Chicken Pan Recipe with Side Dish easy to prepare

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Wow, a Chicken Pan recipe? Read correctly! Today I will show you how to prepare a whole chicken with vegetables in a pan.

The sauce or the fine stock is also made directly in the pan and the dish is practical, requires little effort and goes quickly. Great side effect: The gentle preparation makes the chicken meat very tender.

Step by step I show you how to prepare chicken in the pan in the video. Wish you good luck!

1. Tasty Chicken without Oil in a Pan?

Preparing chicken without using fat sounds a little weird. The question is: does it work and will the chicken be tasty?

I will prove this with my recipe. What you need for preparing the low-fat chicken is a special pan called “Peperita pan”.

You spare yourself energy, washing the dishes and many, many calories!

2. That’s how our Chicken cooks in the Pan…

First I have to heat up the stove (step 7 out of 10). To see when the right temperature is reached, I have a useful tip for you: add some drops of water to the pan. If the water starts “dancing”, the heat is just perfect.

The water has to “dance” in the pan, then you can add the chicken.

I reduce the heat to step 5, put the chicken into the pan and press it down well. That step I repeat with every side of the chicken.

Pressing down is really important, so that the chicken has good contact to the heat.
Mhmm … it smells like roasted chicken!

When all sides of my chicken got some brown color, I put it into the pan and reduce the heat to step 3.

Great vegetables meet the chicken

Many types of vegetables are possible side dishes for the chicken. I decided to use potatoes, mushrooms and carrots.

I cut them into pieces. If you want to cut it exactly as I did, watch my video. Now I add the vegetables and the garlic to the chicken and put the lid on the pan.

Good chickens come to those who wait

Now you have to be a little patient with our chicken. It cooks at stove step 2-3 for about 90 minutes.

A little cooking tip: If you cut the potatoes into smaller pieces than I did, the cooking time will only be 1 hour.

I remove the lid and see …

a fantastic, roasted, aromatic chicken. What I also can see is the natural gravy which I will refine a little.

First I take out the chicken, cut out the breast pieces and arrange them on plates. It is really tender.

How to make the perfect sauce for the chicken:

I add chopped parsley, a little bit of salt and olive oil to the natural gravy.

Olive oil contains many vital substances and makes our sauce more delicious.

In the end I spread the sauce over the chicken and add the side dishes. You will find more cooking tips in my video. Enjoy your chicken!

3. Recipe Chicken in a pan

Chicken in the pan steamed with vegetables

Chicken and side dish prepared in one pan! A Recipe for easy cooking with a lot of fine taste and wonderful gravy. Check this recipe with cooking video instructions from german chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 servings
Calories 433
Total Time 75 Min.
Preparation Time 20 Min.
Cook Time 55 Min.
Chicken and side dish prepared in just one pan! A Recipe for easy cooking with a lot of fine taste and wonderful gravy. Check this recipe with cooking video instructions from german chef Thomas Sixt.

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1 piece roast chicken
4 piece Potatoes
2 piece carrots
4 piece Mushrooms
1 pieces of Garlic clove
1/2 bunch Parsley
20 ml Olive oil
6 pinches Salt
6 pinches Pepper


Heat a frying pan. The pan has reached the right temperature when you put water drops into the pan and they start to “dance” (stove step 7-8).

Add the washed and dabbed dry chicken to the pan and press down softly, then reduce the heat a little (stove step 5).

After a few seconds the pores of the chicken breast close and the chicken gets a nice brown color.

Sear the chicken from all sides, do NOT add oil, it is not necessary.

Add the vegetables to the chicken. Before that, cut the potatoes into 1-inch slices, halve the carrot lengthwise, quarter the mushrooms and mash the garlic clove.

Put the vegetables around the chicken, cover the pan with a lid and reduce the heat (step 2).

If the potatoes have been cut into small pieces, cooking time should be about 1 hour. During this time, the lid should never get so hot that you can’t touch it. If you have a thermometer, it should always be in the green area.

Avoid taking off the lid. If the temperature drops, turn the heat higher – too much heat lets the lid vibrate and steam gets out.

When everything is done, arrange the vegetables on plates and the deboned breast and thighs on plates. Set the rest of the chicken aside and simmer the natural gravy you got. Add parsley, salt, pepper and olive oi. and pour over the chicken and veggies just before serving.


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