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Asia, USA, Italy, Spain and Germany: Other countries, other cuisine and recipe ideas. Here you will find recipes sorted by countries and regions. Exotic ingredients and spices enrich our cuisine. Discover and enjoy!

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American cuisine and recipes
The cuisine of the USA shows a delicious variety.

American Recipes

The USA Recipes Collection lets you experience the world of the North and South.

I like juicy burgers, selected for grilling and love NY cheesecake for dessert! Let yourself be seduced 🙂

American Recipes

Asian Cuisine

I like the different cuisines of Asia because of the variety of flavors and delicious ingredients. Much of it is gluten-free and therefore more digestible. Discover Thai basil and colorful sesame seeds for your kitchen 🙂

Asian Recipes

Asian cuisine and recipes category image
The cuisine of Asia always provides an excellent taste experience.
Bavarian cuisine and recipes category picture
Specialties from Bavaria are popular all over the world.

Bavarian Cuisine

I was born in Bavaria and learned the cooking trade here. The recipes of my homeland I present you especially with pleasure.

Bavarian Recipes

German Cuisine

From north to south, from west to east. German cuisine has been shaped by immigrants over centuries and offers many culinary highlights. Meat loaf, Köngisberger Klopse or Fleischpflanzerl fancy? It’s sure to be fine!

German Recipes

German cuisine and recipes
Traditional German cuisine is down-to-earth, delicious and simple.
French cuisine and recipes category image
Typical French tartes prepared for afternoon coffee.

French Recipes

France is the country of great chefs: Auguste Escoffier, Fernand Point, Joel Robuchon, Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse are well known names among connoisseurs. The cuisine of France is fine and mature. Some recipes from my wandering time as a cook I present to you in this category.

French Recipes

Indian Cuisine and Recipes

I find Indian cuisine fascinating. The menu in the Indian restaurant is honestly equivalent to a wedding dinner. On site it is even more authentic, the cooking often takes place directly on the street. I could see this in Nepal and India where I was allowed to cook several times while visiting. Namaste!

Discover Indian Recipes!

Indian cuisine and recipes category picture
Indian cuisine and recipes are a spicy experience.
Italian cuisine and recipes category image
The cooking recipes from Italy are popular all over the world.

Italian Recipes

Everything tastes good in Italy. The pizza, the pasta, the dolce, maybe it’s the weather, the nice people or the good air? The most beautiful Italy for me is the region around Venice. I love the fresh seafood that is served there simply and traditionally. Every dish reminds me of this taste of sea and herbs.

Italian Recipes

Mediterranean Cuisine

I like this term because it immediately reminds me of lavender scent and warm weather.

This category is also practical, here you can sensibly combine recipes from different Mediterranean regions. This creates a great overview and certainly makes you want more!

Mediterranean Cuisine and Recipes

Mediterranean cuisine and recipes category image
Mediterranean cuisine reminds us of the vacation