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Minced Meat Sauce Recipe in Two Variants, with and without Animal

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Today I’m going to show you two versions of minced meat sauce recipe. I like the Bolognese sauce with and without animal.

This classic comes from Italian cuisine and has become an international culinary triumph as a pasta sauce.

A video accompanies you in the kitchen. I wish you success in cooking and bon appétit! You can send me cooking questions at the end of the page via the comment function. 

1. Shopping List for Minced Meat Sauce

The practical ingredient list at the beginning of the article has proven its worth: It provides a good overview and is a help for the supermarket 🙂

Don’t worry, you’ll find the exact ingredient amounts in the recipe one paragraph further on.

Ingredients for minced meat sauce
The ingredients of the minced meat sauce at a glance.
Thomas Sixt 2021

„The vegan mince sauce cooks faster than the animal version. Really worth a try in terms of taste!“

recommends Chef Thomas Sixt
Minced meat sauce classic served with tagliatelle. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

2. Recipe Minced Meat Sauce

Here are the exact instructions. I leave it up to you whether you use minced meat or vegetarian minced meat. Good luck!

Minced meat sauce

Step by step instructions cooked, photographed and written down by cooking professional Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4 Persons
Calories 1130
Total Time 55 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 40 Min.

Minced meat sauce recipe in 2 variants: Vegan or vegetarian and classic with animal mince. Step by step picture instructions and cooking video.

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Minced meat sauce in the pot
The minced meat sauce in the pot photographed from above.


Minced meat sauce Ingredients

1 tsp Olive oil
10 g butter
500 g vegetarian mince (or minced beef or half and half)
1-2 onion (I like to use shallots)
1 pc Garlic clove (in winter I use 2 cloves of garlic)
1 bunch Soup vegetables (optional)
3 tbs tomato paste
1 can chunky tomatoes
100 ml dry red wine (optional)
1 tsp Tamari (I use original soy sauce)
1/4 tsp Salt (I prefer to use Himalayan salt)
5 pinches black pepper
2 pinches brown sugar
1 tbs marjoram

Pasta ingredients

6 l Water (to cook pasta)
2 tbs Salt (pasta water may taste like seawater!)
500 g tagliatelle (or spaghetti)
2 tbs oliv oil (always goes in the pasta water in Italy!)

Decoration and additions

100 g grated parmesan
1 bunch basil (optional thyme or parsley)
4 tsp oliv oil (I drizzle the cold oil over the pasta.)


Ingredients for minced meat sauce
The ingredients of the minced meat sauce at a glance.

Prepare the ingredients in the kitchen.

Peel the onion and garlic
Peel the onion and garlic.

Peel the garlic and onions.

Dice the garlic and onions
Finely dice the garlic and onions.

Finely dice the garlic and onions.

Diced onion and diced garlic
Diced onion and diced garlic in a bowl.

Prepare the diced garlic and onion in a bowl.

Fry vegan minced meat
Vegan minced meat when frying in the pan.

Sauté the vegan mince in a pan with olive oil and butter.

Fry the ground meat and vegetables
Minced meat and vegetables when frying in the pan.

Optionally, brown the minced meat in the pan.

Minced meat and onions in the pan
Sweat the onion cubes and garlic cubes with the minced meat.

Add the garlic and diced onion to the minced meat and sweat.

Season the minced meat sauce
Season the minced meat sauce with tomato paste and herbs.

Red wine, tamari, tomatoes, tomato paste and marjoram for the sauce.

Minced meat sauce in the pot
The minced meat sauce in the pot photographed from above.

Season the sauce with salt, pepper, sugar and cayenne pepper. Allow the vegan sauce to simmer gently for 5 minutes, and the sauce with minced meat to simmer gently for at least 15 minutes. Continue to use as desired.

Cook pasta

Tagliatelle ribbon pasta fresh
Tagliatelle are Italian ribbon pasta, prepared here for cooking, presented on a cutting board.

Prepare the pasta for cooking in salted water. Bring pot of water to boil, season water with salt like sea water.

Cooking pasta
Pasta while boiling in water.

Cook the pasta al dente according to the instructions on the packet and drain.

Minced meat sauce with noodles
Minced meat sauce recipe picture.

Arrange the pasta with sauce on hot plates and serve sprinkled with herbs. I like to add a few drops of olive oil to the dish.

Optionally store sauce or more ideas

Prepare glasses for apricot jam
Prepare well-washed, heat-resistant jars for apricot jam

Optionally, you can freeze the sauce in bags: Allow the sauce to cool and fill into bags. Freeze the bags pressed flat. This makes it easier to defrost. I like to fill the sauce hot into cleaned jars. To do this, clean the jars and lids with vinegar essence, then pour in the hot sauce, seal and refrigerate. It can be kept refrigerated for about 2 weeks.

Prepare simple lasagna yourself
The casserole with two sauces tastes best even when cooked.

Another idea for using the sauce is a classic Lasagne Bolognese.



I have already published the classic spaghetti bolognese with a video elsewhere. There you will find more tips from the Italian kitchen. We also use the sauce for lasagna and moussaka.

3. Calories and Nutritional Values

4. More Cooking Ideas

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