Cherry Cake Recipe

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Here I show you my Cherry Cake Recipe

I bake this sure-fire cake preferably in small moulds.

With me every guest gets his own cake on the table! It’s a pleasure, please try it out…

You can serve the Tarte wonderfully as dessert or with coffee in the afternoon.

Tastes great for any occasion, I promise!

For an ingenious baking experience you will find many step-by-step photos as accompanying instructions. 

I wish you all the best!

1. Recipe Cherry Cake

For the bakery here follows the photo recipe.

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Cherry Cake with Shortcrust Pastry

Baked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 971
Total Time 170 Min.
Preparation Time 60 Min.
Cook Time 50 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing cherry pie.

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Cherry cake recipe picture
Cherry Cake Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Shortcrust Pastry

125 g flour (fine sieve)
2 tbsp icing sugar (fine sieve)
1 pinches Salt (I use Himalaya salt)
75 g butter (room-warm)
1 pc egg yolk
1 tsp Vanillearoma
1-2 tsp lemon abrasion (an organic lemon)
200 g dried peas or dried beans (to weigh down the shortcrust pastry during baking)

Cake Filling

3 pc eggs
2 pc egg yolk
160 g fine brown sugar
100 ml Cream
30 ml lemon juice
1 tsp lemon abrasion (an organic lemon)
125 g curd cheese
125 g cream cheese
1 tsp Vanillearoma (Alternatively, I like to use the pulp of a vanilla pod.)
1 pinches mace


250 g cherries


some mint
some icing sugar


Shortcrust Pastry

to sift flour
Sieve flour

Sieve the flour and the icing sugar freshly into a bowl.

I used a gluten-free flour. Form a hollow in the middle.

dough ingredients in a mixing bowl
dough ingredients in bowl

Pour the egg yolk into the bowl, add the warm butter and a pinch of salt, vanilla aroma and lemon dust.

Mix the ingredients with your hands.

Start in the trough and gradually work your way out.

dough ball
Dough processed and shaped into a ball

Knead the dough well and form a ball.

Wrap the shortcrust pastry ball in plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

butter molds
brush the molds with butter

Preheat the oven stage hot air at 200° C.

Coat several small moulds or a large cake mould with soft butter.

roll out dough
Roll out the dough between cling film

Roll out the shortcrust pastry between two layers of cling film or baking paper to a thickness of approx. 3 mm.

cut out the dough
Cut out the tart dough for the molds.

Put the dough into the mould:

For example, cut out round, then insert and complete the sides.

Bake the dough with peas blind
Bake tarts, the dough stays in shape by adding peas.

Remove the dough residues at the edge.

Cover the dough with baking paper and weigh down with dry peas or beans and bake for 10-12 minutes.

baked tartes with peas
Tartes with peas baked blind.

Let the baked shortcrust pastry cake bases cool in the cake tin.

Remove the peas as soon as possible.


Lemon filling for the tarts
Prepare the tart filling.

Reduce the oven temperature to 150° C.

The filling needs less heat for baking and the already baked dough does not tolerate the high heat!

Put the eggs, egg yolk and sugar, cream, lemon juice and lemon grater in a bowl and mix.

cake batter with cottage cheese
Cake batter with curd cheese for the filling of the tart.

Drain the curd and cream cheese on a sieve, then add to the mixture and season with mace and vanilla flavour.

Stir the mixture with a whisk until smooth.

Pour filling for cake
Pour the filling for the cake into the baked shortcrust pastry molds.

Pour the filling into the shortcrust pastry moulds.

I filled up to 5 mm below the edge of the dough.

Prepare Cherries

Cherries pitted fresh
Fresh, pitted cherries

Wash the cherries and remove the pits.

Stone the cherries
Pitting the cherries with a cherry pitter

Use a cherry pitter to remove the cherry stones.

Halved cherries when pouring
Place the halved cherries in the cake filling.

