Creamy Meat Stew Recipe for a Fast Pan Dish

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Here I show you my German Geschnetzeltes Recipe, its a creamy meat stew also named meat strips in cream sauce. This dish is prepared in less than 30 minutes. You can use pork cutlet, pork tenderloin, turkey breast, turkey escalope or chicken breast.

The *** version of this dish, prepared with veal jus, is the Zurich Ragout, which you can already find elsewhere here on the cooking blog.

I like this dish because it is quite wonderful and quick to prepare. At the same time it harmonizes with many seasonal ingredients.

If you want it to go very quickly, just cook rice with it. Vegetables can be accompanied by zucchini, carrots or asparagus, broccoli and butter beans.

With mushrooms you can give the dish an extra flavor kick. Mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, herb mushrooms, porcini mushrooms and chanterelles really make me go into raptures. Enough talking and writing, let’s get in the kitchen at the stove and whip up a delicious dish! Wish you good luck!

1. Recipe Creamy Meat Stew German “Geschnetzeltes”

Creamy Meat Stew German Geschnetzeltes

Guidance and translation from chef Thomas Sixt

Servings 2
Calories 282
Total Time 30 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.

Step by step instructions with many photos, cooking video and tips for preparing German Geschnetzeltes, Creamy Meat Strips.

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Meat Stew recipes picture
Meat Stew with Cream Sauce Recipes Image © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer


2 pc turkey escalope
1 pc Shallot
1 tbs Sunflower oil
125 ml chicken broth or vegetable broth
100 ml dry white win
80 ml Cream
primal salt
black ground pepper
Cayenne pepper
1/2 Bunch Parsley


Meat Strips for Crem Stew geschnetzeltes
Meat Strips for Crem Stew geschnetzeltes

Prepare meat

Wash the turkey cutlets under cold running water and dry them.

Cut the cutlets into even strips.

Get meat ready in a bowl.

Clean and dry cutting board.

diced shallots
Cut shallots into fine cubes

Prepare shallot

Halve and peel the shallot, leaving the root on the shallot.

Finely dice the halves of the shallot.

Broth, wine and cream
From left in picture: broth, wine and cream

Prepare sauce ingredients

Prepare the sauce ingredients: Broth, dry white wine, prosecco or rose, cream.

Fry strips of meat
Fry strips of meat

Brown meat

Fry the prepared meat strips in a hot pan with the oil nimbly on all sides.

Fried meat strips with shallots cubes
Fried meat strips with shallots cubes

Add shallots

Add the prepared shallot cubes and sauté briefly until colorless.

fried meat stripes with onions
fried meat stripes with onions

Supplement flour

Sift a little flour into the pan and fry briefly.

Add the cream to the meat
Add the cream to the meat


Deglaze with the wine, add the stock and bring to the boil.

Slowly pour the cream into the boiling sauce.

Let the meat simmer gently, check the cooking point of the meat.

Meat Stew with Cream Sauce ready in the Pan
Meat Stew with Cream Sauce ready in the Pan


Season the meat with salt, pepper, nutmeg, cayenne pepper and freshly chopped parsley.

Meat Stew recipes picture
Meat Stew with Cream Sauce Recipes Image © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Plate arranging

Prepare hot plates, either in the oven at 100°C for 15 minutes, or heat in the microwave.

Serve the meat stew “Geschnetzeltes” with rice, mashed potatoes, buttered potatoes, gnocchi, spaetzle and a butterhead lettuce.



2. Calories and Nutritional Values

3. Cooking Tips for Geschnetzeltes

For your kitchen, more tips follow here:

Tips for shallots, onions or garlic?

You can prepare your Geschnetzeltes Meat Stew with yellow or white onions, as well as with shallots. The latter is simply finer in taste and gives the sauce a finer appearance.

The use of garlic remains a matter of taste. Please cut garlic finely and do not press it. Pressed garlic makes the sauce bitter. A good amount is a small clove of garlic, added to the above recipe.

Much more charming is young and still green garlic as a crunchy topping:
For this, cut light green and white from the young garlic bulb into the finest rings. You can also use a slicer! Fry the fine rings in a little oil. After that the crispy garlic rings may be put on a paper towel to drain. After that they get a pinch of salt sprinkled on. The garlic is added to the plate just before serving and conjures up a wonderful aroma on the palate.

Meat Tips

I had already described it in the introduction: You can use any meat that is suitable for short roasting for your Geschnetzeltes.

Generally, these are cutlets, steaks, fillet or poultry breast. Typical are turkey meat, chicken meat, veal, pork, exotic and exciting is game meat or even lamb.

Cut the meat evenly so that the preparation goes well. Pay attention to the freshness of the meat, quick processing and a clean cutting board.

Fry with oil or with butter

In general, butter is not suitable for browning meat. The heat is too high for the butter and it would burn.

Good oils for sautéing are clarified butter, refined canola oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, generally oils that can tolerate high heat.

Please avoid the smoke point of the pan, a pan that is too hot and smoking oil is not a good start.

White wine and broth

For deglazing, a dry white wine or rose wine is suitable, as well as Prosecco. For the broth, you can use chicken broth or vegetable broth.

The sauce becomes brilliant with a homemade chicken soup or in the dark version with veal jus.

Cream, soy cream or crème fraîche?

You can prepare your sauce with cream or soy cream or use the creamy crème fraîche. Soy cream is ideal if you are intolerant to cow’s milk products.

Always pour the cream slowly into the boiling liquid. This prevents the cream from flocculating.

Crème fraîche provides a good binding, you should not let the sauce boil after adding the crème fraîche.

Suitable herbs

For the herbs, I recommend parsley or thyme and fresh wild garlic in season. You can also add chives cut into small rolls, but watch the amount, here is less more!

Cress and young sprouts are also a good addition.

Always cut the herbs fresh and add the finely chopped herbs at the end. Do not let the sauce boil, so you preserve the fine aroma of the herbs.

Frozen herbs are an alternative, but always second choice. Fresh herbs are more charming and energetic, the wonderful green color enriches your plate.

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