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I show you my Tiramisu recipe in this post. The classic Italian dessert is very high on the popularity scale of the international fan community and is showered with praise.

“Tireme su”(dialect from Triviso) or “Tirami su” (pull me up) means: cheer me up and my soul. The word Tiramisù is said to be the second most used Italian word in the world. The positive effect of the dessert can be attributed to the high proportion of strong coffee combined with sugar and egg. After enjoying it, you can definitely expect a flight of fancy.

Today we want to take a close look at the classic preparation variant with egg, sugar, mascarpone, coffee and cocoa, and bring a reliable variant of dolce italiano to the table.

Have fun and good luck!

1. Recipe Tiramisu


Guidance and translation from chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 826
Total Time 30 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.

This article shows you how to prepare tiramisu according to the classic Italian recipe with egg.

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Tiramisu recipe image
Tiramisu recipe image © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer


4 pc eggs
1 pinches primal salt
200 g iced sugar
500 g Mascarpone
500 g ladyfinger biscuit
300 ml strong espresso
100 g dark chocolate
60 g Cocoa
etwas fresh mint



Prepare ingredients

Get the ingredients ready in the kitchen.

The eggs should come from the refrigerator!

Prepare espresso with the machine and cool.

Egg whites and yolks in bowls
Egg whites and yolks in bowls

Prepare eggs

Separate three eggs, put the fourth egg extra ready.

Beat egg whites to egg whites
Beat egg whites to egg whites

Prepare beaten egg whites

Beat egg whites and a pinch of salt with a hand mixer, whisk.

Whipped egg whites
Whipped egg whites

Beat egg whites

Beat egg whites until almost stiff peaks form and refrigerate.

Egg yolk and powdered sugar
Egg yolks and powdered sugar.

Prepare base mass

Place egg yolks in a bowl with the whole, beaten egg and add the powdered sugar.

Stir egg yolk and powdered sugar
Stir egg yolk and powdered sugar

Whisk eggs

Beat powdered sugar and eggs with mixer, whisk 4 minutes.

Mascarpone to the tiramisu mass
Mascarpone to the tiramisu mass

Supplement mascarpone

Add the mascarpone to the egg mixture and mix.

Whipped egg whites to the tiramisu mixture
Whipped egg whites to the tiramisu mixture

Supplement beaten egg whites

Add beaten egg whites to egg-mascarpone mixture.

Tiramisu cream mass made ready
Tiramisu cream mass made ready

Finish filling mass

Fold in beaten egg whites with a pastry spatula.

Get the mixture ready to pour in the mascarpone.

Spoon cookie insert
Spoon cookie insert

Insert ladyfingers

Place ladyfingers in a suitable mold and pour cold espresso over them.

The sponge cake must always be soaked.

Spoon sponge cake layers
Spoon sponge cake into the mold

Fill tiramisu

Pour in the prepared mascarpone cream and optionally grate chocolate to it.

Add more layers of sponge cake and pour espresso again.

Fill the cookies soaked with coffee again with mascarpone cream.

Tiramisu filled in
Tiramisu filled in

Cold set

Finish the mold with mascarpone cream.

Put filled tiramisù in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours, better 12 hours.

Tiramisu with cocoa
Tiramisu with cocoa

Supplement cocoa

Sprinkle the tiramisu with cocoa just before serving.

Tiramisu recipe image
Tiramisu recipe image © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer


Arrange the tiramisu and decorate with mint.

Tiramisu on plate close up
Tiramisu on plate close up


Serve quickly, I wish you a good appetite and enjoy!


Amount of sugar:

Traditional recipes from the 50s and 60s contain up to 300 g of powdered sugar in the basic recipe.

You can adjust the amount of sugar to your own taste.

2. Nutritional Values and Calories

3. Tips Around the Tiramisu

Some tips about the preparation and ingredients can be found in the following paragraphs:

Important note on the risk of salmonella:

Please note these points:

–> Use fresh, cooled eggs.

–> Always keep the tiramisu cool.

–> Transport in the thermo box.

–> Do not leave tiramisu at the buffet for hours.

The basic problem of salmonella is eggs and sugar in combination with heat. If you leave the prepared dessert for more than 3-6 hours at summer temperatures, a salmonella nest may develop.

The “Salmos” feel at home in the warm weather in the creamy and sweet environment and multiply abruptly.

Fresh ingredients and clean workmanship, serving in portions and immediately chilling the tiramisu again prevents problems with salmonella.

Tiramisu Salmonella Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

3.1 What Ladyfingers?

Firmer ladyfingers, traditional Savoiardi or finer and crispier Pavesini are the right choice.

Very dry cookies that quickly become soggy should be avoided.

This is not always easy with products from German supermarkets.

Tip: Put the cookies in, then slowly pour espresso evenly over them. The cookie should just soak up nicely.

3.2 The Right Coffee

Strong espresso from the coffee machine is the first choice. Alternatively, you can prepare and use a thick coffee in the caffettiera.

Coffee beans
Espresso beans make your coffee cream delicious.

3.3 Mascarpone

Use traditionally made mascarpone for an authentic taste experience. I personally like to use Italian brand products.

3.4 Alkohol

Traditional recipes from Treviso and Tolmezzo do not contain alcohol.

There is nothing to be said against adding 1-2 teaspoons of Amaretto (Lombard liqueur made from bitter almonds) or Marsala (Sicilian liqueur wine) to the coffee, and it is up to your taste.

3.4 Egg Whites

Whipped egg whites increase the volume of the filling cream. The use is recommended.

Whipped egg whites
Whipped egg whites

3.5 Cream

The addition of liquid cream is not recommended in the above recipe, but remains a matter of taste. Please see the tip for tiramisu without egg at the end of the paragraph.

3.6 Chocolate

Grated chocolate is found in some recipes, you can try chocolate as a supplement or leave it out.

Tiramisu without egg: exchange the eggs and egg yolks for 250 g of cream and whip with cream stiffener. Mix mascarpone directly with powdered sugar, then fold in the cream and use as a cream for filling.

Tiramisu without egg Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt

4. Fun Facts and History About Tiramisu

The original origin of the popular dessert is said to be in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. There, the hotel and restaurant manager Norma Pielli had already served “tireme su” in the 1950s at the Albergo Roma (Tolmezzo).

At the same time in Veneto, Le Beccherie in Treviso claims the invention of the tiramisu in the 1960s. Alba Campeol is said to have commissioned your chef to invent a new dessert creation. For the first time, the dish demonstrably appeared on the menu in 1972.

In 2017, a decree of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture ruled in favor of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and the Tiramisù was included in the PAT list (Prodotti Agroalimentari Tradizionali –> Traditional Agricultural and Food Products).

Tiramisù Day is officially March 21 since 2017.

The Tiramisu World Cup is a competition organized annually in Treviso since 2017 in two categories: Original Recipe and Most Creative Recipe.

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