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You can find my simple variant cauliflower recipe in this article.

Learn the most important tips for cooking cauliflower.

Conjure up wonderful, fresh and delicious cauliflower vegetables on your table.

Here we prepare the cabbage whole, I will show you, among other things, what you can do with the cabbage leaves.

In addition, I have added 10+ recipe ideas for cauliflower variants .

Finally, you will find some suitable recipes from my food blog.

Let’s go I wish you a lot of fun and good luck!

1. Recipe Cauliflower

For quick implementation in your kitchen, the recipe below.

Note the Kohl tips later in the article.

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Cooked, refined, photographed by chef Thomas Sixt

Servings 4
Calories 37
Total Time 30 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing cauliflower in variants.

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cook cauliflower
Cooking Cauliflower Cooking school and recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


1 Piece cauliflower
primal salt
black ground pepper
grated nutmeg
80 g nut butter


Prepared cauliflower florets
You can now cook the prepared cauliflower florets, I have listed a few variations for you below….


Rinse the cauliflower, drain and cut off the cauliflower florets.

Cut the cauliflower florets in a cross shape.

I learned how to do it in my cooking training, florets and cauliflower stalks cook evenly prepared in this way.

Nut butter recipe image
Nut butter recipe image © Thomas Sixt

butter prepared

Nussbutter zubereiten

Dann durch ein feines Sieb passieren und zum Anrichten bereit stellen.


Put the butter in a clean saucepan, bring to the boil and brown slowly.

–> Prepare nut butter

Then pass through a fine sieve and prepare for serving.

cooked cauliflower
Cauliflower cooked on the colander.

cook cauliflower

Cook cauliflower in boiling salted water until al dente, drain.

Toss the cabbage florets in the nut butter before serving.

Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg and serve quickly.

Bon appetit!


2. Calories And Nutritional Values

The cauliflower calories are clearly calculated in the table below:

3. Prepare the Cauliflower

Of course you can boil the whole cabbage in salt water, but we usually cut it up first.

Let’s go straight to the step-by-step instructions for preparing cauliflower …

Cooking cauliflower cover photo
Cooking cauliflower Cover photo for the cooking school © Thomas Sixt
cauliflower leaves
Remove the cauliflower leaves and cut off the stalk.
Detach the cauliflower from the leaves
Cut the cauliflower head out of the leaves with a knife.
clean the cauliflower
Next, cut out the stalk in a circle so that the florets can be easily separated from the stalk.
Cut the cauliflower into florets
Divide the florets smaller or larger depending on how you want them to be prepared.
Cut the stalks of the florets in a cross shape
Cut the stalks of the cauliflower florets in a cross shape. This will cook the vegetable florets evenly.

Colorful cauliflower is very popular at the moment, here are some pictures to supplement the product information:

Colorful cauliflower fresh from the market
Colorful cauliflower fresh from the market in a basket. The colors are fantastic.
Romanesco and cauliflower
Romanesco comes from the same family as cauliflower.

4. Cooking Cauliflower Methods

You can cook and prepare cauliflower in a number of ways:

–> Cabbage cooked soft in salt water is more digestible because the cabbage loses the irritants.

–> Steaming cauliflower promises to preserve most of the vital substances.

–> First boil the cauliflower with a little liquid and then fry it promises a special treat for the palate.

–> The cauliflower in the oven is particularly quick and is a modern and popular cooking method.

You can find the different types of preparation below:

Cauliflower antipasti recipe image
Cauliflower easy antipasti recipe Image © Thomas Sixt
Cauliflower cooked on a baking sheet
The cauliflower florets cooked in the oven on the baking sheet.

5. Boil Cauliflower In Salted Water

In a large enough pot, cook the cauliflower directly in boiling salted water.

You can cook the cabbage whole or prepare florets first.

Of course, the split cabbage florets cook faster.

I always cook my cabbage with a little bite, because it is refined afterwards.

The benefit of boiling cauliflower in water:

This is quick and uncomplicated, the cabbage loses the irritating substances through direct contact with water and is more digestible.

Cut the cauliflower into florets
Cut the cauliflower into florets
Prepared cauliflower florets
You can now cook the prepared cauliflower florets, I have listed a few variations for you below….

6. Steam Cauliflower

Steaming is cooking in steam, you can easily do that on the stove.

Steam the cabbage florets in a steamer or in a strainer with a lid over boiling water.

Advantage of steaming cauliflower:

This method promises the least loss of vitamins, the cabbage taste is fully preserved, as are irritating substances.

cooked cauliflower
Cauliflower cooked on the colander.
Blanched cauliflower leaves
Cauliflower leaves can also be steamed or boiled.

7. Roast Cauliflower

Chop the cauliflower, briefly cook the cabbage in a pan with a little water, then fry directly.

The smaller you cut the cauliflower, the better it can be fried quickly.

Cooking in the oven is also roasting.

To do this, place the cabbage florets on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Season with olive oil, salt and pepper and cook until soft at 200°C hot air or bottom/top heat setting as desired.

Benefit of frying cauliflower:

It’s quick and you don’t need a sieve, the taste of the cauliflower develops fantastically.

Cook cauliflower
Cook cauliflower
Cauliflower cooked and fried
Cauliflower cooked and fried

8. Prepare Cauliflower Leaves

You can prepare the cabbage leaves as a vegetable or use them for stuffing.

