Grilling Lamb Shanks, the Recipe with Smoking in the Oven

Lamb shank grilled recipe image

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Grilling lamb shanks, that’s what this post is about. I have bought frozen New Zealand lamb shanks and come up with a new preparation variant.

Grilling is a beautiful thing, I also like to do it in the oven. I find grilling shanks in the garden too time-consuming, so we need a new method for the oven that produces similar flavor.

For me, a fine sauce belongs to a good lamb dish. Since I grill and smoke the shanks anyway, the tomatoes may also in the smoke. In addition to the smoke charcoal, spruce needles are used this time. Exciting side effect: tomatoes with smoke flavor taste delicious and the sauce is a blast!

Plan on at least one hock per head for this dish, figure on 30 minutes of prep time and a good two hours of oven time. Then you can present a lamb dish prepared at its finest.

The following instructions with step by step photos and cooking video will accompany you in your kitchen if desired. Have fun and good luck!

1. Recipe Grilling Lamb Shanks

Here follows immediately the photo instructions. After the recipe you will find a gallery and more tips and ideas for your kitchen.

Grilling lamb shanks

Guidance with translation from chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 296
Total Time 150 Min.
Preparation Time 30 Min.
Cook Time 120 Min.

I show you how to grill and smoke lamb shanks in this post with exact photo instructions and cooking video.

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Lamb shank grilled recipe image
Lamb shank grilled recipe image


2 pc lamb shank
4 pc glove of garlic
1 pc fresh lemon
1/2 tsp primal salt
6 pinches black ground pepper
4 pinches chili flakes
1 bunch fresh thyme
1 bunch leaves of sage
1 bunch Bay leaf
1 tsp Olive oil
2 pinches brown sugar
4 pc tomato


Grilled lamb shanks Ingredients
Grilled lamb shanks Ingredients

Prepare ingredients

Put all the ingredients in the kitchen already. You will also need a roaster with a lid, a blender and a mortar.

Preheat oven at 220°C hot air and insert a grid in the middle.

Fresh Lamb shanks
Lamb shanks freshly in the kitchen.

Prepare lamb shanks

Wash the lamb shanks, dry them and get them ready on the cutting board.

Lamb shanks with lemon zest
Lamb shanks with lemon zest

Flavor knuckles

Season the shanks with finely grated lemon peel.

Seasoned lamb shanks
Seasoned lamb shanks

Season knuckles

Season the shanks with salt, pepper and chili flakes.

I like to do this on a baking paper.

Herbs prepared in the roaster
Herbs prepared in the roaster

Prepare herb bed

Cover one side of the roaster with half of the fresh herbs.

Seasoned lamb shanks in the roaster
Seasoned lamb shanks in the roaster

Pickle lamb shanks

Place the seasoned lamb shanks on top of the herbs in the roaster.

Lamb shanks oven ready
Lamb shanks oven ready

Supplement tomatoes

Cut off tomato lids and place tomatoes in roasting pan.

Season tomato cut surfaces generously with salt, pepper, chili and sugar.

Replace tomato lids, preferably with panicle.

Peel the garlic or place the cloves halved with peel in the roaster.

Put the rest of the herbs on the axes and put the roaster in the oven.

Set the kitchen alarm clock for 45 minutes.

Short grilled seared lamb shanks
Grilled lamb shanks sautéed at high heat in a roaster.

Check Cooking Degree

After about 45 minutes, check the hachs, if necessary reduce the temperature slightly.

Leave the hachs in the oven for another 45 minutes and grill until crispy.

Smoking charcoal in roaster
Smoking charcoal in roaster

Place charcoal

Remove roaster from oven and place smoker charcoal in a clear spot on a strip of aluminum foil in roaster.

Smoking charcoal with spruce needles
Smoking charcoal lit with spruce needles

Prepare smoking

Ignite the smoking charcoal and let it glow for about 4 minutes, then put on the spruce needles.

Smoke lamb shanks
Smoke lamb shanks

Smoke knuckles

Wait for the smoke to develop, then place the lid on the roaster, leaving a gap open.

Put the roaster in the oven again for 15 minutes.

Sauce ingredients in blender
Sauce ingredients in blender

Remove sauce ingredients

Remove the roaster from the oven again and remove the lid.

Put the tomatoes and garlic in the blender with the resulting juices.

In the meantime, keep the shanks warm in the oven.

Heat plates for serving.

Mixed sauce ingredients
Mixed sauce ingredients

Mix sauce

Blend the sauce ingredients, season with salt, pepper, sugar.

Strain sauce
Pass sauce for grilled lamb

Strain sauce

Pass the sauce through a fine hair sieve. Pour smoked tomato sauce into a saucepan and reduce to taste, thicken or leave.

Lamb shanks on the cutting board
Grilled lamb shanks on the cutting board.

Carve lamb shanks

Place the grilled lamb shanks on a cutting board and carve.

Lamb shanks grill recipe image
Lamb shank recipe image, close up © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer.

Arrange lamb shanks

Arrange the lamb in the center of plates. I cooked simple parsley potatoes as a side dish and put them with it.

Pour the hot sauce on the plate and serve quickly.

I wish you a good appetite!



I used a piece of smoking charcoal and a tablespoon of spruce needles to smoke the lamb shanks

2. Calories and Nutritional Values Grilled Lamb Shank

3. Side Dish Ideas for Lamb Shanks

Combine the following side dishes and additions according to season and gusto:

–> Wild garlic pesto, pesto genovese or carrot green pesto.

–> Oven baked sweet potatoes or plain baked potatoes go well with this.

–> Potato gratin and bacon beans are a nice combination.

–> Fried potatoes or potato pancakes harmonize excellently with the salmon.

–> Roast peppers, ratatouille and oven vegetables create a Mediterranean dish.

–> Fennel vegetables or zucchini vegetables are equally fine.

–> Vegetable rice, tomato rice, saffron risotto or porcini mushroom risotto are an excellent match.

Salad is usually rarely eaten with lamb, but served separately there is nothing wrong with it.
Lamb dishes should always be served very hot and on hot plates.

4. Gallery Lamb Shanks Grill

5. More matching ideas

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