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Guinea Fowl Recipe For Ingeniously Easy To Prepare

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Today I present you a great and simple guinea fowl recipe.

In France, chicken is sometimes the favorite fowl on the menus in star restaurants.

The special chicken offers an intense and aromatic taste.

Compared to normal chicken, it is a bit reminiscent of game. At the same time, it doesn’t taste overpowering.

The method of preparation is inspired by a visit to Paris, I couldn’t resist the black truffles and just had to take some with me.

In the cooking video I show you everything step by step.

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1. Recipe Guinea Fowl

With these instructions you can conjure up a fantastic dish in 15 minutes of preparation time.

Guinea Fowl In Potato Stock

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 328
Total Time 57 Min.
Preparation Time 42 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing guinea fowl.

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Guinea fowl with truffle, potatoes and light sauce
Guinea fowl with truffle in potato stock recipe picture.


1 Piece guinea fowl
2-4 g truffle black fresh (or herbs see post!)
250 g Potatoes
50 g butter
200 ml chicken broth
1 Piece glove of garlic
Some fresh parsley
Some primal salt
Some black ground pepper


guinea fowl
Guinea fowl on the board.

Prepare Poultry

Wash the guinea fowl, pat dry and place on a cutting board.

Carefully peel the skin off the breast, using your fingers to create pockets between the breast meat and the skin.

You can prepare the guinea fowl whole or roast the breast of the guinea fowl.

Black truffle
Black truffle on the kitchen board.

Fill Poultry

Cut the truffle into thin slices and strips, fill the truffle pieces into the guinea fowl pockets and distribute evenly.

Please note the notes on herbs as a filling if you do not get truffles.

Season the guinea fowl with salt and pepper.

Put the guinea fowl in a preheated oven at around 230 degrees Celsius, then reduce the temperature to around 190 degrees Celsius.

The cooking time is around 35-40 minutes.

Boiled potato cubes
Potato cubes cooked on a sieve.

Prepare potatoes

Dice the potatoes (1cm), then lightly brown them in the butter.

Deglaze with chicken broth and bring to the boil.

garlic bulb

Refine potato stock

To flavor the potatoes and potato stock, add some garlic and parsley or stalks and cook over a moderate heat until al dente.

Chicken soup in a pot, it will be delicious!
Chicken soup in a pot with lots of vegetables and herbs. This broth is sure to be delicious!

Supplement fond

Finely chop a few parsley leaves, add to the potatoes and bring to the boil again.

Extend the reduced stock again with some chicken stock.

Guinea fowl with truffle, potatoes and light sauce
Guinea fowl with truffle in potato stock recipe picture.


Take out the guinea fowl, cut it up and carve it.

Put the potatoes and stock in the roaster, stir gently and combine the flavors of the gravy with the potato stock.

Arrange the potatoes and stock, place the truffled guinea fowl breast on top and serve.



2. Calories (kcal) And Nutritional Values

3. Guinea Fowl In the Top Gourmet Version

I love the chicken cooked this way.

I carefully remove the skin from the meat with my fingers, then place finely grated black truffle slices between the breast meat and the skin.

I then season the guinea fowl with salt and pepper and then put it in the preheated (230°C) oven at high temperature.

I then reduce the temperature after a short time, but initially the guinea fowl should get a lot of heat.

Poultry such as chicken, quail, pigeon and guinea fowl harmonize perfectly with the black truffle!
You can even buy truffles pickled in the supermarket.

Tip from chef Thomas Sixt
The pheasant can also be prepared with truffles in potato stock.

4. Easily Prepare Variant For Guinea Fowl With Herbs

Instead of truffles, you can stuff the chicken with herbs.

Use fresh or dried thyme or rosemary.

Please cut the herbs finely so that the aromas can spread wonderfully and the herbs can later be eaten on the plate without any problems.

Garden herbs bouquet
Herbs as a supplement are popular with star chefs, anything that tastes good and makes you happy is allowed.

This herbal thing can now be expanded at will!

Italian herb mixture, also frozen, finely chopped garlic, fine lemon zest and rosemary.

Thyme with garlic and lemon zest is another subtle variation that goes well with the guinea fowl and makes it really tasty.

Guinea fowl with herbs and vegetables as a side dish
The guinea fowl with herbs and Mediterranean vegetables. This is easy and quick to do in the oven.

5. Ideas For Side Dishes With Guinea Fowl

I like the simple cuisine, so I prepare a potato stock.

I first fry the potato cubes in a little butter or clarified butter, then deglaze with chicken stock and refine with garlic, parsley or thyme.

If you want to make it even easier, add the diced potatoes with a little butter after about 20 minutes of cooking time to the Roast Reindl for roasting poultry.

Let the potatoes color a bit and then deglaze with some white wine and chicken broth. Chicken and side dish then cooks in the oven.

Practical and simple: You can prepare guinea fowl and side dishes together in the oven!

Preparation tip from chef Thomas Sixt

6. Other Suitable Ideas

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4.95 from 1214 ratings

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  • Sorry, heard the time in the video 🤗


    • Hello Dirk, I have now added it to the recipe. Thank you for your hint. Kind regards Thomas


  • It would be nice if you could reveal the approximate cooking time for the little animal 🤗


    • Hello Dirk, thanks for your cooking question about the cooking time of guinea fowl. Cook the guinea fowl in the oven at 180-190°C for about 35-40 minutes. This is a guideline 🙂 Greetings Thomas


  • Cool dish. Was looking for something special and happily found it with you. My guests liked it! Bonus! L


    • Thank you for your confirmation! Kind regards Thomas


  • A beautiful dish and so easy. I like to cook simple dishes and this poultry dish with potatoes in the stock is very delicious. It wasn't a guinea fowl for me, I only got corn chickens. Delicious!


    • Thank you Birte, I love reading such fine feedback. Corn chicken is a good alternative to guinea fowl. Kind regards Thomas