Roast Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Chefs Variants

Brussels sprouts fry

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Now comes my great Roast Brussels Sprouts Recipe. Prepare the autumn and winter vegetables in a simple way excellent and tasty, that’s what this post is about.

So you may not know the green cabbage buds yet! I show you how to become a vegetable fan through this wonderful preparation.

The dish is vegetarian, quick and easy to make. So your dinner will be light and healthy, because Brussels sprouts are as digestible as a light diet.

I bet with you, with this food you will inspire even your children and grandchildren: guaranteed beaming at the little ones and no facial acrobatics 😉

The preparation is nimble and we can also start right away. Off to the kitchen, the food does not cook itself.

1. Recipe Roast Brussels Sprouts

Below you will find the photo steps and all the info.

In the final I still have a fine secret ingredient saved, you will find this …

Mhhh delicious… wish you good luck and look forward to questions via the comment function.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Mashed Potatoes

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 539
Total Time 35 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 20 Min.

Simple guide for preparing Brussels sprouts.

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Brussels sprouts fry
Roast Brussels Sprouts Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Mashed Potatoes

300 g Potatoes (I use a floury cooking variety.)
100 ml Cream (or soy cream)
25-50 g butter

Brussels Sprouts

500 g Brussels sprouts
2 pinches Cayenne pepper
2 pinches nutmeg
3 tbs Rapeseed oil (or sun flower oil)
40 g butter


1-2 tsp truffle oil
some Saffron threads (my secret ingredient!)
1 bunch rungs (chervil harmonises with truffle oil)


Peeling Brussels sprouts
You can spread Brussels sprouts whole, halved or flaky and serve. © Food photographer Thomas Sixt

Peel sprouts

Peel Brussels sprouts:

Cut the style with a vegetable knife and remove the outer leaves.

Cut the cabbage florets in half.

Blanch the Brussels sprouts
Sprouts on a colander after cooking.

Cooking sprouts

Bring a pot to the boil with 1 litre of water and a teaspoon of salt.

Add the cabbage florets to the boiling water and cook for about 5 minutes.

Then drain the cabbage in a sieve and dip briefly in cold ice water.

The green colour is thus retained.

Remove from the ice water and drain well again.

Heat pan

Heat a pan with a good 3 EL rapeseed oil.

Pour the cabbage sprouts into the hot pan.

Add the butter.

Fry Brussel sprouts

Turn the cabbage florets into the pan so that the flat side of the cut half lies on the bottom of the pan.

Fry Brussels sprouts
Fried Brussels sprouts in the pan, the flavors will delight you!

Roast Sprouts

Roast the florets vigorously.

The florets may take on a strong brown roasting colour.

Fry Brussels sprouts
Roast Brussels sprouts recipe and serve deliciously with mashed potatoes.

Arrange plate

Arrange the cabbage florets on the heated plate together with the mashed potatoes.

Garnish with a few sprouts or saffron threads and some truffle oil.

Enjoy your meal!


2. Calories and Nutritional values at a glance

3. Delicious Brussels sprouts fry preparation, a small overview

Brussels cabbage is usually first blanched and then served with cream, bacon cream or with butter crumbs.

From the classic cuisine we know as an accompaniment the béchamel sauce and the sauce Mornay, which is a sauce béchamel with cheese.

The fine vegetable sprouts have many followers among raw food fans, about the Brussels sprouts salad I will report elsewhere.

Then I would like to mention the baked variants! The previously cooked cabbage can be wonderfully prepared as a Brussels sprout casserole in the oven.

My favorite variation is the caramelized Brussels sprouts. Before roasting, the cabbage still needs to do a free float in the boiling water, it’s the only way to get them on the plate palate-pleasing.

So let’s start with the basic preparation….

Roast Brussels sprouts – you’ll be licking your fingers for them!

Says chef Thomas Sixt
Roasted cabbage sprouts with mashed potatoes
Caramelized Brussels sprouts with fine mashed potatoes

4. Brussels Sprouts Fry but Boil First

First things first! Please do not keep the green vegetables warm for too long, because otherwise the gray shadow will come over the heads.

