Wiener Schnitzel Recipe With Many Tips For Original Breaded Veal Schnitzel

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I present my Wiener Schnitzel Recipe in this article.

You can look over my shoulder as I prepare in the cooking video.

Find out here all the important tips from the professional kitchen so that your breaded veal escalope is perfect!

Important! The crumb shreds (colloquial language) have been proven to taste better if you listen to a waltz while preparing them. 🙂

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1. Recipe Wiener Schnitzel

I put my recipe at the top here for you.

In the further course of the page you will find further information about purchasing and preparing ingredients.

Wiener Schnitzel

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 1286
Total Time 40 Min.
Preparation Time 20 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Prepare simple instructions for breaded veal escalope.

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Wiener Schnitzel Recipe Image
Wiener Schnitzel Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


potato salad

350 g salad potaoes
350 ml chicken broth (or vegetable broth)
1 tbs. tarragon mustard (medium hot mustard or sweet mustard)
1-2 Stück pc red onion (yellow or, like in Vienna, red onion)
2-4 tbs. white vine vinegar (or red wine vinegar)
6 pinches primal salt
4 pinches black ground pepper
6 pinches brown can sugar
2 tbs. Sunflower oil


1/2 pc fresh lemon
1/2 bunch fresh parsley (Add fried parsley as a decoration or finely chopped in the potato salad)
1 tbs. cowberries

Breaded cutlet

2 pc veal escalopes (140-160g per schnitzel)
100 g flour (Type 405, chef uses Wiener Grießler)
2-3 pc eggs (Depending on size)
2 pinches paprika nobel sweet (try out!)
2 tbs. Cream (try out!)
140 g bread crumbs
250-300 ml rapseed oil (depending on the pan size)
60 g butter


Potatoes for potato salad
Sliced potatoes cook faster.

Boil potatoes

Let’s start with the quick potato salad:

To do this, peel the potatoes, cut into 3-4 mm thick slices and cook in the chicken or vegetable broth until soft.

The potatoes should be just covered.

A large part of the broth is allowed to evaporate during the cooking process.

Add the diced onions at the end of the cooking time for 5 minutes and let them steep in the hot broth.

Potato salad recipes, cooking recipes for potato salad
Potato salad recipe from chef Thomas Sixt.

Refine salad

Taste the potato salad again.

Potato salad requires the addition of salt and pepper several times.

Fold in the finely chopped parsley.

Arrange the potato salad in bowls.

Prepare lemon
Lemon prepared as an accompaniment.

Prepare lemon

Cut out or cut out lemon star or lemon quarters with a suitable office knife.

Prepare the cranberries, finely chop some parsley for the potato salad.

raw schnitzel for tapping on cling film
Place the schnitzel on cling film.

Breading line

Prepare the breading line for breading the schnitzel:

–> bowls with flour

–> Bowl with breadcrumbs

–> Prepare a bowl for the eggs.

Crack the eggs and whisk with the salt, pepper, sweet paprika and cream with a fork.

Schnitzel when knocking between cling film
Beat the schnitzel covered with foil.

Beat schnitzel

Pound the veal escalope between cling film and season with salt and pepper.

Cooks use a plating iron for this.

The bottom of a saucepan works just as well.

The classic schnitzel beater is the second choice for gourmets!

Escalope coated in flour on a plate in the vicinity of panier-strasse
The meat must always be first in the flour, then in the egg, then in the breadcrumbs. This is the only way for the breading to stick to the meat.

Flour schnitzel

Then turn the schnitzel in flour on both sides and press down lightly…

Floured, raw schnitzel in the egg when turning
Dip floured schnitzel in egg.

Schnitzel egg

Pull the floured escalope through the egg on both sides.

Schnitzel breaded with breadcrumbs ready to fry
Gently coat the schnitzel with breadcrumbs by pressing gently.

Breading breadcrumbs

Then place the schnitzel directly in the breadcrumbs, turn and coat in breadth by pressing gently.

Small Viennese schnitzel from veal
Fry the schnitzel floating in the oil.

Bake schnitzel

To serve, keep the plates warm at 100°C hot air. Alternatively, use the microwave.

Heat a pan with rapeseed oil and gently fry the breaded schnitzel on both sides until golden.

–> The schnitzel may swim in the fat.

–> The wavy breading is created by tossing, called prompting.

Crispy herbs prepared
Crispy fried herbs

Optional chips

Remove the baked veal cutlets from the pan and place on a plate.

Briefly fry the remaining parsley in hot fat and place on a plate lined with paper towels.

Season the crispy parsley with salt.

Drain the fat into a heatproof bowl.

Wipe out the pan and let the butter foam in the hot pan.

Season the butter lightly with salt.

Nut butter, that's browned butter.
Nut butter in a bowl.

Optionally butter

Wipe out the pan and let the butter foam in the hot pan.

You can also lightly brown the butter and then strain it through a hair sieve.

Season the butter lightly with salt.

