Christmas Goose Recipe

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I present my Christmas goose recipe to you in this post.

I have prepared this summary for you so that the roast goose is served perfectly with fine side dishes.

I’ll show you in nine cooking videos : Buy goose, fill it, roast it, serve it crispy, prepare goose sauce, dumplings and red cabbage.

Today we go step by step to success and we also keep an eye on the kitchen timing for a stress-free cooking experience.

So if you want to prepare Martin goose or Christmas goose perfectly, you will find the right instructions here.

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1. Christmas Goose Recipe

The recipe is the first in this post.

Below it goes on with many tips about the preparation!

Christmas goose

Cooked, photographed, translated and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 1279
Total Time 330 Min.
Preparation Time 140 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Simple guide with 9 cooking videos to prepare roast goose with side dishes.

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Christmas goose recipe image
Christmas goose recipe image © Thomas Sixt



1 Piece goose (about 3.5 kg)
5 Piece onions (for the filling)
5 Piece apples (for the filling)
4 tbsp majoram
primal salt
black ground pepper
100 ml Vegetable broth

Goose Sauce

cooked filling of goose (Apple and onions from the roast goose)
crushed, cooked goose bones
giblets and neck of the goose
gravy from the baking tray and dark goose fat
1 l veal stock
1 l chicken broth
1 Piece big potato (raw to finely grate and bind the goose sauce)
60 g Cold butter

Napkin dumplings

aluminium foil
120 g butter
1 Piece onions
400 ml milk
500 g bread cubes
4-5 Piece eggs
1/2 Bunch fresh parsley

Red cabbage

500 g red cabbage finely chopped
120 g apple puree
3 tbsp cowberries
150 ml dry white wine (dry)
30 ml balsamic vinegar
1 Piece Bay leaf (put on the onion)
1 Piece clove (poke through bay leaf and onion)


Prepare roast goose

Goose ready to cook
Goose on a roaster

prepare goose

–> Defrost, wash and dry the goose.

–> Prepare the innards such as liver, stomach, heart, neck and belly fat in an extra bowl.

Stuffing roast goose
Apple, onion, mugwort or marjoram prepared as a filling for the roast goose.

Prepare filling

Prepare the filling:

–> Peel and quarter the onion and place in a large bowl.

–> Wash the apples and also cut into quarters, add to the onions.

–> Season the filling well with salt, pepper and marjoram.

goose stuffed
Stuffing of the goose photographed raw

Fill goose

–> Place the ready-to-cook goose, dabbed dry, on a deep baking tray seasoned with salt and pepper.

-> Fold the wings down and give the goose a good stand.

–> Place the filling in the abdomen, fix the legs crosswise in the incised abdominal flaps.

–> Season the goose from above with salt and pepper.

Roast goose
Roasted goose with a portion of the stuffing.

Roast goose

-> Pour the vegetable broth over the goose, then place in the cold oven and roast for 2-2.5 hours at 170° Celsius (338°F) hot air.

–> Pour the drippings over the goose after 30 minutes, lightly prick the skin of the legs and gently add salt to the goose after basting.

–> Repeat the basting of the goose with drippings at least 4 times during the entire cooking time.

Carve Goose
Carve roast goose

Carve goose

–> Put the light goose fat from the tin into a bowl and use it later to make goose fat.

–> Allow the cooked goose to cool slightly and carve while warm – remove the legs and breasts and place on a baking tray with the skin facing up.

–> Remove the remaining meat from the goose with a small knife and use it later for goose Gröstl.

–> Place the entire filling in a saucepan, add the roasting fat and dark goose fat from the tray.

–> Pour the rest of the filling into the pot.

Goose sauce

Preparation of a sauce for goose. Recipe with picture.
Preparation of the goose sauce.

Prepare sauce

–> Put the prepared, finely chopped goose bones in the pot, there is already the fried filling, the still fresh apples and onions with marjoram (rest of the filling) and the roast starter from the baking tray.

–> Now fill up with veal stock and vegetable broth and simmer gently for at least 2 hours, preferably up to 4 hours.

-> Strain the sauce through a fine sieve, then reduce the sauce to the desired taste and thicken with fresh, finely grated raw potatoes.

–> Mix up the sauce, taste again and bring to the boil before serving and baste with the butter.

Side Dish

Prepare napkin dumplings
The mass for napkin dumplings with egg and parsley.

Prepare dumplings

There is a detailed recipe for preparing napkin dumplings .

–> Heat about 30 grams of butter in a saucepan, add diced onions and sauté until colourless.

