How to Fry Salmon

fry salmon
In this article, chef Thomas Sixt shows you how to fry salmon.

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The salmon fry I show you in this post step by step. Of course I mean a prepared and portioned salmon fillet, the whole fish would be just too big for the pan!

Salmon fillet in one piece is usually sold with skin. Removing salmon skin or skinning salmon I have already published elsewhere in the cooking school.

Pan or grill, you can choose yourself, the steps are similar and succeed easily. Good luck!

Step 1: Dry Portioned Salmon Fillet

If your fish fillet is still with skin in the kitchen, quickly switch to the post skinning salmon and then please come back to the stove 🙂

Dry salmon before frying
Dry the salmon fillet

Step 2: Put the Fish in the Pan for Frying

Heat a pan, add a little oil to the pan, place the salmon fillet in the pan.

Put salmon in the hot pan
Sauté salmon fillet in hot pan

Step 3: Fry Salmon

Sear the salmon fillet on all sides, I like to add some thyme.

Fry salmon with thyme
Fry salmon with thyme

Step 4: Add Butter

Before serving, place the pan next to the stove ready and after a few minutes add butter to the pan. Season salmon fillet and butter with salt and pepper, drizzle butter over fish fillet with a spoon.

Salmon fry with butter
Salmon fillet fried with butter in the pan.

Step 5: Arrange Fried Salmon

Arrange the salmon fillet on hot plates and serve with side dishes of your choice.

fry salmon
Fried salmon fillet dressed

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