Frequently asked questions about Weißwurst, the Bavarian white Sousage

White sausages in the cooking stock
Cooking water for the veal sausages, ideally with salt, spices and vegetables. The eye eats too!

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This article answers the most frequently asked questions about Weißwurst. You can find the step-by-step instructions for cooking Weißwurst elsewhere.

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1. How do you make Bavarian white sausages named Weißwurst?

Weißwürste im Kochsud

The white sausages are made by the master butcher. At home, heat the sausages at least in salted water or, at best, prepare them in a fine sausage broth with vegetables and spices, as explained in the article. For a perfect taste experience, wear lederhosen and dirndl!

2. Cook white sausages with or without a lid?

Weißwurst im Kochwasser

Place the white sausages in a sufficient amount of boiling salted water or cooking stock and then leave to infuse next to the cooker without a lid for up to 15 minutes.

3. What is the right water temperature for preparing Weißwurst?

Weißwurst kochen

Bring the cooking stock to the boil, the temperature is 100°C. Put the cold sausages in, this will lower the temperature to about 95-98°C. Leave the sausages in the pot next to the cooker without a lid and without adding any more heat.

4. Why is salt water important for heating white sausages?

Weißwurst kochen Zutaten

Sausages release flavour and salt in unsalted water. This is even more pronounced when you heat the sausages in cold water. Therefore, place the sausages in boiled salted water and let them steep in the pot next to the cooker for 15 minutes.

5. What is the Weißwurst made of

Weißwurst ohne Haut

The veal sausage consists of pork and veal and belongs to the boiled sausages. The sausage meat, i.e. the sausage mass, is prepared without nitrite curing salt. The white sausage is thus related to the woollen sausage and the stock sausage.

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