Here you will find tips for optimal preparation and use of the cabbage leaves…

cauliflower leaves
Choose cauliflower leaves, only use nice leaves.
Cut out the cauliflower leaves
Place the leaves individually on the board and cut out the stalk with a knife in a V-shape.
Boil cauliflower leaves
Blanch the cauliflower leaves in boiling salted water and then let them cool under cold running water or in ice water. This preserves the doneness and color.
Cauliflower cauliflower mat for the fish coat
Cauliflower leaves mat for wrapping.
Wrap salmon in cauliflower leaf
Wrap salmon fillet in cauliflower leaves.
Sliced salmon fillet
Salmon fillet cooked to perfection in a cauliflower coat.

9. Cauliflower 10+ Recipe Variants

Before you put your Kafiol vegetables on the table, I have a few ideas for refining and seasoning:

Cauliflower butter vegetables , with butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg
Toss the cooked or steamed vegetables in the foamed butter and season to taste. You can refine fried cauliflower with a little butter before serving.

Cauliflower with breadcrumbs, butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg
Toast the breadcrumbs in a pan until light brown, allow to cool briefly next to the stove, melt with butter and season to taste, pour over the vegetables. This preparation is called “with crumb butter”.

Cauliflower with almond flour, oil or butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg
Roast the almond flour, allow to cool, melt with butter or oil and season to taste, pour over the cooked cabbage.

Cauliflower with almond leaves, butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg
Roast the almond flakes in the oven until light brown, alternatively you can use a pan. Allow the almonds to cool briefly, add the butter and season to taste, pour over the vegetables.

Cauliflower with parmesan, salt, pepper, nutmeg
Season the cooked vegetables, sprinkle with finely grated parmesan, drizzle with olive oil and serve.

Baked cauliflower with Emmental or cheese
Place the vegetables in an oven dish, season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Top with cheese slices or sprinkle with grated cheese and bake until light brown on the “Grill” heat setting.

Cauliflower with béchamel or mornay sauce
Toss the cooked vegetables with the béchamel sauce or in the Mornay sauce , which is a béchamel sauce with cheese, season to taste and serve.

Cauliflower with cream or soy cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg
Reduce the cream by half in a saucepan, season with salt, pepper, nutmeg and cayenne pepper, add the cooked vegetables and toss.

Cauliflower with coconut milk and curry
Refine cooked vegetables in a simple sauce made from coconut milk, curry, salt, pepper and sugar and serve.

Cauliflower with saffron
Froth the butter in a hot pan, season with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and nutmeg. Add the saffron, toss the cooked vegetables in it and serve.

Cauliflower with whipped butter sauce
Cook the cabbage and then serve with freshly prepared hollandaise sauce or béarnaise sauce.

Topping for cooked cauliflower
Almond flour and butter make a great topping for the cauliflower and double as a gluten-free substitute for crumbly butter.
Cauliflower Salad
Cauliflower marinated in vinegar as a salad.

10. Recipes Ideas Cauliflower

You will find some selected ideas for beautiful dishes with cauliflower below:

Salmon on Mashed Potatoes recipe image
Roasted salmon on mashed potatoes with cauliflower and saffron
Cauliflower Salad
Served cauliflower salad

11. FAQ Cooking Cauliflower

The most frequently asked questions about the popular vegetable are summarized below.

1. Under which names is the cauliflower known?

Blumenkohl kochen titelbild

Other names for cauliflower are cheese cabbage, grape cabbage, minaret cabbage and Italian cabbage.

2. How to recognise fresh cauliflower?

Blumenkohl Blätter

You can recognise fresh cauliflower by its unblemished white florets and strong foliage.

3. Why is cauliflower considered healthy?

cauliflower leaves

The super cabbage contains only 25 calories per 100 g, 200 mg potassium, 22 mg calcium and 48.2 mg vitamin C, as well as 0.4 mg iron, 0.2 mg vitamin B6 and 15 mg magnesium.

4. How can I prepare cauliflower in a digestible way for the stomach and intestines?

Blumenkohl gekocht

Beim Kochen in Salzwasser lösen sich viele Reizstoffe und der Kohl wird dadurch leichter verdaulich. Bei empfindlichem Magen und Darm auf das Dämpfen und das Braten vom Kohl verzichten und lieber kochen.

5. Can I also prepare cauliflower whole?

Blumenkohl von den Blättern lösen

Boil the cabbage in a large pot of salted water for about 15-20 minutes, then lift it out of the water and serve with garnishes.

6. How can I tell that the cauliflower is cooked?

Blumenkohlreste in der Pfanne geröstet

Prick the cooked, whole cabbage or the cabbage florets with a thin fork. If this is done easily and without much pressure, the cabbage is cooked.

7. How does cauliflower stay white when cooked?

Blumenkohl gekocht

Adding salt is quite sufficient, the salt water should taste like seawater, so the cabbage stays white and tastes delicious. Adding milk to the cooking water does not produce any additional effect.

8. How can I cook cauliflower evenly?

Strunke der Röschen kreuzförmig einschneiden

The cabbage florets are always cooked earlier than the cabbage stalks, so cut the cabbage stalks crosswise before cooking.

12. More Cooking Tips

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