Pork Chop in the Oven

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Here I present the recipe for pork chops in the oven. The basis for this simple and quick oven dish is pork chops and sesame furikake from the Cooking Box.

Today the pan stays cold, the oven does all the work 🙂 This article will guide you step by step. I wish you good luck!

1. Shopping list for pork chops in the oven

Right in the first paragraph you will find the practical shopping list and the first overview of the dish.



Next, let’s look at the preparation.

Porc chop in the oven
Preparing chops in the oven is easy. I used a new ingredient for the crust. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

2. Preparing pork chop in the oven to perfection

First a little meat in the oven 1×1:

Let’s take a look at the seasoning variants: it’s going to be exciting.

The sesame seeds with wasabi, ume plums, kimchi and yuzo season the meat exquisitely.

Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt
Sesame spice mixture
Sesame Furikake spice mix comes from Japan and seduces us with different flavours. You can order the product as a cooking box online.

3. Recipe chop in the oven

Chop in the oven

Recipe from chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 259
Total Time 14 Min.
Preparation Time 14 Min.
Cook Time 35 Min.

This recipe article deals with preparing pork chops in the oven. All the sure-fire tips from chef Thomas Sixt.

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Chop in the oven recipe picture
Cutlet in the oven with vegetables recipe picture


Chop ingredients

2 pc pork chops (I buy organic meat)
1 tsp starch
80 ml Water
80 g Sesame Furikake (See Sesame Cooking Box)

Side dishes ingredients

3 pc tomatoes (I use organic tomatoes)
1 pc red onions
1 pc garlic (I like to use young garlic)
6 pinches Salt
2-4 pinches Pepper
3 tbs oliv oil
1 tbs brown sugar (Or Stevia)
1/4 bunch thyme (Or majoram for decoration)
some chilli


Sesame spice mix
Sesame Furikake spice mixture comes from Japan and seduces us with different flavors. You can order the product as a cooking box practically online.

Preheat the oven to the highest heat setting. Set the table and warm the plates. Have a roasting pan ready. Mix the sesame furikake in a bag.

garlic and tomato roaster
Garlic and tomatoes prepared in the roaster.

Wash the tomato, cut it in half horizontally in the middle and place the halves in a roasting pan with the cut side facing up. Halve the garlic in the same way and place it ready. Peel the onion, cut it in half horizontally and place it in the roasting pan. Season the cut surfaces of the vegetables with salt, pepper, sugar, olive oil and chilli.

Prepare the chop
Prepare the chop with sesame seeds

Wash the meat well under cold running water. Dry with kitchen paper and place in the roaster. Mix cornflour with a little cold water. Dab the top of the chop with starch water and spoon on sesame seeds.

Chop sesame crust
Cutlet with sesame crust furikake

Cover all the meat from the chop 2 mm thick with sesame seeds.

Chop in the oven recipe picture
Cutlet in the oven with vegetables recipe picture

Nimbly place the meat and vegetables in the oven on medium heat. The cooking time is about 25 minutes, depending on the cooker. Watch the browning of the crust and reduce the temperature if necessary. The cooked meat will spring when pressed. Arrange and enjoy. Enjoy your meal!

If your cooker is an older model, I recommend searing the meat briefly and quickly on one side before applying the crust. Then let the meat cool briefly. Then apply the starch water and place the furikake sesame seeds as a crust on the meat. The cooking time is then reduced by 5-7 minutes.

Important note: Generally, the cooking time depends on your cooker model and the thickness of the chop. Thicker pieces of meat take longer, means start at a high temperature, then reduce the temperature. The starch water binds the sesame seeds to the meat like breadcrumbs.



4. Calories and nutritional values

5. More ideas

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