How to Prepare Roast Veal with Mustard Sauce simply

Roast Veal Recipe with mustard sauce

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I present you my recipe for roast veal with mustard sauce in this post. What makes this tutorial exciting and why is it worth reading for you? The entire cooking process is 100% safe and you can easily prepare this dish on the fly.

Unlike the roast veal with dark morel sauce, this dish comes to the table with a light, pleasant mustard sauce. The sauce foamy dream will delight you. Promise!

Now let’s go to the kitchen and prepare a magical holiday dish.

1. Recipe Roast Veal

Roast Veal with Mustard Sauce

Guidance from chef Thomas Sixt

Servings 4
Calories 985
Total Time 160 Min.
Preparation Time 40 Min.
Cook Time 120 Min.

The simple preparation of veal roast with a mustard sauce shows you this tutorial step by step.

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Roast Veal Recipe with mustard sauce
Roast Veal Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer


Roast Veal

1 L Vegetable broth
100 ml White wine dry
6 pc bay leafs
1 tsp majoram
2 bunch soup vegetable
1 kg veal top round
2 pc marrow bones
1 tbs sun flower oil

Root Vegetables

80 g butter
1 bunch Parsley
primal salt
black ground pepper
grated nutmeg
brown can sugar

Buttered Potatoes

10 pc Potatoes
primal salt
black ground pepper
grated nutmeg
1 tbs sun flower oil
1 tbs butter

Mustard Sauce

150 ml Cream
1 tbs Dijon mustard
primal salt
black ground pepper
Cayenne pepoer
brown suggar
1 tbs corn starch
60 g butter


Stock for roast veal
Stock for roast veal

Prepare broth

Prepare vegetable broth, white wine, bay leaves and marjoram in a cup.

Root vegetables prepared
Root vegetables prepared

Prepare vegetables

Thoroughly peel the washed and dried soup vegetables with a pendulum peeler and have them ready.

Veal roast meat
Veal roast meat prepared in the kitchen

Prepare veal

Wash the veal under cold running water and then dry it with kitchen paper.

Fresh marrow bones
Fresh marrow bones

Prepare marrow bones

Get the marrow bones ready next to the stove.

Sauté veal
Sauté veal

Sauté veal

Brown the meat in a pot over high heat with a little oil.

Roast veal in pot
Roast veal in pot.

Turn meat

Turn the meat after three to four minutes and fry on all sides.

Roast veal
Roast veal

Add marrow bone

Add the marrow bones to the pot.

–> I have additionally added a piece of beef rib (optional).

Roast veal with root vegetables
Roast veal with root vegetables

Prepare roast

Deglaze the meat and boil in the pot with the prepared broth and fill up.

–> Quickly boil the stock, then put the prepared soup vegetables.

–> Bring the stock to a strong boil once more, then reduce the heat.

–> Meat and vegetables should now be simmering gently.

Set kitchen timer for 12 minutes.

Take root vegetables
Take root vegetables

Remove soup vegetables

After the kitchen alarm clock has expired, remove the vegetables with a slotted spoon.

–> The vegetables should be cooked well al dente.

Cut cooked root vegetables
Cut cooked root vegetables

Cutting root vegetables

Allow the removed vegetables to overcool and cut to shape.

Root vegetables in the pan with butter and parsley
Root vegetables in the pan with butter and parsley

Prepare side vegetables

Put the cut vegetables in a pan.

–> Get the vegetables ready with butter and finely chopped parsley.

Peel raw potato
Peel raw potato.

Prepare potato side dish

Peel the potatoes and cook in salted water until al dente.

–> Drain the potatoes and place them in a pan.

–> The recipe butter potatoes shows you the preparation step by step.

Roast veal in pot with veal stock
Roast veal in pot with veal stock

Check roast veal

Check the cooking point of the roast veal after 1.5 hours of cooking.

–> Use a thin meat fork.

–> If the fork can be inserted without resistance, the roast is done.

Please note the tips under heading 3. in the article.

Slicing roast veal
Slicing roast veal

Carve roast veal

Remove the meat from the stock and allow to cool.

–> Slice or carve the roast against the grain.

Sliced roast veal
Sliced roast veal

Provide meat

Get the carved meat ready in a wide pot or pan.

Strain veal soup
Strain veal soup

Pour meat

Pour the meat covered with veal stock.

–> To do this, strain the veal stock through a fine hair sieve onto the slices of meat.

–> Keep the meat warm at low heat until serving.

Cooked marrow bone
Cooked marrow bone

Utilize bone marrow

Remove the bone marrow from the veal stock and have it ready.

Roast veal sauce
Roast veal sauce

Prepare sauce

Strain about 400 ml of veal stock into an extra pot and bring to a boil.

–> Slowly pour the cream into the boiling stock.

–> Mix starch with cold water.

–> Thicken the sauce by bringing to the boil and adding the starch water at the same time.

–> Tip: A good ratio of cream to stock is one part cream and two parts stock.

