Simple Pork Fillet Recipe with Horseradish Sauce

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Today I show you my pork fillet recipe with horseradish sauce.

On average, around 60 kilograms of meat and meat products of all kinds are consumed per capita in Germany every year.

Pork accounts for about two-thirds of that.

The most popular meat in Germany, pork, here in the fine version as pork tenderloin or pork fillet can be prepared easily and quickly.

If you buy your meat at the butcher and maybe even take the good organic meat, the meat is also nice and tender and leaves little water.

I wish you a lot of fun and good luck!

1. Recipe Pork Fillet

The perfect preparation you will find below with many tips from the professional kitchen.

Pork Filet with Horseradish Sauce

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 420
Total Time 40 Min.
Preparation Time 20 Min.
Cook Time 20 Min.

Easy Guide for Pork tenderloin with horseradish sauce.

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Pork tenderloin served with horseradish sauce and vegetables
Pork Fillet, also called pork tenderloin, is served with horseradish sauce and vegetables.


500 g pork filet á 125 g
2 pinch Salt
2 pinch Pepper
1 tbs clarified butter
2 pc onions
1 pc clove of garlic
150 g carrots
150 g celery
150 g leeks
80 ml white wine
100 ml vegetable broth or a bunch of soup vegetables
30 g butter
2 tbs Parsley
some horseradish (grated)


pork tenderloin head
Raw pork tenderloin head

Prepare pork tenderloin

Have the butcher clean and trim the pork tenderloin.

Wash the meat, pat dry and cut into 2 cm thick slices.

Alternatively, you can cut the fillet into 3 parts and fry it whole.

Dice shallot
Finely dice a shallot.

Onions and garlic

Peel and finely dice the onions and garlic.

Root vegetables prepared
Root vegetables prepared

Prepare vegetables

Wash, peel and cut the vegetables into thin strips.

Prepare cream sauce
Prepare cream sauce

Prepare sauce

Sauté the diced onion and garlic and 1/3 of the vegetable strips.

After 4 minutes, deglaze with the white wine and vegetable stock and simmer gently.

Slowly pour the cream into the boiling stock.

Blend the sauce, bring to the boil and let it mature for 10 minutes.

Mix the cornstarch.
Mixing cornstarch to thicken.

Sauce complete

Strain the sauce through a fine sieve, bring to the boil and thicken with cold cornstarch if desired.

Add the cold butter and horseradish and blend with a hand blender until frothy.

Season the sauce with salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste.

Carrot strips
Cut the carrots into strips

Prepare vegetables

Blanch 2/3 of the vegetable strips in boiling salted water until firm to the bite and cool.

Put the vegetables in a pot with some butter and season with salt, pepper, nutmeg.

pork tenderloin medallions roasted pink
pork tenderloin medallions roasted pink

Brown meat

Season the meat with salt and pepper.

Sear the fillet pieces briefly on both sides in a pan with the clarified butter over high heat and cook until pink with the lid on.

Pork tenderloin served with horseradish sauce and vegetables
Pork Fillet, also called pork tenderloin, is served with horseradish sauce and vegetables.


Arrange the pork tenderloin on the hot vegetable strips and add the foamed sauce.

I wish you a good appetite!


2. Calories (kcal) and Nutritional Values

3. How to Properly Fry Pork Tenderloin

I fry the fillet pieces seasoned with salt and pepper in a pan with clarified butter briefly on both sides.

Then you can let the meat cook in the pan with a lid or wrapped in aluminum foil to relax a bit.

Further cooking is then done in vegetable stock or in the oven. Tip: pan is easier 🙂

Pork fillet fried in a pan

4. Prepare sauce to pork fillet

I prepare the vegetable stock from fresh vegetables and some white wine.

I add garlic, a little salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Then I add cream and mix everything with a hand blender until frothy.

Bring the sauce to a boil, let it stand for 10 minutes, then strain through a sieve.

Optionally, you can thicken the sauce with cornstarch: To do this, add about 1 tsp of cornstarch to a little cold water and stir.

Bring the sauce to the boil and add the starch water until the desired binding is achieved.

Finally, add horseradish and cold butter and mix until frothy. Mhhh delicious 🙂

Pork tenderloin served on root vegetables with horseradish sauce.

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