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strawberry pie

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The preparation of a simple and fast strawberry cake is shown in this article with my recipe Strawberry Cake. It is not a classic strawberry cake but small tartlets. You need high, small moulds or you use coffee cups or small glasses. Practical is, every guest gets his own cake and the cake is not cut open. This strawberry tart is very easy to make. Wish you good luck!

1. Simple Strawberry Cake

The strawberry cake simply consists of only a few ingredients and so I save time. Besides vanilla pudding and Qimiq I only need fresh strawberries and sponge fingers. That’s a one, two, three cake that really succeeds quickly and easily. I reduce the cooling time by making small tartlets and baking cake bases is not necessary. It is just a variation of a strawberry cake, I like it and find it delicious and practical.

2. Strawberry Cake with Pudding

With my variant of the strawberry cake you don’t even have to make the pudding yourself, you can use two cups of ready made Dany cream or another pudding product. This cake is really for smart people who want to save time and bring a great cake to the table with little effort. Take the pudding out of the fridge two hours before making the cake.
fresh strawberry for strawberry cake

3. Strawberry Cake with Qimiq

Another ingredient in my strawberry cake is Qimiq. I like the cream base with gelatine, which saves the dissolving of gelatine and is therefore another practical component in this creation. The Qimiq should be stored at room temperature for a few hours, then it can easily be mixed with the equally room warm pudding.

4. Strawberry Cake with Mascarpone

You can change the recipe for this tart at any time from one part pudding and one part Qimiq to one third pudding, one third Qimiq and one third Mascarpone. The pudding button goes into the background and the mascarpone brings an excitingly fresh one into the strawberry cake.

5. Strawberry Cake with Biscuit

Of course, professionals and amateurs can bake their own biscuits, but I use spoon biscuits for this recipe. This is very practical and reduces the preparation time.

6. Strawberry Cake Moulds

At best use moulds with a diameter of approx. 8 cm, please brush the moulds with oil, then insert cling film into the moulds. This will help you topple the tartlets more easily later.

7. Recipe Strawberry Cake

The dessert tip for the recipe, prepare cold plates with a vanilla mirror: For this, whip a cup of cream and mix with a cup of vanilla pudding. Place the mirrors on the plates, add the mixed and strained berry fruit swabs and decorate with a chopstick.
A mirror with vanilla cream makes every dessert a highlight. Here an apple strudel for dessert.  

Strawberry Cake

Recipe for simple but delicious strawberry cake by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4 Persons
Calories 326
Total Time 30 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.
Making a simple strawberry cake yourself is what I show in this article with a recipe. The cake with strawberries is prepared with Qimiq, vanilla pudding and sponge fingers and pleases the eye. I also show variations of the cream for strawberry cake. Have fun preparing it!

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strawberry pie


2 mug vanilla pudding
1 packet Qimiq
100 g strawberries
1 tbs lemon juice
1 tbs brown sugar
2 packet vanilla sugar
24 pc ladyfinger biscuit


Prepare vanilla pudding and Qimiq at room temperature for 2 hours, then stir. Prepare the cake mixture for filling. Brush the cake moulds with oil and put on cling film without wrinkles.

Wash, clean and chop the strawberries, marinate with lemon juice, sugar and vanilla sugar.

Place the sponge fingers on the side of the cake moulds and fill with the cake mixture to a height of approx. 1 cm, then chill.

After about 15 minutes, mix the prepared strawberries with the rest of the cake mixture and pour into the moulds. Refrigerate the tartlets for at least 1.5 hours.

Place the cake moulds briefly in hot water, then turn them over and remove them from the mould using the foil. Peel off the foil and smooth down with a brush dipped in hot water.

The strawberry tartlets can also be decorated with cream and fresh strawberries.

8. Calories Strawberry Cake, the Nutrition Values at a Glance

9. Even more Recipes for Strawberries

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