Roast veal sauce with beef marrow
Roast veal sauce with beef marrow

Bone marrow supplement

Transfer the sauce to a mixing bowl and add the marrow from the marrow bones.

Veal roast sauce mix up with mustard
Veal roast sauce mix up with mustard

Finalize mustard sauce

Season the sauce with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, mustard and a little sugar and mix it up.

–> I only add ice-cold butter later, shortly before serving.

–> By mixing with cold butter you create a stable foam.

Root vegetables in the pan with butter
Root vegetables in the pan with butter

Complete root vegetables

Heat the prepared root vegetables in the pan.

Season the vegetables with salt, pepper, sugar and nutmeg and pan-fry.

Jacket potatoes in the pan
Jacket potatoes in the pan

Finish potatoes

Lightly brown the potatoes in the pan with oil.

–> Season potatoes with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

–> Before serving, refine with a little butter.

Roast veal with mustard sauce
Roast veal with mustard sauce

Arrange plate

Once everyone has gathered at the table, you can start serving:

–> Prepare hot plates.

–> Bring the veal slices to a boil in the stock.

–> Season the root vegetables and serve.

–> Remove the meat pieces from the stock and drain or dry with kitchen paper.

–> Put the meat on the plate.

–> Put the hot potatoes on the plate.

–> Mix the mustard sauce with cold butter until fluffy and pour it over the meat on the plate.

–> Sprinkle sauce and meat with plucked parsley.

Serve quickly, I wish you a good appetite!


2. Calories and Nutritional Values Roast Veal

3. Preparation Tips for Roast Veal

Some helpful tips for your kitchen I have summarized here for you:

Preparation Tips:

Take your time and start preparing 3 hours before your loved ones gather at the table.

Before preparing the veal, please wash it under cold running water and then dry it well.

Before you put the meat in the pot prepare the broth, vegetables and herbs, this relaxes the work at the stove.

The meat in the pot after deglazing and filling with the broth nimbly boil on high heat.

Reduce the heat immediately after boiling. The meat should cook until lightly simmering.

Please do not put the lid of the pot completely, let the meat and the broth air, this promotes the beautiful color of the broth.

When is the meat ready?

You can pierce the meat with a meat fork after about 1.5 hours of cooking. If no pink meat juice comes out and the meat can be pierced easily and without resistance, the meat is ready.

Then remove the veal from the broth and cool on a plate. Alternatively, cut it open right away and place the slices in a shallow pot or pan ready.

This is a good moment to taste a piece of meat. The above mentioned piercing method is good, but you can still better “examine” the meat in your mouth. Is the meat still not soft enough for you? No problem, cook the meat slices in the broth.

Refine and Bind Sauce

In this version of the preparation, the sauce base is the veal stock created during cooking. The charming thing about it: you don’t need to buy a jar of veal stock and cook everything fresh.

For the binding, I recommend you use cornstarch. For this you take a part of the veal stock: Strain the stock through a fine hair sieve into an extra pot, then bring to a boil.

Now take a tablespoon of cornstarch and stir the starch in an extra cup of cold water.

It is important to note: always mix starch in cold water, warm water would create lumps and also not bind the sauce well.

Slowly add the starch water to the boiling sauce and let the sauce continue to boil. Gradually, the starch water binds the sauce.

As a special kick, I have added marrow bones from beef to the preparation. You simply cook the bones with the preparation of the veal roast. These bones give the sauce a strong flavor later. You can mix the cooked marrow from the bones into the sauce. Tastes wonderful!

Please do not experiment with mustard. This sauce is only great with Dijon mustard. Season the sauce slowly: Start with a teaspoon of mustard and increase according to personal taste. Cold days tolerate more mustard, on warm and hot days I taste the sauce more gently with less mustard.

The secret tip for mustard sauce: The sauce always tips slightly into a bitter taste when mustard is added. This is due to the mustard oils it contains. How do you harmonize the taste of the sauce? Tune the taste of the mustard sauce with a little sugar.

–> Ideal is the malty tasting cane sugar.

I like to mix up mustard sauce with cold nut butter. You won’t forget this kick of flavor.

Brown butter tip from chef Thomas Sixt

Side Dishes Tips

The presented side dishes are quite practical: the root vegetables cook in the veal stock with the roast. The potatoes are quickly prepared as buttered potatoes.

Alternatively, you can prepare fine mashed potatoes as a side dish, as well as zucchini vegetables or carrot vegetables taste very fine with it.

Varieties of how you can serve mashed potatoes on the plate
Varieties of how you can serve mashed potatoes on the plate

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  • Hello Thomas,

    this is a very good tutorial with ingenious tips.

    I have often made veal roast, but the sauce has never been as fine as your idea.

    The bone marrow in the sauce makes the special taste.

    Thank you for the many delicious tips.

    Greetings Anni


    • Hi Anni,

      I like the idea of the simple and light sauce.

      The foaming makes the sauce even finer and more pleasant on the palate.

      I’m glad if it tastes so good to you too 🙂

      Love greetings Thomas