In other words, cooks blanch the cleaned sprouts either whole or cut into leaves.

The vegetables, cooked al dente, may then be put into ice water to cool down.

Cook vegetables in boiling salted water until al dente, then put into ice water. This preserves the green color! After cooling, you can process the sprouts as you like!

Chef Thomas Sixt about the thing with blanching vegetables

Cabbage vegetables better to boil and not steam! Reason: The irritating substances are lost and the vegetables are more digestible!

Peeling Brussels sprouts
You can spread Brussels sprouts whole, halved or flaky and serve. © Food photographer Thomas Sixt

Brussels sprouts like grandmother

In traditional cooking, grandma peeled the Brussels sprouts, that is, cut the style and removed outer, wilted leaves. Then she slit the stalk crosswise.

Prepare cabbage sprouts whole: Please cut the stem, so the sprouts cook evenly!

Cooking vegetables evenly Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

Thus prepared, the cabbage was boiled in abundant salted water and then drained into a colander.

A quick quench under cold water and the cabbage was then ready.

Blanch the Brussels sprouts
Sprouts on a colander after cooking.

When grandma was in a good mood, she added butter and some grated nutmeg.

I see you smiling – I think you know it that way too!

5. Tips for Cooking Brussels Sprouts and Brussels sprouts leaves

The cooking time of the green heads is different for each variant. To be sure, here is my sprouts list….

Brussels sprouts cooked whole (traditional) –> takes about 10 minutes.
Cabbage florets halved –> cook in salted water for about 5-7 minutes, then put in an ice bath.
Brussels sprouts leaves –> boil in salted water for 2-3 minutes, then put in an ice bath!

6. Brussels Sprouts Fry and Caramelize you do in the Pan

It is not an invention of modern times and yet in many circles it has only been known for a short time.

The roasted Brussels sprout tastes delicious because great flavors are formed during roasting: Sweet from the roasting and slightly bitter from the Brussels sprouts themselves.

Prepare the sprouted cabbage for this, cut in half and blanch, then immediately fry in a pan with a little butter.

Fry Brussels sprouts
Fried Brussels sprouts in the pan, the flavors will delight you!

7. Gourmet Variant of Brussels Sprouts

For the connoisseurs and gourmets…

The gourmet version goes as follows:

Now you can prepare several variants:

Gentle variant: –> Sauté briefly in foamed butter and heat.
Charismatic variant: –> Toss in brown butter and heat.
Powerful variant: –> Finish with bacon cream sauce.

All variations please season with salt, pepper, nutmeg and cayenne pepper.

Brussels sprouts leaves
Brussels sprout leaves are an exciting component of a healthy salad

8. Vegetarian Main Course with Brussels Sprouts

I like my Brussels sprouts dish vegetarian and pure. This is a fine dinner for me and the cabbage itself tastes highly exciting through my preparation.

Roasted Brussels sprouts and homemade mashed potatoes…. This is a wonderful soul food and is good for body and soul!

Prepare fresh mashed potatoes:

Prepare potatoes: –> Peel floury potatoes and cut into small pieces.
Boil potatoes: –> Cook in a pot covered with salted water until soft.
Drain: –> Drain the water and return the potatoes to the pot.
Seasoning: –> Add cream, butter, salt, pepper and some finely grated nutmeg.
Whip: –> Whip with a hand mixer (whisk) until fluffy.

That’s all it takes for me. You’re hungry for meat and want meatballs or Nuremberg bratwurst – whatever, it’s your food 😉

Voll dekadent: Du gibst vor dem Servieren noch etwas weißes Trüffelöl zum Püree.

Kleinen Luxus zelebrieren Tipp von Koch Thomas Sixt
Mashed potatoes recipe image
Mashed Potatoes Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

9. What Does the Brussels Sprouts go with?

For a great vegetable side dish, serve cabbage and mashed potatoes with the following dishes:

10. More ideas for your vegetable kitchen

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