–> Pour in the milk, bring to the boil and season generously with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

–> Pour the milk and onion stand over the prepared bread cubes and mix well.

–> Let the bread mixture cool down a bit, then fold in the beaten eggs and leave the mixture to stand for 15-20 minutes.

–> Heat the remaining butter, lay out lengths of aluminum foil, finely chop the parsley and mix into the hand-warm dumpling mixture.

–> Season the breadcrumbs again with nutmeg, salt and pepper.

–> Generously brush the lengths of aluminum foil with butter, then divide the breadcrumbs, fold the aluminum foil together and form even sausages – twisting the ends together.

–> Cook the serviette bread dumplings in the aluminum foil either over steam, in a steam cooker or in slightly boiling water for 40-50 minutes, depending on the thickness.

–> Unpack the bread dumplings, either keep them warm immediately or wrap them in cling film.

–> Shortly before serving, cut the hot dumplings into diagonal slices and prepare them for serving.

-> You can also fry the dumpling slices in butter.

Cook red cabbage
Cook the cabbage for at least 2 hours.

Red cabbage

There is a detailed recipe with step-by-step photos for preparing red cabbage .

–> Mix the finely chopped red cabbage with chicken broth, apple sauce, cranberries, white wine, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper – knead the red cabbage well.

–> The marinated red cabbage can now be marinated in the pan in the refrigerator overnight or prepared immediately.

–> Before bringing to the boil, add the halved onion studded with bay leaf and cloves.

–> Bring the red cabbage to the boil with the lid on, then simmer gently for 1.5-2.5 hours with the lid on. If necessary, add a little more vegetable broth.

–> Season the red cabbage with salt and pepper and keep it hot ready to serve.


grilled goose pieces on a baking sheet. The roast goose is guaranteed to be crispy.
At best, the released pieces of goose are waiting on the baking tray. Before the grand finale, finish all the extras and then heat the Gäsne pieces again under the grill until crispy.

Grill goose

–> Once the guests have arrived, lightly salt the goose pieces and fry them crispy under the grill at approx. 230 °C (446°F).


Christmas goose recipe image
Christmas goose recipe image © Thomas Sixt


–> Heat the plates to serve.

–> Heat the goose side dishes.

–> Heat the sauce and mix with cold butter.

–> Place the boiling red cabbage in a sieve.

–> Carve the crispy cooked goose breast and leg of goose and place on the plate.

–> Arrange the drained red cabbage on the plate.

–> Add the dumpling slices

–> Pour the sauce onto the plate and serve.

I wish you a good appetite and a wonderful Christmas!


2. Nutrition Facts and Calories

3. How to Perfectly Prepare Christmas Goose

Get all the ingredients for the roast poultry, side dishes and sauce…I wrote you some information right away:

Poultry Roast and Gravy:

The classic filling for roast goose consists of onions , apple and mugwort .
Frozen geese are better , the meat is more tender !

Shopping tip from chef Thomas Sixt

A little background knowledge and tradition:

Mugwort and/or marjoram as an addition have a cultural background:

The mugwort whose botanical name is Artemisia vulgaris is specifically related to Artemis.

This is the Greek goddess of the wild hunt, the virgin warlike moon goddess,

the mistress of medicinal plants and herbalists as well as the patron saint of wild animals and protector of women and guardian of childbirth.

Mugwort and marjoram support the taste and fat burning of high-fat dishes, so these herbs are ideal for roast poultry.

Side dishes:

Red cabbage or red cabbage
Close-up of home-cooked red cabbage.

4. Christmas Goose Preparation Time

Depending on the oven and the weight of the goose, the cooking time is 2.5-3 hours at a temperature of 170 ° Celsius (338°F) in the hot air oven setting .

If you use bottom and top heat , frequent turning of the roast poultry is necessary for an even cooking result .

How long does the goose take in the oven? The preparation time of the “Videogans” with a weight of 3.5 kg: 2 hours

Cooking tip: how long does the goose need in the oven from chef Thomas Sixt
Prepare the ingredients for roast goose, Christmas goose and whole goose.

5. Tips on Kitchen Timing and Preparation Plan

To make cooking fun, here are a few tips from the professional kitchen for optimal timing…

Later, heat the pieces of goose under the grill until crispy , serve the heated side dishes and serve the delicious roast poultry with the sauce .

Star Chefs would be happy about this classic roast poultry!

Promises chef Thomas Sixt, who was in the kitchen with these chefs!
Prepare the sauce for the roast goose, this is how the sauce for the Christmas goose is guaranteed to succeed.
The preparation of the duck sauce is identical to the preparation of the goose sauce.
Goose boned, breasts and drumsticks, prepared on a baking sheet. The roast goose is guaranteed to be crispy.
At best, the released pieces of goose are waiting on the baking tray. Before the grand finale, finish all the extras and then heat the Gäsne pieces again under the grill until crispy.

