Sauce for Duck Breast

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Sauce with duck breast and fast roasted duck leg? After I showed you the duck breast roast already in another place I supply you today still with some sauce tips to briefly roasted duck pieces. Sometimes I dream of the delicious duck à l’orange after Paul Bocuse and of the duck sauce with apple juice after Hans Haas from the Munich Tantris. The crispy duck breast is one of my favourite dishes, my sauce tips will help you with the sauce magic!

1. Duck Breast Sauce, so the quick Sauce succeeds

Since the carcasses for the following sauce cooking are missing with the duck breast roast, another solution must be found for a quick sauce to the duck breast. Here are my simple suggestions:

2. Duck Sauce à l`Orange – Duck with Orange Sauce

Peel an 0range and prepare orange filets, collect the juice. Remove the crispy roasted duck breast from the pan and keep it warm wrapped in aluminium foil. Remove half of the duck fat from the pan. Deglaze the rest of the set + duck fat with some white wine and orange juice and reduce by half. Season to taste with salt and pepper and mix with a little butter. The butter is additional fat, but makes the sauce soft and pleasant on the palate. Heat the orange fillets in the sauce shortly before serving.  
duck al orange a classic of fine gourmet cuisine here with gnocchi side dishes
Duck à l`Orange this sauce fits also to the goose leg!Here the videos for peeling orange and filleting orange – at the end there are great orange fillets for your duck sauce à l`Orange.Peel oranges to prepare orange fillets:Video peeled oranges fillet for beautiful orange fillets:

3. Duck Sauce with Roast Juice and Veal Stock

Remove the duck breast from the pan and let it rest briefly in aluminium foil. Pour a glass of veal stock into the pan and reduce to the desired consistency. Whip with butter and thicken, season with salt and pepper, serve quickly.

4. Duck Breast with Roast Juice and Stock Cubes

A tricky thing because I’m chatting out of the big bag of tricks here: Take the duck breast out of the pan and let it rest in aluminium foil. Deglaze the frying set with 150 ml strong red wine, add 40 g butter, add 1/2 chicken stock cube or gravy cube crumbled, season with salt and pepper and boil down to the desired consistency.
crispy duck breast with gravy
A picture from my first cookbook – The minute cook tastes faster. Duck breast with simple side dishes and sauce.

5. Duck Breast with Cream Sauce

Remove the duck breast from the pan and let it rest briefly wrapped in aluminium foil. Deglaze the set with 80 ml dry white wine, add 150 ml cream and 40 g butter and 1/2 piece chicken stock cubes crumbled, season with salt and pepper and reduce to the desired consistency. This sauce can be refined with truffle oil, porcini mushrooms, fried mushrooms, morels and green asparagus tips, peppercorns and a little cognac or modified as desired.

6. Duck Breast with Honey-Soy Sauce

Now it’s off to an exotic start: Remove the duck breast from the pan and let it rest briefly in aluminium foil. Add a tablespoon of honey to the pan. Leave to caramelize at high heat. Deglaze with 80 ml dry white wine and add a small piece of ginger. Reduce the sauce to the desired consistency. Season with soy sauce and young onions cut into fine strips and some chilli. Tip: If you don’t like honey, use brown sugar for the preparation.
duck breast crispy with honey soy sauce - delicious recipe from Chinese cuisine.
Exotic variety – duck breast with Chinese honey sauce.

7. Recipes with Duck Breast

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