Wiener schnitzel recipe image
Wiener Schnitzel Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


Before serving, toss the baked Wiener Schnitzel briefly in the foamed butter and arrange on the preheated plates.

Optionally decorate with the fried parsley and lemon, serve with the potato salad.


The information on flour and breadcrumbs are guidelines, please provide both ingredients in sufficient quantities so that the breading is easy to handle.

2. Calories (kcal) and Nutritional Values

3. Buy the Proper Meat for Wiener Schnitzel

The original schnitzel is made from veal . A breaded schnitzel made of pork , turkey or chicken is called ” Schnitzel Wiener Art “.

The butcher cuts the schnitzel

In Germany –> from the veal upper shell or veal lower shell.
In Austria –> from the veal fricandeau,
In Switzerland –> from the veal lower cut or the veal lower split.

The following table should help you when shopping:

DescriptionMeat typeCut(s)
Original Wiener Schnitzel
Original Viennese Schnitzel
Vealtopside, bottomside, back, fillet
Schnitzel Viennese styleChickenBrust
Schnitzel Viennese stylePorkOberschale, Rücken, Filet
Schnitzel Viennese styleturkey meatPutenbrust
Schnitzel Viennese styleGame meat: deer, roe deer, wild boartopside, bottomside, back, fillet
Vegetarian schnitzel Viennese styleSmoked tofu, tofu, seitan, lupinia schnitzel, potato-based vegetable schnitzel.#schnitzelwithoutanimal
Please select meat for Wiener Schnitzel carefully. Picture with schnitzel on a board with a nice environment.

4. Side Dish Ideas for the Wiener Schnitzel

Since you usually have to prepare the side dishes first, the side dish thing comes second here!

It also works well if you have just bought the meat and now you want to think of the side dishes.

I have divided the supplements according to regional differences. Now please choose an attachment…

For a stress-free schnitzel meal, prepare the side dishes first!

Side dish tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Side DishesRegionParticular Feature
Wiener Schnitzel with parsley potatoesAustriaParsley potatoes tossed in foamed butter, served with cranberries
Wiener Schnitzel with Viennese potato saladVienna/AustriaRed onions in potato salad
Wiener Schnitzel with potato and lamb’s lettuce and pumpkin seed oilAustria/Vienna/Styria (Styria is the home of TERMINATOR!)Potato salad refined with pumpkin seed oil and lamb’s lettuce
Wiener Schnitzel with bacon potato saladBavaria (Where Thomas and the great beer comes from 🙂Typical Bavarian potato salad sometimes supplemented with cucumber, endive, lamb’s lettuce.
Wiener Schnitzel with French friesGermanyPommes frites mit Ketchup und Mayonnaise serviert
Wiener Schnitzel with mayonnaise-potato saladNorthern GermanyPotato salad with herbs or pickled gherkin
Wiener Schnitzel with roast potatoesNorthern GermanySeason fried potatoes with marjoram, thyme, salt and pepper.
Wiener Schnitzel with mixed saladall regionsCabbage salad, carrot salad, potato salad, cucumber salad, leaf salad
Wiener Schnitzel with green saladall regionsGreen salad with rather sweet salad sauce
Wiener Schnitzel, Swabian potato salad, gravyRegion SwabiaIn the region around Stuttgart, Swabia, Wiener Schnitzel is served with gravy, among other things.

4.1 Potato Salad as a Side Dish

Here are some variants of potato salad that go wonderfully well:

–> Original from Vienna: The Viennese potato salad with red onions.
–> Original from Bavaria: Prepare Bavarian potato salad most with yellow onion.
–> The classic: Mayonnaise potato salad as far as possible with homemade mayonnaise.
–> The hearty variant: bacon Potato salad with bacon cubes or bacon strips.
–> From the Ländle: Swabian potato salad as the Swabian loves it.

Viennese potato salad with red onions. Potato salad viennese style
Viennese potato salad, locals call this potato salad goes perfectly with the real Wiener Schnitzel.

4.2 More Ideas for Side Salads

There are many other options for the salads.

Even at the well-known Figlmüller on Bäckerstraße in Vienna, a mixed salad with tomato salad , coleslaw and bean salad (Austrian Fisolen) is served with it.

Depending on the season, a cucumber salad or a beetroot salad also fits.

Bean salad recipe image
Freshly prepared green bean salad, served with red onions and oil.

4.3 Other filling supplements

Here are other suitable and unsuitable side dishes explained briefly and concisely:

–> Widely used and still a faux pas: fried potatoes as French fries.
–> Perfect combination: these are the parsley potatoes or simple butter potatoes
–> More northern German: These are then fried potatoes in variants, known as fried potatoes.

I ate the schnitzel twice with gravy.
If you like sauces try this.
Anything that tastes good is allowed.
If so, please do it properly, with veal jus

Chef Thomas Sixt on the schnitzel with sauce thing
Morel sauce - based on veal stock.
Self-made veal stock that you boil down to veal sauce. Supplemented here with morels, this results in a classic morel jus.