6. Nine Cooking Videos How to Prepare Christmas Goose with Side Dishes

In the introduction I promised you some videos for the preparation.

You can find the entire preparation of roast poultry, side dishes and sauce with all the tips as a complete playlist here .

You could watch the entire preparation at your leisure and take all the tips with you :-)!

6.1 Video Cooking Goose in the Oven

6.2 Red Cabbage as Side Dishes

I cook the red cabbage fresh the day before because it is already prepared.

In addition, the red cabbage simply tastes better reheated several times.

6.3 Dumplings as a Side Dish

You can prepare bread dumplings or napkin dumplings.

I show you how to prepare the serving dumplings in the video.

If you want to save time here, you can use a ready-made dumpling.

Half and half potato dumplings have proven themselves as a side dish.

You can find even more information, variants and tips in the recipe for napkin dumplings.

Video Preparing Dumpling Mass:

Wrap the Dumpling Mass in Aluminum Foil Video

6.4 Cook Roast Goose Perfectly Crispy

Pour the gravy over the goose every 20 minutes and don’t forget to add salt.

6.5 Trigger or Carve Roast Goose

Here is the description to make sure it works:

With my way of preparing roast goose, the goose has already been released before the guests arrive.
This is how I bring the pieces of goose to the plate perfectly cooked and crispy.

Serve stress-free roast goose Tip from chef Thomas Sixt

Shortly before serving, the goose pieces are put back into the oven on the grill with hot air at 220°C (428°F).

This way I can cook the goose pieces exactly hot and crispy. This relieves the strain in the kitchen and delivers an optimal result.

6.6 Prepare Goose Sauce

Once the goose has been roasted and raised , there is still time to use the carcasses to cook a great goose sauce that really deserves its name.

Here are the instructions in short:

Once the taste has developed sufficiently, you can pass the sauce through a fine sieve.

Then bring to the boil and reduce (boil down).

Now bring to the boil and thicken with cold cornstarch or with a freshly grated potato.

Season to taste and prepare for serving.

Mix the sauce with cold butter before serving and season again with salt and pepper if necessary.

For an even better overview I have additionally added a separate sauce for roast goose recipe here on the blog

Here the videos….

Prepare Goose Sauce:

Bind and Finalize Sauce:

6.7 Prepare and Serve the Roast Goose until it is Crispy

Finish the roast poultry and serve with side dishes :

Goose boned, breasts and drumsticks, prepared on a baking sheet. The roast goose is guaranteed to be crispy.
At best, the released pieces of goose are waiting on the baking tray. Before the grand finale, finish all the extras and then heat the Gäsne pieces again under the grill until crispy.

Serve the Goose with the Crispy Skin and Side Dishes

7. How to Put a Vegetarian Christmas Goose on the Table

Based on a current Facebook survey, I developed and created a recipe for vegetarian Christmas goose.

Get inspired and do something good for yourself and the planet!

I will show you how to prepare red cabbage yourself in a detailed article with lots of pictures and step-by-step instructions.

Click here for the recipe red cabbage

Vegetarian, vegan Christmas goose recipe picture
Vegetarian, vegan Christmas goose recipe image © Thomas Sixt

8. More Christmas Goose Side Dishes Ideas

In addition to the classic side dishes presented here, the following also fit:

8.1 Filling side dishes for roast goose

Potato gratin , mashed potatoes , finger noodles, bread dumplings , potato pancakes , fried potatoes, baked potatoes, spaetzle ,…

potato gratin
Potato gratin in a porcelain casserole dish Recipe image.

8.2 Vegetable Side Dishes for Roast Goose

Cauliflower , peas vegetables , pumpkin from the oven , carrot vegetables , ratatouille , Brussels sprouts , savoy cabbage , glazed root vegetables,…

cabbage vegetables
Prepare savoy cabbage successfully, recipe picture savoy cabbage vegetables.

8.3 Sweet Additions to Roast Goose

In addition to cranberries, you can serve the following homemade sweets:

Apple compote , glazed apple pieces with balsamic vinegar , cranberry compote , roasted apricots , rhubarb compote , …

Apple compote
Apple compote recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

9. More Recipes Ideas

For goose:

For duck:

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  • Hello master chef Thomas 🙂

    Absolutely brilliant tutorial including cooking TV and secret tips.

