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Frequently asked questions about grilling fish

Grill the salmon fillet
Grilling salmon fillet is very easy, you can find more grill recipes here in the blog.

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This article answers the most frequently asked questions about grilling fish. You can find my chef´s tips how to grill fish elsewhere.

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1. Can I grill frozen fish without defrosting?

No, it is best to defrost the fish wrapped in foil in cold water, dry it and then grill it.

2. Should I put fish in oil for grilling?

No. It is sufficient to brush the grill surface or the grate lightly with oil. Dry the fish or fillet, season it shortly before placing it on the grill and prepare it on the grill without oil.

3. Should I marinate fish before grilling?

Please grill heavily marinated fish in beechwood chips, in banana leaf or in aluminium foil.

4. Which fish is suitable for grilling?

You can theoretically grill any fish whole or portioned into fillets. Popular ones are: Trout, zander, catfish, gilthead, sea bass, monkfish, salmon, cod, cod and halibut. Sole fillets and plaice fillets can be shaped into rolls and grilled briefly indirectly on a skewer.

5. At what temperature should I grill fish?

It is best to grill fish after it has reached a white ember.

6. Should I acidify fish before grilling?

Souring refers to marinating with citron juice. As a professional chef, I recommend adding lemon juice to the cooked fish after grilling.

7. Do I need aluminium foil or trays for grilling fish?

With a little patience and guidance, you can grill fish directly on the oiled grill grate. Wait until the charcoal has turned a white colour and cook the fillets briefly. This usually happens very quickly and you can see the cooking process by the change in colour.

8. Do I have to score the whole fish on the side?

As a cooking professional, I recommend that you do not cut into the sides of the fish. The fillets will dry quickly and the fish will cook more evenly without cutting.

9. Can I grill large fish?

As a Chef, I would advise you not to do that. Buy portion fish and fillet large fish instead. —> Flame salmon provides a good hint here! The large salmon fillets are cooked indirectly on a board.

10. Can I grill noble fish like Limandes or sole whole?

Cooking this fish on the grill is an art, depending on the size! You could prepare the fish indirectly on a board to ensure success. However, we recommend fillets, which you can twist into fish rolls and then fix with a wooden skewer.

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