5. Bread the Wiener Schnitzel Properly

You need a breading line:

1 flour, 2 eggs, 3 breadcrumbs…

–> Meat prepared : Sliced by the butcher, approximate thickness 5-7 mm
–> Pounding : A roll of cling film, a flat iron or meat tenderizer or saucepan.
–> The right flour : A bowl with freshly sifted flour (Wiener Grießler or Type 405)
–> The right breadcrumbs: A bowl of fine breadcrumbs or Mie de Pain
–> A bowl for the eggs : Season the eggs with salt, pepper, some sweet paprika and some cream and whisk well.
–> Schnitzel-Lager: A plate for the finished breading, this is covered with some breadcrumbs so that the breading does not become soggy.

5.1 Star Chefs Breading

Star chefs prepare the Original Schnitzerl with a particularly fine breading.

The special breadcrumbs are called “Mie de pain”.

For this, tin bread is dried without the rind, then finely ground into crumbs.

The fine breadcrumbs “Mie de pain” promise a special taste experience!

Mie de Pain info from chef Thomas Sixt
raw schnitzel for tapping on cling film
Place the schnitzel on cling film.
Schnitzel when knocking between cling film
Beat the schnitzel covered with foil.
Escalope coated in flour on a plate in the vicinity of panier-strasse
The meat must always be first in the flour, then in the egg, then in the breadcrumbs. This is the only way for the breading to stick to the meat.

6. Why turning the schnitzel in flour is important….

The so-called “flouring” (Austrian: “farinieren”), i.e. coating the meat with flour, is of great importance.

Egg does not stick to raw meat.

Coating with flour creates the connection between the meat and the egg.

Thanks to the correct breading with flour and egg, the breadcrumbs also stick perfectly to the schnitzel.

The preparation step: “Turn the meat in flour first” is important for a successful breading!

Tip for perfect breading from chef Thomas Sixt
Floured, raw schnitzel in the egg when turning
Dip floured schnitzel in egg.
Schnitzel breaded with breadcrumbs ready to fry
Gently coat the schnitzel with breadcrumbs by pressing gently.

7. Fry breaded Wiener Schnitzel properly, “swimming”.

Wow, thanks you made it this far.

That sets you apart from 94% of average chefs 🙂

When I visit you, I’m sure I’ll get a brilliant crumb shred…

Your side dishes are ready, your schnitzel is breaded,

NOW it’s time for the roast schnitzel.

Swirl the pan carefully to create the wavy breading. This process is called “souffle”

Chef Thomas Sixt prompts you with the wavy breading tip.

8. Use the Right Fat to Fry the Wiener Schnitzel

I recommend neutral, refined oil for frying the schnitzel:

–> rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, corn oil .

8.1 Clarified Butter, Lard and Butter Info

The breaded schnitzel, baked in clarified butter, gets a very sweet note.

Pork lard used to be popular in the past and is known from grandma’s kitchen , as is neutral coconut fat.


Butter is unsuitable for frying , it burns at high temperatures.

8.2 Chef Tip:

After frying in hot fat, the experienced chef tosses the schnitzel briefly in salted, foamed butter or in nut butter, giving the schnitzel a real taste kick .

Small Viennese schnitzel from veal
Fry the schnitzel floating in the oil.

9. Star Chefs Information About the Wiener Schnitzel

Let’s now take a look at what the well-known toques, hats and star chefs have left out in terms of information:

Alfons Schuhbeck tosses his schnitzel in foamed butter just before serving .

Johann Lafer prepares the schnitzel with clarified butter .

At Eckart Witzigmann ‘s I discovered schnitzel tossed in nut butter with capers and lemon fillets.

Collected chefs info
Schnitzel recipes
Schnitzel recipes category image shows a Cordon Bleu.

10. Cooking Video Lemon Star as an Accompaniment

11. Where Do You Go to Eat Schnitzel in Vienna? A Bit of History at the End

Recommended restaurants at a glance

Wiener schnitzel with potatoes and lamb's lettuce
This is how the schnitzel is served in the coffee house in Vienna. Usually with a choice of potato and bird salad or with potatoes.

11.1 History

The breaded crumbs is one of the most famous international dishes of Viennese and Austrian cuisine.

The dish, which was first mentioned in a cookbook from 1908 and originally described as “crumbled veal cutlets”, cannot be clearly classified historically in terms of origin and actual origin.

11.2 Costoletta alla Milanese

The relationship to “Costoletta alla milanese” is undisputed, i.e. a chop that is prepared in a similar way, breaded with egg and breadcrumbs and baked in clarified butter.

Gold on the plate: As early as the Middle Ages, wealthy circles “refined” food with gold in order to enhance its appearance.

According to tradition, the golden-yellow baked schnitzel is an imitation of these gilded dishes.

Schönbrunn Castle
The Wiener Schnitzel belongs to Vienna like Schönbrunn Palace and Empress Sissi.

12. More Recommendations for Your Pan

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