    My roast goose turned out great and I look forward to more recipe ideas from your blog.

    Best regards Jean


    • Hello Jean,

      welcome, thank you for your nice feedback. That makes me happy of course.


      Feel free to contact me with cooking questions, I answer them here at the end of each recipe.

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  • Hi Thomas,

    🙂 🙂

    I used your goose recipe for my August goose.

    The farmer next to our holiday home has already slaughtered the first geese.

    Your instructions are absolutely perfect. I did a great job preparing it. The meat was juicy and the skin crispy.

    The sauce, as shown, is great.

    I even made the veal stock and the dumplings with the red cabbage. Fantastic **** BIG THANK YOU! by the S family


    • Hello Miss S,

      Nice to read from you!

      Thx for the excellent feedback.

      I wish you continued success,

      Greetings Chef Thomas


  • Dear Chef Thomas,

    Great Blog and great Photos for perfect cooking 🙂

    thank you very much for the incredibly detailed explanation!

    This prevents many mistakes. C

    could you please answer a little cooking question for me?

    Does the lid come on the roaster or is the goose prepared open?

    LG Colina


    • Hello Colina,

      I am very pleased that your private message on Instagram has turned into a cooking question here on the food blog.

      Thanks! Think it's nice if we collect knowledge here in the form of cooking questions and cooking answers for everyone.

      Together it succeeds and then tastes… better and better!

      Cooking Question: prepare goose with or without a lid?

      Chef's answer: I always prepare the roast goose in a roasting pan without a lid.

      Kind regards and continued success!

      Feel free to contact us again with comments and questions about cooking!



  • Hello Thomas,

    Best recipe for roast goose 🙂

    Thank you for your help! The sauce was perfect! The meat of the goose was a bit dry, I actually had better.

    But that was either the fault of Biogans or myself! I made the goose in the low-cooking process in the steamer, at the beginning 1/2 hour at 338 degrees and then at 212 degrees for 5 hours.

    After carving, as described, try to get crisp with the convection grill.

    Anyway, I would like to rate the recipe and your service with 5 *****

    I am very grateful for any help!



    • Hello Andrea,

      OMG 🙁

      the poor goose!

      I just described how it works up there, doesn't need steam or long-term treatment,
      it's not a sweat lodge.. 🙁 Next time, 175°C (347°F) hot air for 90 minutes, then see where the goose is at…

      Greetings and all the best! Thomas


  • Hi Thomas,

    Honestly, I let myself be talked into cooking the goose at a low temperature for so long.

    Thank you very much for your very detailed and easy to understand answer!

    I have never experienced that from a chef in this form!

    The stars will be there after the roast goose on Sunday! But there really can't be any less than 5 stars.


    • Hello Andrea,

      I liked doing that.

      If you have any questions, please let us know.

      Good succeed!

      Kind regards Thomas


  • Hello Thomas,

    I chose your Christmas goose for this year's Christmas menu.

    Since the menu is supposed to be for 6 people, I pre-ordered a fresh organic goose with 4.5 – 5 kg.

    However, I have not found any info on how the cooking time varies depending on the size of the goose.

    Can you give me information about this?

    Sorry if it's already there somewhere and I missed it.

    Kind regards, Melanie


    • Hello Melanie,

      no Problem 🙂

      thank you for your query, I look forward to your message!

      Chefs 's answer to the cooking time of the goose per kg:

      –> Calculate 40-50 minutes per kg of goose cooking time at 160-175°C (320-347°F)

      Good luck and best regards Thomas


      • This is exactly the tip I was looking for. Thank you!


        • Hi Carles 🙂

          Nice to read from you Thanks!

          BR Thomas


  • Hello Thomas,

    according to your recipe I would like to prepare a goose next weekend.

    My question about your recipe: doesn't the goose get cold if it sits on a separate tray for hours?

    With the grill function, only the crust gets warm and crispy.

    It probably makes sense to use the convection grill function in the steamer.

    And second question: Can I prepare the goose the day before so that I have enough time for the sauce for lunch?


    • Hello, dear Andrea,

      thank you for your message, feedback and cooking question.

      I'm happy 🙂 Chefs's answer to preparing the goose the day before and then serving it:

      I would only recommend this variant if you have a large number of guests and if you want to prepare two or more geese.

      Of course, this variant is also suitable for lunch if you don't want to get up early.

      –> Prepare the geese the day before, let them cool down and release them.
      –> Chill the pieces of goose
      –> Cook the sauce from the roast residue and the bones
      –> Finish the sauce, bind and chill.
      –> On the day before eating: Heat the goose pieces for 20 minutes in hot air at 200°C (392°F)
      –> Season the skin with salt and grill until crispy
      –> A hot-air grill is an option, if available, then insert it in the middle and be careful!

