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I will show you my roast pork crispy recipe in this post.

The herb roast pork is filled with sage, thyme, rosemary, lovage, lavender and marjoram.

The herbs come fresh from the garden this time.

The roast recipe is easy, you need a good 2.5 hours with preparation and preparation until the delicious roast with herbs is ready.

I wish you every success and I would be happy if you cook it and share it with your friends.

1. Recipe Roast Pork

Here are the instructions with step-by-step photos.

I wish you good luck!

Feel free to leave me a cooking question or kitchen gossip at the bottom of the page using the comment function.

Roast Pork Crispy

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4
Calories 303
Total Time 170 Min.
Preparation Time 120 Min.
Cook Time 50 Min.

Simple instructions for preparing pork roast as a crust roast.

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Roast Pork Crispy Recipe Image
Roast Pork Crispy Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Roast pork with herbs

1 kg meat from shoulder of pork (with rind – skin)
300 ml cold water (or vegetable broth)
primal salt
black ground pepper
1 bunch mixed herbs (Sage, thyme, rosemary, lovage, lavender, marjoram)
4 Pieces glove of garlic
1 Piece Lemon

Herb sauce

30 g butter

Roast pork with herbs

4 Pieces cherry tomatoes

Herb sauce

150 ml dry white win

Vegetables, potatoes and glazed root vegetables

2 Bunch Soup vegetables
4 Piece big potatoes
some nutmeg

braised white cabbage

1/4 head white cabbage
some Caraway
etwas brown can sugar

Herb sauce

1 Piece onions
2 Piece Bay leaf
1 Piece Allspice
200 ml Vegetable broth
1 tsp Cornstarch


Score the rind with a sharp knife

Prepare rind

Score the rind of the pork shoulder with a sharp knife.

I cut the rind about 3-4 mm deep so that the fat can drain out easily when frying.

cut pork rind
Crusty roast raw with rind pattern

rind pattern

In addition, I cut a small rind pattern.

This is better because the roast will be easier to cut open and carve later.

Boil the pork rind in salted water
Parboil the roast with the cut rind at the bottom.

Boil rind

Cook the prepared, incised pork shoulder with the rind side down in a Reindl in salted water.

I let the rind simmer for a good 15 minutes, then the crumbs get better.

cooked pork rind
Parboiled pork rind from crust roast

Overcool meat

Then remove the meat with the partially cooked rind from the Reindl and allow to cool briefly.

I put the roast in the fridge for a while.

Chopped herbs
Chopped fresh herbs on the kitchen board

Prepare herbs

I conscientiously pluck the fresh garden herbs thyme, rosemary, a little lavender, lovage and marjoram and take a lot of time for this.

There’s something meditative about it.

The herbs are finely chopped with half the garlic and the fine lemon zest.

Cut pockets in the meat for larding
We lard our meat, ie we cut suitable pockets into the meat with a sharp knife.

Meat pockets

I poke deep pockets into the overcooled, prepared piece of meat from the front.

I push the knife very deep into the meat so that herbs can later arrive at the other end.

Put the herbs in the meat pockets with a spoon
Our fresh herbs with their great aromas go into the prepared meat pockets.

Filling 1

I then use a spoon to fill the herbs into the previously cut meat pockets.

Preheat the oven to 160°C top heat/convection so that the roast can later be put into the preheated oven.

Stuff herbs into pockets with chopsticks
I stuff the meat pockets with the herbs with a wooden stick.

Filling 2

The herb mixture is gradually stuffed into the meat pockets with a chopstick.

This is time-consuming, but worth it because the meat is flavored from the inside with the herbs.

Roast pork stuffed with herbs and seasoned
We have now filled our roast with crusty so heavily with herbs that all the aromatics are perfectly distributed in the meat.

Herbed Roast

In addition, the outside of the roast is seasoned with herbs, salt and pepper.

I save about 2 tablespoons of herbs for the sauce.

Roast pork in roaster with herbs
Now our roast pork peppered with fresh herbs is served in the roaster Covered with herbs, the roast is waiting for the oven.

Oven ready

The roast is then returned to the Reindl, the slightly salted water from cooking the rind remains in the Reindl.

I add halved cocktail tomatoes, the rest of the garlic and butter, and also pour in white wine.

I put the remaining bunches of herbs on the roast.

The herb roast pork is placed in the preheated oven for 75 minutes.

Seasoned white cabbage for stewing
We cut our white cabbage into eighths and season it: cabbage goes well with caraway.

Prepare cabbage

Cut the white cabbage into eighths, place on a baking tray, sprinkle with salt, pepper, caraway and a little sugar.

Vegetables peeled and cut as an accompaniment to roast pork
Regional root vegetables go wonderfully with roasts. On top of that, it looks colorful!

Root vegetables

Peel the root vegetables carrots, turnips, parsley root, celery and potatoes and cut into attractive pieces.

Vegetables with butter and spices in Reindl
The root vegetables are well seasoned in the roaster. Off to the oven with it.

Prepare vegetables

Place the prepared vegetables in a Reindl.

Refine with 50 ml water, butter, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Place the prepared cabbage and vegetables in the oven with the meat and cook together for 30 minutes.

