Strawberry Cake Recipe

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You can find my simple strawberry cake recipe in this article. Step by step, these instructions will accompany you in your bakery.

This cake suits me perfectly in the strawberry season. The fresh berries are then wonderfully red and taste wonderfully sweet.

Fruitcake in the variant with strawberries is a seasonal highlight for me. Each season has its most beautiful fruit, we find great variety throughout the year. For my fruit base, there is therefore an extra tutorial with beautiful ideas for a topping. But you can also buy a base and get creative.

Wish you good luck and look forward to feedback via the comment function at the bottom of the page.

1. Recipe Strawberry Cake

Here follows the simple and clear baking instructions for your strawberry feast. Note the tips after the recipe and feel free to write a baking question at the bottom of the page via the comment function.

Strawberry Cake

Instructions by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 6
Calories 466
Total Time 70 Min.
Preparation Time 40 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Strawberry cake recipe for your favorite cake at strawberry time.

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Strawberry cake recipe image
Strawberry Cake Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


1 pc cake base
200 g white chocolate
2 Pkg. Agar-Agar
100 g vanilla pudding
250 g Mascarpone
500 g strawberries
1 tbsp icing sugar
1 tbsp pistachio kernels


Fruit cake base recipe image
Fruit Cake Base Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Prepare fruit cake base

Bake your own fruit cake base or get one from the supermarket.

cutting white chocolate
Cut white chocolate

Cut chocolate

Finely chop the white chocolate.

white chocolate in pot
Melt white chocolate in a saucepan.

Melt chocolate

Put chocolate in a small saucepan.

I mostly use the small copper sauté pan, because the heat can be regulated perfectly.

Melted white chocolate in a saucepan
Melted white chocolate in a saucepan

Temper chocolate

Melt the chocolate at low temperature.

Allow the chocolate to cool below 25°C.

Heat the chocolate again to 32°C and continue processing.

White chocolate and cake base
White chocolate and cake base

Prepare glazing

Prepare the cake base and tempered chocolate.

Pour chocolate over the cake base
Pour chocolate over the cake base.

Pour chocolate

Pour half of the chocolate in the middle of the cake base.

Spread the chocolate on the cake base
Spread the chocolate on the cake base

Distribute chocolate

Spread the chocolate as thinly as possible with a spatula.

cake base glazed with chocolate
Cake base glazed with chocolate

Cool chocolate

Let the chocolate cool down.

Prepare agar agar
Prepare agar agar

Prepare agar agar

Boil the agar-agar in a saucepan with 50 ml water for 2 minutes according to the instructions on the packaging.

Ingredients for filling cream
Prepare ingredients for filling cream.

Prepare filling cream

For the filling, have the remaining melted chocolate, a packet of vanilla pudding and a tub of mascarpone ready.

Mix together the filling cream ingredients
Mix together the filling cream ingredients.

Prepare filling cream

Mix the liquid, lip-warm chocolate with the pudding and half of the mascarpone until smooth.

Add the remaining mascarpone and mix again until smooth.

Stir in the prepared agar agar and chill the mixture in the refrigerator.

strawberries fresh
strawberries fresh

Prepare strawberries

Prepare the strawberries and check for cleanliness.

If necessary, wash the berries quickly and quickly and dry them immediately.

cleaning strawberries
Clean the strawberries and remove the green.

Cleaning strawberries

Remove the green stalks from the strawberries and halve the berries.

Prepared halved strawberries
Prepared halved strawberries

Halve the strawberries

Place the halved strawberries on a plate.

cake base with chocolate glaze
cake base with chocolate glaze

Provide fruit soil

Prepare the cake base with the chocolate glaze.

Spread the filling cream on the cake base
Spread the filling cream on the cake base.

Apply filling cream

Put the prepared filling cream on the cake base and spread and smooth with a spatula.

Place strawberries on filling cream
Place the strawberries on the filling cream.

Put strawberries on

Lay the strawberries on top, starting from the outer edge. We started with the big berries on the outside.

Put the strawberries on top and top the cake
Put the strawberries on top and top the cake

Finish fruit topping

Cover the entire surface of the cake with the berry halves.

Strawberry cake topped
Freshly topped strawberry cake

Provide strawberry cake

Enjoy the visually successful cake and chill.

Prepare icing for strawberries
Prepare the icing for the strawberries.

Prepare icing

Optionally prepare frosting with agar agar and powdered sugar.

Glaze strawberries
Apply the glaze to the strawberries.

Glaze strawberries

Optionally glaze the berries with the cake glaze using a brush.

Decorate strawberry cake with flowers and pistachios
Decorate the strawberry cake with flowers and pistachios

Decorate strawberry cake

Sprinkle the strawberry cake with freshly chopped pistachios and decorate with edible flowers.

I wish you a lot of fun and a successful afternoon.


2. Calories and Nutritional Values

3. Tips for Baking Strawberry Cake

Fruit cake base

You can buy a fruit cake base or bake it yourself. The fruit cake base recipe is very detailed and is sure to work. If you purchase a pie crust, please do not open and unwrap it until just before topping. The finished bases tend to dry out quickly.

Prepare strawberries

I usually do not wash my strawberries. The exception is when they are very dirty. Then it goes berry by berry under the cold waterfall and immediately into the dry. Please wash the strawberries very quickly and dry them again quickly, because the aroma is very volatile. For the cake we agreed on strawberry halves. Even after looking through 500 photos on Instagram, I could not convince Mrs. Sixt of the strawberry slices.

Filling cream or cake glaze

The addition of a filling cream is left to your taste and time horizon. The berries also taste very good laid on, poured over with cake glaze. Personally, I do not like the icing so much, even from glazing the laid fruit I would refrain in the future. After all, such a magical cake is eaten quickly at home and does not need a shelf life in the showcase.


As decoration we have decided to freshly chopped pistachio nuts. Some flowers of wild strawberries from the garden have then also found a place on the fruit cake. The design is left to your creativity.

Decorate strawberry cake
Decorate strawberry cake with flowers.

4. More Baking Ideas for the Strawberry Season

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