      Prepare the answer for roast goose for lunch:
      –> prepare all the side dishes the day before
      –> fill the goose and chill –> put the goose in the oven at 6 a.m.
      –> release the goose around 8:30 a.m.
      –> sauce from 8:45 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. prepare, sieve, boil down
      –> finally prepare the side dishes
      –> finish the goose crispy, arrange and serve.

      Regarding the question: If the goose doesn't get cold…

      I'll write you the final info:
      The released goose cools down, I usually put a tray over it and leave the goose pieces at room temperature.
      Then the crispy heating goes faster. The loss of quality is zero, which is how we have done it in star kitchens.

      Also, the goose is really fresh. Cooled (refrigerator) and then reheated goose does not taste quite as fresh.

      So I would actually prepare the goose at lunchtime, put it in the oven early in the morning.

      Then prepare coffee and breakfast for Ms. Sixt :-).

      Thomas sends you best regards and great success


  • Hello,

    can I use convection instead of hot air?

    I only have convection or top/bottom heat or bottom heat with a grill at the top for poultry.

    Love the recipe and would love to make it if it is at all possible.

    LG Nathalie


    • Hello Nathalie,

      hui, with your question I have to look it up in my list as far as the stove functions are concerned.

      I found what you were looking for and leave you an info…


      The stove heats up and down, the fan distributes the heat, but has no heating function.

      Hot air:

      There is a heating ring in front of the fan, so hot air flows directly into the oven.

      With circulating air, longer preheating of the oven is usually better, but not absolutely necessary with the goose.

      You can also slowly make them sweat 🙂 Stay in the temperature range of 175°C (347°F) and give the roast goose some time.

      Turning will not be necessary. My grandfather always turned the goose several times, for a long time he only had top and bottom heat.

      –> Otherwise proceed as described and allow the roast goose to cool down (lukewarm) after preparation and remove.
      –> Place the goose pieces with the skin side up on the oven tray for final heating.
      –> Season with salt again before the final heating (this is guaranteed to make the skin crispy).
      –> Then finish the goose pieces crispy at the grill setting with circulating air.
      –> Be careful with the grill function and stay where you are. It's quick and side dishes and sauce should be ready by now!
      –> I always portion or carve the pieces of goose shortly before serving, so that the interfaces do not become dry!

      I wish you good luck! Kind regards Thomas


  • Hello Thomas,

    great instructions, better than on TV.

    Goose worked out sensationally with side dishes and all the trimmings.

    Greetings Peter


    • Hello Peter,

      I am very pleased to hear from you.

      Thanks very much! Keep enjoying it!

      LG Thomas


  • Hi Thomas!

    Nice Recipe and perfect guide 🙂

    Real insider tip recipe and great instructions.

    Videos are well made with on-board tools and everything is perfectly prepared step by step.

    You have to come up with an idea like that – camera on your head as a chef, really brilliant.

    The goose is crispy and the sauce delicious. Thank you for the many tips.

    .-) Knutsen


    • Hello Knutsen,

      great name 🙂 Thank you for your detailed and positive message.

      That makes me happy when the roast goose has arrived on your table deliciously fine.

      Too bad, couldn't be there 🙂 would have liked to help you and eat with you.

      Kind regards,


      P.S. There is now an extra contribution to the goose sauce


  • Hello Thomas,

    I made a note of your recipe from last year and have already "practiced" it for the Martin season.

    The videos are really great, for me the best instructions ever.

    I can watch the 9 cooking videos super on my TV and the Youtube app 🙂

    Although it's been a year since the last Ganserl, everything worked perfectly with a little refresher.

    Thank you and best regards Barbara


    • Hello Barbara,

      of course I like to read feedback like this.

      I'm happy if the festive roast is a success for you and send you greetings!

      BR Thomas


  • Hello Thomas,

    Great 🙂

    A great description with very meaningful videos. Ordered a goose from the organic farmer and will try the recipe this weekend.

    I have 3 questions and I would really appreciate an answer:

    (1) Without much experience, I will certainly have difficulties in determining whether the goose is done. Can you also determine when the meat is perfect by measuring the temperature? Where would I have to measure and what temperature would be optimal?

    (2) As an apple variety, I have something sour in mind for the filling, such as Boskop – is that what you would use as a professional chef?

    (3) Since my 3 small children will also eat, I would replace the white wine in the red cabbage with vegetable broth – but you might have an even better tip for me in terms of taste.