Cut the cherries in half and place in the cake mixture with the cut face down.

Prepared cherry cake before baking.
Cherry pie before baking.

Place the cherry cake in the oven with a topping.

Cherry cake in a summer environment. Serve the tart on a tray with rose petals and leaves. Your guests will never forget that!

Bake the cake for approx. 40-50 minutes until the filling has stopped.

Take out of the oven and let cool.

Sprinkle the cherry cake with powdered sugar.
Sprinkle the cherry cake with powdered sugar.

Sprinkle with icing sugar to taste.

Now arrange nicely and serve.


2. Nutritional Values

3. Shortcrust Pastry for Cherry Cake

We’ll start with the shortcrust pastry.

The cake base may get a great aroma so I add to the classic recipe with flour, egg, sugar, vanilla aroma, lemon grater and a pinch of salt.

You are welcome to replace the vanilla flavour with a vanilla pod.

Cut the flattened vanilla pod once lengthwise and scrape the pulp out of the pod.

Pour the marrow into the cake dough and soak the pod in sugar. After a few days, the homemade vanilla sugar is ready!

The kneaded shortcrust pastry needs a little break in the fridge. Form the dough into a ball and wrap in cling film.

3.1 Blind Baking of Cake Base

Ever heard of blind baking? But you don’t bind your eyes when baking 🙂

To bake the tart bottoms you need dried legumes, which are easily available dried peas or beans, in addition to the ingredients already mentioned.

The raw dough in the tin gets the peas to bake. That is not prince on the pea but cake and pea…

So the cake dough does not rise too strongly during the subsequent baking. This is called blind baking.

Tartes baked blind with peas. You need dried peas or beans! Frozen peas let you experience a pea tart!

If you have read up to here and now you think… Hey Thomas, great recipe, everything sounds awesome, but I still don’t do it because it’s too much effort for me…

Then I have for you to run warm a simple and fast Cherry-pie Recipe with Puff Pastry. Preparation time less than 30 minutes!

Cherry cake with puff pastry and marzipan, the fast cake is a tart and is as easy as pie in top quality! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Alternatively a simple cherry gratin from the French kitchen also known as Clafoutis aux Cerises.

Preparation time less than 15 minutes! Please take a look…

Nobody can resist this French temptation with fresh cherries! © Food photographer Thomas Sixt

4. Prepare Filling for Cherry Cake

The cake pans are baked with the shortcrust pastry, now we want to take care of the filling…

The filling is similar to the cheesecake filling:

Besides curd I add cream cheese. The combination prepares a tender nest for the cherries.

That’s what it’s all about: cake filling and base create a harmonious whole.

So that we don’t lose the overview, we now have the overview of the cake ingredients:

  1. Shortcrust dough in the small forms baked blind with peas
  2. Filling cream with curd cheese and cream cheese
  3. Fresh cherries or cherries from the glass

How to use cooked cherries from the glass for the cherry pie:

The cherries are already cooked and therefore very soft. That’s why I don’t bake the cherries from the glass.

Here’s my tip:

Strain the cherries onto a sieve and collect the juice in a pot.

Reduce the cherry juice very much, let it cool lukewarm, then marinate the cherries in it.

Insider tip:

Add whole, very little balsamic vinegar to the cherries… place the prepared cherries with boiled cherry ice cream on the cake filling…. WOW please try it, it tastes fantastic!

Morello cherries are sour cherries, they taste delicious on the cake!

Tip from chef Thomas Sixt

How to use fresh cherries… Just wash the fresh cherries, pit them and cut them in half. Place the halved cherries in the cake filling.

Alternatively, boil the cherries briefly with sugar and rum and a little water.

Then remove the cherries and reduce the juice.

Marinate the cherries shortly before serving in the reduced cherry juice and place on the baked cake.

Cake filling with curd cheese and cream cheese, besides vanilla mace is an important component.
Fresh, pitted cherries

5. More Recipe Ideas…

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