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chocolate cream-easy-to-prepare-recipe

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My dessert recipe Chocolate Cream will delight you. The cream consists of few ingredients and is a real delicacy. Please use a high-quality chocolate which may cost a few euros more. I make this chocolate cream gladly for guests and show several variants. A strong and firm chocolate cream, a light and airy variant as well as a chocolate cream with Qimiq. The cooking video chocolate cream prepare accompanies you directly in your kitchen. At geht´s you can quickly and easily prepare a great chocolate dessert! Good luck!

1. Chocolate Cream Dessert firm and strong

My guests love this cream, which I prepare differently depending on the season. It has a simple background. During my apprenticeship at Alfons Schuhbeck I got to know his delicacy cream. The cream has a very firm consistency and is less of a chocolate mousse. With this variant 1/3 chocolate, cream fraiche and whipped cream come together. The order is the same as in the last sentence. The chocolate must not become too warm, then the cream fraiche is stirred in it, if this mass is lips-warm, the whipped cream is lifted under with a dough scraper. Fill the mixture quickly and put it in a cool place. I prepare this firm and strong chocolate cream in the cold season and when absolute chocolate fans come to visit.

2. Chocolate Cream Dessert light and airy

The light and airy chocolate cream consists of 100 g chocolate and 200 g whipped cream. That sounds unbelievable, it is unbelievably tasty, too. Decisive for the taste experience is an excellent chocolate and fresh whipped cream. Anyone who has tried this chocolate cream will be happy to do without the egg yolks and the elaborate preparation of a chocolate mousse in the future.

3. Prepare Chocolate Cream with Qimiq

Qimiq is a new magic ingredient in the kitchen, a milk product with gelatine. For inexperienced chocolate dessert fans, the use of Qimiq is practical, as the chocolate cream becomes firm due to the gelatine content (in the Qimiq). Please process the Qimiq at room temperature, as cold Qimiq is solid and takes a long time to combine with the warm chocolate. Recipe: Mix 1/3 chocolate with 1/3 Quimiq and 1/3 cream to a chocolate cream. 4.

4. What has to be considered when preparing Chocolate Cream?

The following points should generally help you with the preparation of chocolate cream. Tip 1: Melt chocolate and chocolate coating at a moderate temperature. In addition to the quality of the ingredients, the temperature is of crucial importance. The chocolate must not get too hot. In practice, finely chopped chocolate has been shown to melt better. This is best done in a water bath or at an induction cooker with very precise temperature control. Tip 2: Do not whip cream for chocolate cream and chocolate mousse too stiffly. If you whip the cream very tightly, it becomes flaky. This cream, I call it “cloud cream”, cannot be (under)lifted well under the chocolate mass and the chocolate cream or the chocolate mousse becomes crisp. The cream should already be whipped firmly, but still be smooth, then it has the ideal consistency for chocolate cream and chocolate mousse. Tip 3: Mix chocolate lip warm with the whipped cream. If the chocolate is mixed too hot with the whipped cream, the whipped cream collapses and becomes liquid again. The firmness and the air are then out, in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, the chocolate or chocolate mixed with cream fraiche must be at about the same temperature as the lips. So it can just still combine well with the whipped cream and the airiness (of the whipped cream) remains.

5. What do I do with crispy Chocolate Mousse or Chocolate Cream?

The trick of warming up again with crispy chocolate mousse or chocolate cream does not really work well. By adding heat, the whipped cream lets the air out and the chocolate mousse/cream becomes liquid again at the end. You can try it this way: Place the chocolate mousse/cream on the water bath and stir carefully with a clean hand. This way you immediately feel where the cream is crispy and you also feel it when it gets too warm. This way you can keep the volume of the cream for the most part and get your cream smooth and even.

6. Cooking Video Chocolate Cream Dessert

7. Recipe Chocolate Cream as Dessert

Chocolate Cream

Chocolate cream as dessert, chocolate cream better than chocolate mousse without egg, a recipe by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 380
Total Time 20 Min.
Preparation Time 5 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.
Chocolate cream as dessert and as filling for cakes and biscuits I explain and show in this recipe with cooking video. The chocolate cream succeeds completely without egg and gelatine and tastes great. Two variations for your next dessert are presented. Additionally an extra chocolate cream for filling as well as the well-known Parisian cream which is also called Canache or Ganache. Good success!

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chocolate cream-easy-to-prepare-recipe


100 g Cream
150 g dark chocolate
100 g Créme Fraîche (or Qimiq)
6 pc raspberries


Place the whipped cream, which has not been whipped quite stiffly, in the fridge.

Cut the chocolate into small pieces and melt at a moderate temperature. If possible, use a water bath.

Stir the cream Fraiche or Qimiq into the chocolate, stir almost cold or lip warm and temper.

Add the chocolate mass quickly to the whipped cream, fill quickly and chill for 2-3 hours.

Decorate chocolate cream with raspberries and serve.

8. Chocolate Cream Dessert, Calories and Nutritional Values

9 . Other Recipes for Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Cream

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Hints for chocolate cream as filling for cakes

The firm version of my cream (number 2 above) is also suitable for filling pies or cakes. more simple recipes below:

Chocolate cream for sponge cake and chocolate moulade

The chocolate cream for filling biscuits consists of 200 g chocolate and 200 g cream. Here the preparation is different: Melt the chopped chocolate in the heated cream and let it cool down. Whip the cold chocolate cream before filling. While we are at it, I would like to introduce the ganache, a traditional chocolate cream made from chocolate coating and cream, which is used for filling and coating pastries and sweets.

Ganache – Canache – Parisian cream

This cream is even more compact and usually consists of cream/cream in one part and chocolate coating in two parts. The cream is brought to the boil and the chopped chocolate is stirred in. For Ganache I found a great article at Sally, you can find it here.


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