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Bread turkey escalope perfectly, that’s the point of this article with my recipe Turkey Escalope breaded with step by step instructions.

I’ll give you lots of tips and show you variations on the crispy and deliciously breaded turkey escalope.

The cooking video is an additional support when cooking yourself.

Good luck!

1. Bread Turkey Schnitzel properly

For the breaded turkey schnitzel there are different variants which I briefly introduce

1.1 Turkey Escalopes breaded with Breadcrumbs

After beating, the classic breaded escalope is seasoned with salt and pepper, turned in flour, pulled through whisked eggs and finally turned in breadcrumbs.

The finer the breadcrumbs, the better the breadcrumbs. The breaded turkey escalope should float in the hot fat so that the breadcrumbs can bake excellently.

The preparation is the same as for the Wiener Schnitzel.

1.1.1 Bread and fry Turkey Escalopes Step by Step

Bread Wiener Schnitzel: Season the schnitzel with salt and pepper and pull through the flour.

Breaded turkey schnitzel: Preparation like Wiener Schnitzel, beaten and seasoned meat is first turned into flour.

Bread the Wiener Schnitzel: pull the floured schnitzel through the egg.

The turkey escalope turned in flour is pulled through the beaten egg. The egg can only stick to the escalope because of the flour.

breaded escalope breaded schnitzel ready to go into the pan
Bread the schnitzel with breadcrumbs by pressing them gently.
Schnitzel mit Semmelbrösel durch sanftes andrücken panieren.

After the egg come the breadcrumbs, which are gently pressed down. Now the turkey schnitzel can make a “free float” and be baked out in the hot fat.

The turkey schnitzel tastes fried breaded.

Turkey escalope classic breaded served with parsley potatoes and cranberries.

1.2 Which Side Dishes go well with breaded Turkey Schnitzel?

Parsley potatoes, butter potatoes, French fries and rice are particularly popular as side dishes. Naturally also potato salad in different variants or mixed salads.

2. Bread Turkey Escalope without Breadcrumbs

The turkey schnitzel does not always have to be prepared with breadcrumbs, there are other variations waiting for you here!

Turkey schnitzel with sesame, turkey schnitzel as Parisian schnitzel and turkey schnitzel with corn flakes.
Turkey schnitzel with cornflakes, Turkey schnitzel with sesame seeds, Parisian turkey schnitzel prepared as finger food here.

2.1 Turkey Schnitzel breaded with Cornflakes

Another very tasty variation is breading with cornflakes. The turkey escalope is beaten, seasoned, turned in flour, then pulled through the beaten egg and finally breaded in cornflakes.

The turkey schnitzel with cornflakes promises a very interesting and crispy taste experience and is popular at children’s parties.

2.2 Turkey Schnitzel breaded with Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds on turkey schnitzel taste excellent, we know sesame seeds from Asian cuisine.

The sesame seed adheres best to the schnitzel if it has also been pulled through the flour and egg beforehand. How it works without an egg is explained in the article below.

2.3 Turkey Schnitzel as Parisian Schnitzel

With the Paris Schnitzel, there is no breading in any form. The schnitzel is only pulled through the egg and then baked out directly.

2.4 Turkey Escalope breaded with Muesli

As an experimental cook I breaded turkey schnitzel in muesli and baked it out. You can find the recipe at the end of this page.

Turkey schnitzel muesli breaded on lukewarm chard and orange salad

3. Turkey Escalope breaded from the Oven

You can’t prepare a breaded escalope in the oven, it must definitely be put in the fat beforehand.

However, you can keep breaded escalopes warm in the oven at 130°C for about 30 minutes without any loss of quality.

4. How long to fry Turkey Schnitzel breaded?

A breaded schnitzel is fried in hot fat for about 3-4 minutes on each side. Use heat-resistant fats such as sunflower oil or maize germ oil.

5. Bread turkey Escalope without Egg

Bread the turkey escalope without the egg with starch water. Mix 100 ml cold water with approx. one tablespoon of starch and place the escalopes in the starch water for a few minutes.

Then directly into the respective breading – muesli, sesame, cornflakes or breadcrumbs.

6. Recipe Turkey Schnitzel breaded

You can find my recipe for breaded turkey schnitzel below, you can easily change it or make appropriate derivations.

Turkey Escalope breaded with Muesli on lukewarm Mangold Orange Salad

Breaded turkey schnitzel recipe with all possible variations presented by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 1206
Total Time 30 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 20 Min.
Bread turkey escalope, that’s what this article deals with step by step. I’ll show you the different types of breading, tips and tricks for preparation and an exciting recipe with cooking video.

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2 bunch Mangold
2 pc eggs
some chili drryed
6 tbs wheat flour
2 pc turkey escalope (turkey schnitzel)
150 g Müsli (e.g. mymüsli, Heidemüsli)
3-6 tbs sun flower oil
2 pc oranges fresh
1 tbs balsamico
5 tbs oliv oil
some Salt
some Pepper


Clean the chard and cook the leaves until al dente, washed and steamed. The leaves are cooked when they are easy to tear.

Prepare for breading: Beat the eggs in a bowl, season with salt, pepper and chilli and whisk until smooth.
Place the flour in a bowl and the muesli in a bowl.

Heat a pan at medium temperature to fry the turkey escalopes and add the oil to the pan.

Season turkey escalope with salt and pepper, first turn in flour, then pull through the egg, then place in muesli and press firmly.

Place the turkey escalope in the pan and fry slowly in hot oil from both sides.

Peel the oranges with a knife, press the juice of the peels into a bowl, cut the oranges into small pieces and add to the mixture.

Refine the oranges with balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, chilli and olive oil. Add the chard to the oranges, marinate well and serve.

Cut the baked turkey escalope open and serve on the mangold and orange salad.


7. Turkey Escalope breaded, the Calories

8. Alternative to breaded Turkey Escalope

Have a look at my article fry turkey schnitzel – there you will find more variations for the turkey escalope.

9. More Ideas

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