Fruit Cake Base Recipe for Your Easy German Sunday Cake

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You can find my fruit cake base recipe in this post. I am of the opinion: The typical fruitcake base should not be missing in any food blog.

The cake base is quickly prepared and can be topped with a variety of fruits. It really tastes good to all guests and pleases both the eye and the palate.

If you’ve stumbled across various fruits while shopping and are headed for a summer baking experience, please stay tuned and take us into your bakery.

Now wish a lot of fun and good luck, friendly comments are welcome 🙂

1. Recipe Fruit Cake Base

Here follows the instructions for your bakery. Note the tips after the recipe and feel free to write me a cooking question at the bottom of the page via the comment function.

Fruit Cake Base

Instructions by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 6
Calories 272
Total Time 50 Min.
Preparation Time 20 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Fruit cake base recipe for your fine german fruit tart.

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Fruit Cake Base Recipe Image
Fruit Cake Base Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


cake batter

75 g butter
35 g breadcrumbs
75 g brown can sugar
1 Pck. vanilla sugar
3 Prisen primal salt
2 Stück eggs
125 g flour (Wheat flour, gluten free, mix)
1 TL Baking Powder (level tsp)
1 EL Cream (or milk)


Fruit cake base baking pan
Fruit cake base baking pan

Prepare baking pan

Prepare a baking mold for a 28 cm fruit tart.

Baking pan with pieces of butter
Fruit Cake baking pan with pieces of butter

Butter the baking pan

Put the 70 g softened butter on the baking dish.

baking pan with butter
Brush the baking pan with butter.

Distribute butter

Spread the butter generously with kitchen paper in and on the sides of the dish.

Buttered Baking Pan
Baking pan with plenty of butter.

Provide baking pan

Prepare the buttered cake pan.

Breadcrumbs on baking pan
Spread the breadcrumbs on the buttered baking pan.

Add breadcrumbs

Heap the 35g of breadcrumbs onto the buttered dish.

Baking pan with breadcrumbs
Buttered baking dish with breadcrumbs.

Spread breadcrumbs

Swirl the breadcrumbs evenly in the baking pan.

Preheat the oven at 170°C.

Cake dough implements
Tools for preparing cake batter.

Provide tools

Provide tools for the dough preparation:

–> flour sifter
–> bowl of dough
-> Hand mixer with whisk
–> dough card
–> Scales and bowls for weighing

Scale with bowl
Scale with bowl, don’t forget to press tare!

Prepare scale

Put the scale into operation. I have a model that turns the knob to stand by.

Set up a bowl and press tara.

weigh butter
weigh butter

Weigh butter

Weigh the 75 g softened butter in the bowl and have it ready.

weigh sugar
weigh sugar

Weigh sugar

Weigh the 75 g of raw cane sugar and have it ready.

weigh flour
weigh flour

Weigh flour

Weigh the flour, 125 g and have it ready.

cake batter eggs and ingredients
The cake batter eggs and ingredients

Prepare the cake ingredients

Prepare the two eggs, a tablespoon of cream, 3 pinches of salt, baking powder and vanilla sugar.

Soft butter in bowl
Prepare the butter in the bowl.

Provide butter

Put prepared softened butter (75 g) in the baking bowl.

mix butter
Mix in the soft butter

Mix butter

Using a hand mixer or whisk, beat the butter until smooth for 30 seconds.

stir in sugar
Stir the sugar into the butter

Stir in sugar

Gradually stir in the prepared 75 g raw cane sugar.

stir in salt
stir in salt

Stir in salt

Add the three pinches of salt to the butter and mix well.

Add vanilla sugar
Add vanilla sugar

Stir in vanilla sugar

Stir in the whole packet of vanilla sugar.

admit egg
add first egg

Add egg

Beat the first egg into the butter.

mix egg
Beat the first egg.

Stir in egg

Beat the first egg.

Add second egg
Add second egg

Second egg

Beat the second egg into the butter mixture.

mix eggs
Mix the eggs

Stir egg

Beat in the second egg. The dough should react slightly foamy.

Prepare flour and baking powder
Flour and baking powder prepared in a bowl.

Baking powder and flour

Add a level teaspoon of baking powder to the weighed flour.

Prepare flour sift
Prepare flour sift

Prepare seven

Take the flour and the flour sifter.

Flour and baking powder in sieve
Flour and baking powder in sieve

Sift in the flour

Dust the flour into the butter-egg mixture.

sift in the flour
sift in the flour

Stir in flour

Stir in the sifted flour evenly with a hand mixer.

Dust the flour loosely and mix the dough evenly.

dough with flour
Mix in the flour while stirring evenly.

Mix the dough

The dough absorbs the flour smoothly.

Clean bowl rim
Clean the rim of the bowl of dough.

Clean bowl rim

Clean the edge of the bowl with a spatula.

Stir in cream
Stir in cream

Add cream

Add the cream to the cake batter and stir.

Fruit cake base dough in bowl
Ready made fruit cake base dough in the bowl

Cake batter ready

Prepare the mixed cake batter ready to pour into the mold.

Fill the batter into the baking pan
Fill the batter into the baking pan

Pour in the cake batter

Pour the cake batter into the prepared pan.

dough in baking pan
Batter in the cake base baking pan.

Spread cake batter

Spread the cake batter with a spatula.

distribute dough
Spread the batter in the baking pan.