    Even if you don't come to answer my questions, I am very happy about this promising recipe and thank you very much for your great effort!

    Pre-Christmas greetings, Robert


    • Hello Robert,


      thank you very much for your cooking questions and the positive feedback.

      I think I'm just in time to be in the kitchen with you. Here I whisper the cooking answers to you:

      1. Cooking question, when is the goose ready cooked:

      Please stick to the 170°-180°C (338-356°F) hot air and approx. 2-2.5 hours.
      It simply depends on the oven, as each appliance heats differently.

      —> Pricking the breast with a thin skewer is the best way for me to check if the goose is done.

      If clear juice escapes when you pierce, the goose is done.
      If the juice is still red, please continue cooking. Note that the legs always take a little longer…

      2. Cooking question about the type of apple with the roast goose:

      I like to use Elstar because Ms. Sixt particularly likes this type of apple, which is why we always have apples like this around.
      Boskop is okay too, mugwort would be great, you can buy it now and again in the supermarket.

      3. Cooking question Preparing red cabbage without red wine:

      We always had red cabbage with wine because the alcohol disappears during cooking.
      In any case, I don't think the homeopathic vibration of wine did me any harm.
      You could swap for balsamic vinegar or reduced grape juice or berry syrup, they taste delicious too.
      Just watch out for the sweetness, less is definitely more here!

      —-> Balance the rest with broth, that's right, I would do the same.

      Sending you the best regards from my kitchen, I'm about to finish cooking Boeuf bourguignon, that will come with a video next week… delicious… I promise!

      Kind regards and good luck!

      Thomas Sixt


  • Hi Thomas! Thanks for this service 🙂

    This dish takes a really long time in the kitchen.

    But every minute of it is worth it!

    We wanted to cook something very special – and with this dish we really succeeded! 🙂

    Great recipe, we can only recommend it!

    Every effort is worth it!!


    • Hello Claudia,

      thank you for the nice lines, that is of course absolutely correct! Kind regards,

      Thomas Sixt


  • Dear Thomas, I made your roast goose over the weekend and you won't believe how excited the whole family was! Thank you for this super recipe! PS: I think it's great that you also respond to your readers and suggest a vegetarian recipe. 🙂 We enjoyed it the classic way, but that's definitely going to be on our meal plan soon! Just great, especially because my youngest is a vegetarian and usually only eats the delicious side dishes… Kind regards, the Windhorst family


    • Hello Natalie, thank you! Your lines made me very happy. Precisely because your youngest now has more joy! Kind regards, Thomas Sixt


  • Hello Thomas, I would like to try your recipe soon… but I really don't like red cabbage. Can you give an alternative recommendation? I would be interested to know what the chef has for other ideas 😉 I'm looking forward to your answer, LG Mario


    • Hello Mario, thanks for your cooking question 🙂 Alternative side dishes instead of red cabbage: Brussels sprouts , savoy cabbage , salsify vegetables, pumpkin in the oven . Best regards and good luck! Thomas Sixt


  • I would also like to leave a comment: I think your instruction videos are just great! Always fun. Thanks for that, dear Thomas!


    • Hello Nadja, thank you, I am very happy, best regards Thomas Sixt


  • Hello Thomas!

    We just couldn't wait until Christmas to come up with this recipe!

    It was a dream! That was the second time we've cooked your roast goose.

    This time we really dared to create a complete menu.

    There was kale soup first and baked apples for dessert.

    The Christmas season has already been heralded for us!

    😀 We always enjoy cooking with you, Thomas! Keep it up.

    Merry Christmas, Mila


    • Hello Mila,

      thank you for this nice message.

      For all those reading along, here are the links to the kale soup

      and the baked apple again.

      Great Christmas menu idea 🙂

      Kind regards and Thomas Sixt wishes you continued success


  • Hello Mr. Sixt,

    on Sunday we had the festive goose, it was delicious and the instructions were excellent!

    However, on a day with so much preparation, it's pretty stressful – not for a chef, of course!

    Can you pre-cook the goose the day before or spread the cooking time over the day before?

    Are there any tricks?

    Please let me know! best regards Ulf Pusch


    • Hello Ulf,

      thank you for your positive message and the cooking question about preparing the goose the day before…

      I would rather prepare all the side dishes the day before and put the goose in the oven in the morning.

      Fresh goose is better than warmed up 🙂

      Kind regards, Thomas Sixt


  • The restaurant visit is cancelled, and thanks to Mr. Sixt there is still excellent cuisine. (Even if you are then responsible for how the goose tastes 😉 ) Thank you for bringing the culinary delights straight to our home!


