You must Know this Ingenious Tomato Sauce Recipe!

You must know this ingenious tomato sauce recipe!

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The top simple and fine tomato sauce recipe you will find in this article.

For this I have used fresh Marmande tomatoes from Spain.

You can use any other type of tomato or even exceptionally put canned tomatoes in the pot 🙂

Right up front, the most important tip: I always season my tomato sauce with soy sauce.

Personally, I use Tamari, which is naturally brewed soy sauce without wheat and gluten.

Please remember this sauce secret tip and try this out. Yum! Promise!

The instructions with step by step photos and cooking video accompany you on request in your kitchen.

Have fun and good luck.

1. Recipe Tomato Sauce

Here follows the instructions.

Please note the following tips and ideas for buying the ingredients.

Tomato Sauce

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 240
Total Time 30 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 20 Min.

Simple guide to prepare ingenious tomato sauce with secret ingredient.

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You must know this ingenious tomato sauce recipe!
Tomato sauce dressed with spaghetti and herbs. Recipe image © Thomas Sixt


4 pc clove of garlic
1 tbs Olive oil
1 kg tomato
1/2 tsp primal salt
1 tbs Tamari
6 pinches black ground pepper
1 tbs brown cane sugar
1 tbs majoram
1 tbs thyme
2 pinches chili flakes
1 tbs tomato paste
1 tbs butter


Tomato sauce ingredients
Ingredients for the tomato sauce

Prepare ingredients

Get the ingredients ready in the kitchen.

Garlic cloves with salt
Garlic cloves with salt

Garlic peel

Remove the garlic cloves from the bulb and peel them.

Garlic cloves with salt
Garlic cloves with salt

Garlic salt

Sprinkle the garlic cloves with salt so that they do not develop a bitter taste when chopped.

Chop garlic
Chopped fresh garlic on the cutting board.

Chop garlic

Chop garlic into small pieces, I use a cleaver for this.

Chopped garlic olive oil
Chopped garlic with olive oil

Garlic cubes pot

Put garlic in the pot with olive oil and get ready on the stove.

Halve tomatoes
Halved tomatoes on the kitchen board

Halve tomatoes

Cut the tomatoes in half.

Cut the tomatoes in half cleverly so that the stem end remains only on one tomato half.

Cut out stem approaches of tomatoes
Cutting out the bases of the stems of tomatoes

Prepare tomatoes

Cut out the stem ends of the tomatoes.

Chopped fresh Marmande tomatoes
Marmande tomatoes while cutting on the kitchen board.

Cut tomatoes

Cut the tomato halves into small pieces.

Roast chopped garlic
Roast garlic cubes

Roast garlic

Sauté the garlic in the pot and let it take a light brown color.

Add sliced tomatoes to the pot
Add the sliced tomatoes to the pot

Add tomatoes

Add the tomatoes to the pot.

Season with salt, pepper, sugar, chili, thyme and marjoram and tamari.

Boil tomatoes in pot
Boil the tomatoes in the pot

Cook tomatoes

Cook the tomatoes over high heat on the stove, stirring constantly.

Parmesan finely grated
Fresh and finely grated Parmesan cheese in a bowl.

Prepare cheese

Finely grate the Parmasan cheese and place in a bowl ready.

Tomato paste in a small bowl.

Supplement tomato paste

After 10 minutes of cooking, add the tomato paste to the pot and stir. The sauce binds.

Cook spaghetti
Cook spaghetti

Cook pasta

Boil cooking water for pasta, season with salt and olive oil.

Put the spaghetti and cook until well al dente.

Tomato sauce with butter
Tomato sauce with butter

Refine tomato sauce

Add butter to the tomato sauce and season to taste.

Basil leaves on a board.
Basil leaves plucked.

Prepare herbs

Pluck basil and optional parsley and finely cut into strips.

mix tomato sauce with pasta carefully
mix tomato sauce with pasta carefully

Mix pasta

Drain the spaghetti, drain well and add to the tomato sauce.

Mix the pasta well with the sauce.

You must know this ingenious tomato sauce recipe!
Tomato sauce dressed with spaghetti and herbs. Recipe image © Thomas Sixt

Arrange dish

Prepare hot plates and turn up the pasta with a meat fork and ladle and direct it onto the plate.

Decorate with Parmesan cheese and herbs.

Pour some cold olive oil on the pasta and serve quickly.

I wish you a good appetite!

Pasta plate after dinner
Pasta plate after dinner

Washing up

Do not forget the dishes 🙂 Please write me a comment or gladly a cooking question!


I didn’t include the spaghetti in the ingredients and cooked 250g of pasta.

2. Calories and Nutritional Values

3. Cooking Tips for Tomato Sauce

I already described the secret ingredient Tamari in the introduction. Here are some more tips:

-> The typical Italian tomato sauce flavor comes from the light brown roasted garlic.

-> Marmande tomatoes are particularly fleshy tomatoes, tasty a blast and when I get these I grab.

-> The preparation works just as well with other types of tomatoes or canned tomatoes.

-> If you use tomatoes on the vine, then cook the panicles in the sauce, that gives flavor.

-> With canned tomatoes I prefer tomatoes whole, I crush the tomatoes as needed for a nice overall look.

-> With canned tomatoes you halve the preparation time of the sauce.

-> I prefer thyme, marjoram or oregano as herb base. Please use herbs of Provence only sparingly.

-> The sauce basically does not need wine. You can supplement with dry red wine or white wine or Prosecco.

-> The tomato paste provides the binding of the sauce and gives a deep flavor.

-> I usually add fresh herbs only at the end, so the green color is preserved.

-> Cook the pasta at the variants, mix with sauce a little more al dente. The hot sauce cooks the pasta.

-> Drain the pasta carefully, otherwise you will dilute the sauce when mixing.

-> I usually add fresh herbs at the end to preserve the green color.

-> Tamari and soy sauce are the new trendy seasoning for tomato sauce. The addition strengthens umami and boosts the taste.

Marmande Tomatoes
Marmande Tomatoes from Spain.

4. Images Gallery How to Prepare Tomato Sauce

I have compiled the photos from the shoot into a gallery for you to enjoy.

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