally chop off duck legs at the end and attach papillotes.

Cooked apple wedges
Apple slices from the oven.

Serve apple

Take the apple slices out of the oven.

Arrange duck legs
Arrange the duck legs on a plate with the vegetables.


Arrange the duck legs and vegetables, add the sauce and serve with cranberries and apple slices.


2. Overview of calories and nutritional values

3. Tip for Shopping Duck Legs

The Barbarie duck legs can be bought in the supermarket.

The unit price is around 6-7 euros.

When the kebabs are close to the expiry date they are often sold at 50% of the normal price and then you have to grab them and prepare them immediately on the same day.

You can also buy the legs frozen, which are often even more tender than fresh, non-frozen legs.

The practical thing about this duck dish is that it is completely prepared in the oven, including the vegetable side dishes.

It’s quick and easy, good cooking doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can also find a similar recipe for duck breast, which is duck breast in the oven .

Duck breast from the oven with peppers, fennel and potatoes Recipe picture.
Duck breast in the oven Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

4. The Top Tips for Roasting Duck Legs Properly

In contrast to roast duck breast, I do not fry the duck leg in a pan.

properly carve the duck breast, the meat is cut diagonally.
Duck breast roasted pink and sliced.

The even, crispy roasting of the legs is not possible in the pan on the stove.

That’s why I always put the duck legs in the oven.

What you should pay attention to follows here…

4.1 Season Duck Legs before Roasting

Season the duck legs with salt and pepper before roasting.

The salt then makes the leg skin crispy and crispy when exposed to heat.

The oven can, but does not have to be preheated. The legs are allowed to sweat a little in the steam at the beginning, it’s similar to roast goose.

However, I usually preheat the oven so that it goes faster. I go into the hot air range at 200-210°C, that’s a high temperature and I’ve had good experiences with it.

Duck Legs Raw
Duck legs raw and ready to cook

4.2 Does twisting and turning Duck Legs make them Better?

This is a question that I get asked again and again by friends and acquaintances. You can save yourself turning and turning if you fry at high temperatures and use hot air.

The hot air level evenly envelops the clubs and you save one or more work steps and turning the clubs!

Roast duck oven tip from chef Thomas Sixt

You can also use this tip when preparing a Christmas goose, which I would like to briefly mention here.

4.3 Tips Prepare Duck Legs Crispy

In order to become crispy, the duck legs need seasoning with salt on the one hand and a high temperature on the other. Please note the topic of cooking with and without a lid. That fits in here quite well.

After 20 minutes of cooking, you can carefully pierce the skin of the duck legs with a thin meat fork.

Please do not pierce deep into the flesh, only into the skin. This allows the fat to escape, you get a good gravy for the duck leg and at the same time the skin of the duck leg becomes crispy.

Duck legs fried crispy
Crispy duck legs in a pan with thyme and caramelized garlic.

4.4 Place the Duck Legs in Pickling Salt

Many chefs put duck, goose and co in pickle varnish for 2-3 hours and swear by it, the skin becomes crispier and the meat more tender.

A 2-3% pickle brine consists of one liter of water and 30 g of pickling salt. I don’t do it at home, if you want to try it now has the instructions for it.

4.5 Prepare Duck Legs with or without a Lid?

I’m always happy about comments and inquiries about the preparation and cooking suggestions 🙂 recently a visitor wrote to me and asked whether I prepare the duck legs with or without a lid.

Jan asked this question, I was happy to answer this duck leg question!

Chef Thomas Sixt answers cooking questions you send

Since the subject has not yet been adequately covered here, I am happy to add it and say thank you for dealing with the subject of clubs!

Here are my tips:

Simple variant without lid:
You put the duck legs with the skin side up directly in a roasting pan or on the baking sheet. The legs cook crispy immediately.

Shortly before serving, you can season the skin with a little more salt and help with the grill function (220°C).

Variant with lid:
Here you serve the braised legs either “uncrisp” or place the cooked legs under the grill again with the skin side up at the end.

The legs will definitely be crispier if you cook them without a lid from the start.

Duck legs ready to roast in the roaster
If you want to bring crispy duck legs to the table, I think roasting the legs without a lid is more effective! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

5. Duck Legs Cooking Tips from a Professional Chef

The cooking time for commercial duck legs is around 45-50 minutes at 200-210°C hot air.

I choose this high temperature because of the legs and so that the vegetables are well cooked.

The vegetables do not become as beautiful and tasty at temperatures below 200°C.

Then it doesn’t brown and cooks more than it frys. Roasted ingredients make the vegetables delicious!

Please don’t go crazy with the cooking time of the poultry legs.

The information is always a guideline and depends on the performance of your oven and the size of the legs.

At the end of the cooking time, the leg meat should be tender and the skin should be crispy.

Depending on the setting, you can increase the cooking time.

Pierce the legs, the meat gives way slightly, you are approaching the finale.
The escaping meat juice should be transparent. The skin is crispy and crispy. Not sure? Cut and try the legs.

Duck legs cooking time tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Oven vegetables fresh from the oven. Deliciously roasted with plenty of great flavors.
Colorful, roasted, Mediterranean oven-baked vegetables with plenty of delicious aromas.

6. Tips for Duck Leg Cooking Low Temperature

You can also cook duck legs at low temperatures.

The low-temperature cooking of the duck leg at 80°C top and bottom heat takes about 3-4 hours.

The duck legs are seasoned right from the start.

Towards the end of the cooking time, switch on the grill (230°C) and let the leg skin crisp up.

Unfortunately, you then have to prepare vegetables and side dishes separately.

To be honest, I don’t do this variant anymore after two attempts.

The time investment is not worth it and the legs are not cooked any better than “normal”.

7. Sauce for Duck Legs with Variants

Some tips and ideas for duck leg sauces. This is already an advanced sauce course, just enjoy the tips and let yourself be inspired.

7.1 Duck Sauce with White Wine

You can pour some white wine and chicken broth over the duck legs right at the beginning, or after 25 minutes of cooking, after the skin has first been pricked.

Make sure the liquid doesn’t completely evaporate and just add more liquid if necessary. This creates a good gravy for the duck leg.

7.2 Duck Sauce with Red Wine

In the recipe I show a variant with red wine and broth.

7.3 Duck Sauce with Veal Stock – the Best Sauce

If you want a real duck sauce, add a glass of veal stock after 20 minutes of cooking and put a piece of butter (30 g) over the duck legs.

This creates a strong duck sauce that you will really enjoy.

Morel sauce - based on veal stock.
Self-made veal stock that you boil down to veal sauce. Supplemented here with morels, this results in a classic morel jus.

7.4 Duck Legs with Oranges and Sauce for Duck à l’orange

Here is the quick guide:

Below is my video on how to prepare the orange fillets and tips on the side dishes of the duck with orange.

duck legs orange sauce
duck legs served with orange sauce

7.4.1 Preparing Orange Fillets Cooking Video

I show how to prepare the orange fillets in this cooking video

7.4.2 Side Dishes for Duck à l’orange

German Red Cabbage , almond potatoes, gnocchi , savoy cabbage , Brussels sprouts , buttered vegetables go well with the duck with oranges.

8. Trigger Duck Legs Cooking Video

I would also like to show you how to release the clubs here, the 4-minute video gets to the point…

Entenkeulen auslösen Anleitungsvideo von Koch Thomas Sixt

9. Side Dishes Ideas for Duck Legs from the Oven

You can easily cook small, peeled potatoes at the same time. Other possible attachments are:

Filling supplements:

vegetable side dishes:

10. More Ideas for Duck Dishes and Roast Goose

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