    • Hi Back!

      You're welcome, best regards Thomas Sixt


  • I hope a simple thank you is enough! Great recipe, great instructions.


    • Dear Viktoria,

      short and positive comments make me very happy!

      Kind regards and thank you Thomas Sixt


  • Hi Hi Thomas,

    Sooooo crispy! So we really didn't expect that.

    The recipe and all the instructions were just great.

    We still rave about it to this day – and that certainly wasn't the last roast goose that we served this year.

    Greetings Lukas and Britta


    • Hello Britta and Lukas,


      thank you for the nice lines, I wish you both continued success!

      Kind regards,

      Thomas Sixt


  • Splendid! Thomas,

    you really meet our taste. Also these many alternatives that you offer.

    That's how everyone can be happy!

    We tried the cranberry compote instead of the cranberries…we love roast goose but it stole the show from all the side dishes on the table.

    So delicious. This will definitely become our side dish much more often with roasts.

    In addition to roast venison and goose, can you recommend anything else that this super delicious compote goes well with? 🙂

    Thank you and best regards


    • Hello Aleksandra,

      thank you very much for your super tasty message.

      How about a light and fine venison goulash in thyme stock

      or venison pepper

      … Kind regards, Thomas Sixt


  • With you we will become real star chefs! 🙂

    We would never have thought that such "difficult" recipes are actually not that difficult with the right instructions.

    And then, thanks to your funny videos, you always have a smile on your face while cooking.

    Fantastic! Thx Friedrich


    • Hello Friedrich,

      thank you for your wonderful message.

      Videos are now coming again, I'm preparing the classic Boeuf bourguignon.

      I wish you lots of fun in the kitchen and I look forward to good food with you 🙂

      LG Thomas Sixt


  • Hi Thomas

    Brilliant!! Recipe great to look and cook.

    BR Robin


    • Thanks!


  • Hello Thomas,

    our roast goose didn't look quite as nice as in your pictures and in your videos.

    But it always tasted just as good.

    And that's the main thing, isn't it?

    Nice that you can inspire so many people for such classics!

    5 stars for that, grin! Mechthild


    • Hi Back 🙂

      Thank you very much for your nice lines!

      Kind regards, Thomas Sixt


  • Hi Thomas!

    Goose, goose great our roast turned out, so we quickly write a thank you to Thomas for the many tips, photos and video cooking school!

    The goose sauce has become very fine.

    BR Sarah and Michael


    • Hi Together!

      Thank you two, keep up the good work.

      Feel free to contact us with cooking questions and kitchen gossip!

      LG Thomas Sixt


  • Hello Thomas,

    I discovered your instructions just in time for this year's marin goose season.

    Instead of boring TV programs, I watched your cooking videos and learned a lot.

    Thank you for the successful instructions, the many ideas from the kitchen and the tips for goose sauce and crispy goose.

    Greetings from Heinz


    • Hello Heinz,

      I am particularly pleased about such a message.

      I wish you continued success!

      Greetings Thomas Sixt


  • Hi Thomas,


    your videos are great, I watched them today on the TV via the YouTube app.

    Find the idea with the head camera is very successful.

    The steps for preparing the goose help me to put the perfect whole on the plate on Saturday.

    Greetings from Karl


    • Hello Karl,

      thank you for the nice lines and the compliment on the cooking show.

      I'm happy if the tips go down well and you bring a fine roast to the table.

      Enjoy your meal! If something doesn't turn out so well for you, feel free to write to me,

      I'll also answer cooking questions here!

      Kind regards, Thomas Sixt


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    this is Caro writing to you, 🙂 I really have a lot of cookbooks at home, there are about 300 of them.

    I have not found such detailed and clear instructions in any cookbook.

    I wonder why you don't have your own cooking show yet.

    Anyway I've been a real fan of your site for two weeks and I like the videos.

    So leave you a big compliment and I look forward to new suggestions from your kitchen.

    Thanks Caroline


    • Hello Caro,

      Nice to read from you 🙂

      I am particularly pleased when a cookbook collector writes a comment.

      I also collect, but two years ago I reduced my number to 150 books.

      With a heavy heart I gave away books that I "don't need".

      I'm still dreaming of digitizing the cookbooks because it's much more practical to search on the iPad and it's faster so there's more time to cook.

      But the dear colleagues do a lot for the boiling fan base, you have to say.

      If you're on TV 2-3 times a week, you don't have the time to write recipes.

      Alfons' Bavarian cookbook is still on my shelf – there are real memories attached to it.