Remove the vegetables from the oven and reheat just before serving.

sauce starter for herb sauce
For a wonderful herb sauce we need a great approach with diced onions, butter and spices.

Prepare sauce

Dice the onion and sauté in a saucepan over low heat with the butter, bay leaves and allspice.

Sauce start after 20 minutes
The sauce works best for me by slow stewing. Hmm, I’m looking forward to the result!

Sweat on

The sauce base for the herb sauce is allowed to develop flavor for about 30 minutes at low heat.

I then add the cornstarch, pour in the white wine and vegetable broth, let the mixture boil up and then simmer on a low heat.

roast pork with herbs after 70 minutes in the oven
Roast pork, crispy and fine in taste, lifted from the broth with herbs. That looks really good.

Pork crust

Take the herb roast pork out of the oven after 70 minutes of cooking.

Pour the gravy over the sauce
Well, for the sauce, the gravy is the icing on the cake. This is how the nice roasted aroma comes from the meat.

Finish gravy

The gravy from the roast pork with herbs is poured into the sauce.

The meat goes back into the oven and is pushed onto the highest possible rail.

Depending on the condition of the crust, activate the grill function and cook the crusty perfectly.

Herb roast pork crispy and fully cooked
This is what my finished crusted roast looks like: Crispy rind and lots of wonderful herbs.

crust roast

The crispy herb roast pork is now ready.

I am very happy with the result and the crispy crust.

Herb roast pork when slicing
I cut the roast into evenly pleasing slices. The end piece is for the cook to snack on 🙂

Carve roast

Cut the meat open, pass the sauce through a fine sieve and bring to the boil with the remaining fresh herbs.

Roast pork served with vegetables and herb sauce
The crusted roast with white cabbage and root vegetables is nicely arranged on the plate.


Heat plates for arranging and serving.

Put the vegetables on the plate.

Arrange the slices of meat.

Place the crusty on top of the meat so it doesn’t get soggy in the sauce.

Mix up the sauce and pour it onto the plate.

Serve quickly and enjoy. Enjoy your meal!


2. Nutritional Values

3. Tips For Roast Pork Crispy With Herbs

The typical roast is usually quite hearty.

This crispy roast is an exception.

You can make filling or spiking with herbs optional.

It’s a little more work for you to conjure up something special on the table.

Instead of beer, wine is added to the sauce today, and lots of herbs, lemon or lime bring a refreshing and exciting dish to the table.

Plenty of fresh herbs bring wonderful aromas to the roast pork!

Tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Herbs for the roast pork, sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender, marjoram, lovage
Fantastic fresh herbs for the roast pork: sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender, marjoram and lovage.

4. Tip For Roast Pork Crispy Skin

I love the crusty pork crust roast and in today’s recipe I’ll show you a sure-fire variant of the finest crusty.

The crispy roast pork should not be hard, but soft and crispy.

It has to crumble in your mouth like a crisp, then it’s just right.

I’m using a pork shoulder today, the meat is ideal for the herb roast.

Score the rind and boil briefly in water, then cook in the oven.

Krusperl tip from chef Thomas Sixt

Roast pork with crispy skin
The crispy “Krusperl” when roasting pork with skin. © Thomas Sixt food photographer

5. Matching Side Dishes For Roast Pork

The classic side dishes for roast pork are mostly

Bread dumplings , serviette dumplings and potato dumplings as well as sauerkraut . and Bavarian cabbage .

Today I’m making a braised white cabbage, glazed potatoes and root vegetables for the crusty roast.

These rather atypical side dishes for roast pork harmonize perfectly with the fresh herbs.

roast pork recipe image
Roast pork recipe image © Thomas Sixt

6. Practical: Prepare Roast Pork With Side Dishes In the Oven

The roast pork is of course prepared in the oven, as are all the side dishes in this recipe.

This is practical and pleasant, simplifies the preparation.

That leaves room for creativity and saves time, which I then use to create the perfect sauce.

Cleverly made – Roast with side dishes, everything from the oven!

Side dishes tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Prepared herbs for roast pork
The plucked herbs, garlic and lemon or lime bring plenty of flavor to the roast pork.

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  • Simply delicious! I've made your roast twice already. Once without and once with the herb filling. The roast is always a great pleasure and tastes delicious. We say thank you! there 🙂


    • Hello, that's good news and if it tastes wonderful every time. Feel free to contact us with cooking questions and kitchen gossip. There are still many recipes waiting for you 🙂 Greetings Thomas


  • Hello Thomas, what I particularly like about this recipe: the many herbs on the meat. I think that's great. There is always something practical about roasting, because the oven does most of the work. Well, there's still a little left: vegetables, sauce, etc. Then it's a great family meal. However, I have prepared such a roast for a party before. That went great and was then "only" the meat. Something like this is coming up again in a few months, namely my birthday. What could I give the guests to go with the roast? So, what can my guest eat with the plate on their lap? Do you have any groundbreaking tips for me? Kind regards, Melli


    • Hello Melina, thank you for your message. I'm glad you wrote it in such detail. –> Maximum oven cooking including side dishes was actually the idea for this roast pork. Kind regards and continued success! Thomas


  • That a Bavarian cooks a roast pork with white wine is something new, I hope you try the recipe out quickly!


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