Chocolate mousse with mint flavor from candies

A crazy way of cooking Chocolate mousse with mint flavor from candies

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Everyone likes chocolate: In my recipe Chocolate Mousse with mint you will find a perfect satisfaction for your chocolate cravings. Chocolate mousse is a poem and the crowning glory of any menu. Exciting with this variation: I cook with bimenthol cough drops. In the video Prepare chocolate mousse I show you all the tricks step by step. Good success!

1. What you need for easy Chocolate Mousse preperation

Good preparation is half of the pie in the kitchen. What we need for our delicious mousse is: dark chocolate, cream, Qimiq, gelatin, water, mint and our special ingredient: Bimenthol candy! If you can’t get this type, just use any menthol-flavored cough drops.
Normally I use these tasty candies only when I have a sore throat, today they are going to make my belly smile.
Before we can start with the preparation of the chocolate mousse, we have to put one package of the Bimenthol candies into the freezer for about 3 hours. Otherwise we can’t use them later – so don’t forget that. After 3 hours freezing we finally can start. The whole recipe is well described below but to get helpful cooking advice, you should definitely watch the video and follow my instructions. I promise nothing can go wrong. And the good thing is, you can watch the video several times.

2. Tipps for Quick chocolate mousse that everyone can prepare

What’s really cool about this recipe is that it is done in a really short time. And besides the fact that the recipe is very quick, it’s also simple – people who normally only use the kitchen for microwaving can do that. One cooking tip in advance for the less experienced ones among you: be careful with the temperature of the dark chocolate when adding the whipped cream. If the chocolate is too hot the mixture won’t be creamy enough. There is a useful method to see when the right temperature has been reached:
The “lip-test”: Does the chocolate feel just warm on lips and skin, then it is the right time to pour the whipped cream in

2.1 Tip 1: Chocolate mousse without eggs

“There is no real chocolate mousse without eggs!“ Is this what you thought when you first read the ingredients list? It is true, there are many recipes including eggs, and both is possible. The advantage of my version without eggs is that it is longer fresh than when using raw eggs.

2.2 Tip 2: Special “kick” with Bimenthol candy for “AFTER EIGHT! taste

The highlight of this recipe is definitely the combination with Bimenthol candies. Maybe it sounds a little weird using cough drops for cooking but I promise if you like the combination of chocolate and mint, you will love this mousse! The candies are used in two different ways for the chocolate mousse. Firstly you pour it onto the mousse as a syrup, secondly you use the crushed ones for the decoration in the end. So what is the perfect occasion for serving this chocolate mousse? In my opinion it would be highlight of every dinner – impress the ones you love! Finally I just can say: try this recipe – you won’t regret it!

3. Cooking video for the chocolate mousse preparation

4. Recipe for simple, easy chocolate mousse

Find below my recipe for the chocolate mousse. It’s a simple recipe. I wish you much fun and good appetite!

Easy Chocolate mousse with mint flavor

Great recipe for chocolate mousse. Chef Thomas Sixt from Germany will show you his recipe. Cooking video instruction and many tips for a great and exceptional chocolate mousse.

Servings 4 serving
Calories 406
Total Time 45 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 35 Min.
Great recipe for chocolate mousse with a special ingredient. I’ll show you a chocolate mousse prepared with mint sweets. the taste will remind you of AFTER EIGHT. Recipe with variations and cooking video instructions, many tips for a great and exceptional chocolate mousse.

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A crazy way of cooking Chocolate mousse with mint flavor from candies


2 packs Bimenthol candy
150 ml Water
1 leaf Gelatin
150 g dark chocolate
100 g Qimiq (or crème fraîche)
150 g Cream
1 bunc peppermint


Put one pack of the Bimenthol candy into the freezer for about 3 hours. After that, crush the candies quickly into fine powder. Freeze the Bimenthol “snow powder” again.

You can also prepare this chocolate mousse without candys so than it is a very tasty dessert without mint taste…

Prepare some small jars or glasses for the chocolate mousse.

Then soak the gelatin in cold water.

Chop the second package of Bimenthol candies into little pieces and bring it to a boil with 150ml of water. Set the candy syrup aside and keep it lukewarm.

Squeeze out the gelatin and dissolve in the warm candy syrup.

Cut the dark chocolate into pieces and warm it up. Stir in the QimiQ (room temperature) and let the chocolate cream cool down until it is “lip-warm”.

Whip the cream until it is almost stiff and fold the cream into the chocolate mixture.

Fill the jars with a little bit of the chocolate mousse and put them in the fridge. After 15 minutes pour in the candy syrup on top (3-5mm).

Put the jars into the fridge for another 15 minutes and add more chocolate mousse and syrup. Now cool for about 2 hours.

Place the jars with chocolate mousse on plates with napkins and decorate with a peppermint leaf and some of the Bimenthol “snow powder”.


5. Calories for recipe chocolate mousse, infos to the nutritional values

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