      Goose and duck always tasted best at Alfons Schuhbeck's and that's where I learned how to cook sauce.

      The one with the cooking television, I don't know either? Headcam Cooking was on Viennese city television for 3 years.

      Also, I like this Youtube, the videos can stay there and help if people are looking for it.

      —> My small contribution to good food! Thanks for your compliments and have fun browsing,
      so let's not forget the roast in the oven, after all we want to put good food on the table!

      Kind regards, Thomas Sixt


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    brilliant recipe, just right again right now.

    Thanks for the detailed instructions!

    Kind regards Bert


    • Hello Bert, I'm happy, I wish you the best of luck! Greetings Thomas Sixt


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    great cooking service 🙂

    your goose sauce was delicious.

    I cooked the sauce and goose your way for the first time yesterday on Saturday.

    Everything worked great, thanks for the instructions and the video.

    How would you make the sauce sweeter? Thanks! Ruth


    • Hello Ruth,


      I am very pleased to hear from you.

      Straight to your cooking question:

      You can carefully refine the sauce with

      —> Cranberry compote ,

      —> Quince jelly ,

      cowberries or

      —> Red currant jam.


      Thomas from the kitchen sends you lots of love and good luck!


      • Hello Thomas,

        great 🙂

        thank you for answering my cooking question, this is great.

        Kind regards Ruth


        • Hello Ruth,


          you're welcome, enjoy it!

          Warm greetings! Thomas


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    Thanks for the opportunities you provide here and the excellent cooking instructions.

    last Friday we decided to make a roast goose.

    We found your website in the afternoon and think the content is great.

    Cooked the goose with side dishes exactly according to your recipe and the cooking videos, it was just good.

    The sauce is really a dream.

    Greetings Jürgen and Karin


    • Hello Jürgen and Karin,

      I am very happy, please contact me with cooking questions 🙂 if I forgot something in the recipe or a new idea comes up.

      Kind regards, Thomas Sixt


  • Hello Mr. Sixt,

    🙂 thank you for the brilliant instructions.. the tips for the sauce and crispy goose skin.

    No question remains unanswered!

    Excellent Recipe and service!

    Kind regards, Linda Kleiner

    P.S. This is a perfect guide for New York Times Cooking Tip!
    I have never seen such a great detailed tutorial before 🙂


    • Hello Linda,

      I really enjoyed doing that.

      Have fun stirring in the pot and good luck!

      Greetings Thomas


  • Hello Mr. Sixt,

    thank you for the video instructions for roasting goose.

    Great recipe, great tips and wonderfully prepared and conveyed.

    Greetings from Albrecht


    • Hello Albrecht,


      thanks for the nice message, I wish you the best of luck!

      Greetings Thomas Sixt


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    This is the most ingenious guide to roasting goose that I have ever read.

    The videos are super enjoyable and Thomas Sixt gets to the heart of his expertise in a charming way.

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    • Hello Iso,

      ohhh thank you very much for this wonderful message, I am very, very happy.

      Wish you good luck, may your roast succeed!

      Kind regards, Thomas Sixt


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    We will toast to you on Saturday, our wedding anniversary, and enjoy your menu! Greetings Ingo and Christa


    • Hello, everyone!

      Thank you for your message and the compliments.

      If I can contribute to a great wedding day with the menu, that's good karma 🙂

      I wish you every success and wish you continued success in the kitchen and at the table together!

      Greetings Thomas Sixt


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    Especially your tips on goose sauce helped me a lot. Boiling the bones conjured up an incredibly fine sauce on our plate.

    The goose was also super crispy, which means that in the next round the goose is cut up again in the morning and then goes onto the baking sheet according to your instructions.

    Thank you very much Greetings Helm


    • Hello Helm,

      🙂 NICE 🙂

      thank you for your message and the compliments!

      I'm just happy when the tips arrive in your kitchen and work. Feel free to contact us with cooking questions.

      I look forward to hearing from you again!

      Kind regards Thomas Sixt


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    just discovered your recipe on pinterest, respect!

    The videos are great and the instructions are first class.

    There is a 5 star rating from me!

    🙂 Greetings Roland


    • Thanks Roland, 🙂 keep up the good work!


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      BR Thomas


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    On Friday I will go into the kitchen a third time and am already looking forward to the end result.

    Today I also found mugwort in the supermarket and this year it is preferred for the filling.

    Kind regards Gerhard


    • Servus Gerhard,

      I'm particularly happy about such a message, enjoy it.

      Greetings Thomas 🙂


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    this recipe is well described and the videos are wonderful.

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    • Servus Momo,

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      I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your comment.

      Greetings Thomas