Pull out the cake batter

Gently pull the cake batter outwards to the edge.

flatten dough
Flatten the dough with the dough card

Smooth cake batter

Smooth out the cake batter in the mold with a pastry card.

kitchen timer
Kitchen timer for the baking time

Bake fruit cake base

Bake the fruit crust in the oven, middle shelf, on a wire rack for 20 minutes at 160-170°C.

Fruit cake base baked
Fruit cake base ready baked chopsticks sample

Chopstick sample

Remove the baking pan from the oven after the baking time has elapsed.

–> Pierce the middle with a wooden skewer.

–> No crumbs on the wooden skewer means: the cake base is baked.

Fruit Cake Base Recipe Image
Fruit Cake Base Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Topple the cake base

Immediately turn the cake base onto a plate:

–> Place a large cake plate upside down on the tin.

-> Hold the cake tin and plate together and turn them boldly.

–> The cake comes out nicely from the baking pan.

Push the fruit layer onto a wire rack and let cool. Fill with fruit if desired and enjoy.



2. Calories and Nutritional Values

3. Tips for Baking Fruit Cake Base

So that your baking 100% successful I have summarized some baking tips for you:

Baking pan

The typical baking pan I recommend you in the sheet metal version. Metal is durable and survives even several moves. My experience is: silicone and plastic change negatively after two to three years. The plastic looks strange, silicone sometimes becomes sticky. Besides, there is already enough plastic in the world. Sheet metal is really better and more sustainable.

Grease the baking pan

At this point, please forget the pastry brush and use a piece of kitchen paper to spread the soft butter. Please brush the mold generously and thickly with butter, so that the cake jumps out of the mold easily at the end. The photos above at the steps are not an exaggeration 🙂 after all, we want baking happiness and not a broken cake.

Breadcrumbs for the buttered baking dish

The crumbs in the buttered baking pan are like a second parachute when you jump out of a plane. My grandmother used to do it this way and there was never a cake that stuck in the baking pan. Breadcrumbs are now available gluten-free, so it’s not a problem with any diet.

Start with soft butter

The soft butter is the base of the dough and only room-warm butter works well. You can either temper the cold butter at room temperature for a good hour or use the microwave. The butter should have a nice and even consistency after mixing so that the rest of the ingredients can be incorporated smoothly.

Add eggs to the dough one at a time

The eggs really need to be gradually added to the butter-sugar base. Please do this in a relaxed manner. Stir the beaten egg into the mixture for about 30 seconds. You can see the nice consistency of the butter-sugar-egg base then. Too much egg at once means less binding. Don’t forget the second egg and add it just as quickly. Then we come to the flour…

Sift flour

Mrs. Sixt and I have tried it several times! The dough is really better and more uniform if you pass the flour through a sieve before preparation. There is no way around the flour sifter for a perfect baking result.

Add milk or cream to the dough

In the recipe I have specified one tablespoon of cream to add to the dough. Depending on the type of flour, you can increase the amount of liquid to two to three tablespoons. With flour type 405 –> one tablespoon of liquid, with a portion of Viennese semolina –> two tablespoons of cream or milk and with gluten-free flour you can add up to –> 3 tablespoons of liquid.

Baking time and temperature

Note the oven temperature of 170°C. For hot air, 160°C is better. The oven should be preheated. Baking time is pretty much exactly 20 minutes, this is due to the thin layer of dough in the special cake pan.

Turn cake base hot

When the kitchen alarm clock rings, take your baking dish out of the oven. Now immediately pierce the center with a wooden skewer and check the consistency! If no more crumbs stick to the wooden skewer, the cake base is baked. I immediately turn the cake out onto a plate and then slide the cake base onto a rack to cool.

Enjoy cake

You can cover the cake base with fruit immediately after cooling and then serve. Fresh tastes the cake most delicious 🙂 or save a day goes quite well. Freezing of the cooled cake base is possible, but I do not do that, fresh is Mrs. Sixt and I prefer.

Detail sift flour into the dough
Detail sift flour into the dough

4. Topping Ideas for Your Fruit Cake Base

You can top your homemade cake base with a wide variety of fruits. Here you will find a creative selection:

Apple –> You can caramelize apple slices briefly in the pan and then put on top.
Bananas –> Put on sliced with or without cream and add fruit glaze.
Pear –> Prepare fresh like apple, you can put pickled pear halves directly on top.
Blackberries –> Fresh in summer a dream, frozen also taste 🙂
Strawberries –> With or without cream cushion a good idea. Here is my strawberry cake
Figs –> I like to put hulled, fresh figs in a lemon cream cheese spread.
Blueberries –> Always delicious with fruit icing or on filling cream!
Raspberries –> Taste best in a bed of cream without the shishy.
Peaches –> Put halves, without skin in little filling cream, caramelize with Bunsen burner.
Cranberries –> Best cold stirred directly put on yourself. From the jar: also delicious!
Cherries –> Fresh in the cream – without stone! – or rather boiled down with fruit glaze.
Kiwi –> put on slices or wedges, typically in fruit glaze with cream it tastes finer.
Currants –> Fresh from the bush, they taste better with sweet filling cream.

Tip: Prepare a suitable cake glaze according to the instructions on the package. Fill in the fruit and then pour the glaze over it. Your fruit tart is ready to serve after one hour of chilling.

Decorate strawberry cake
Decorate strawberry cake with flowers.

5. More Baking Ideas

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