Pimp Your Liver Sausage Bread: Recipe With Cooking Video 🙂

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For Radio Landeswelle Thüringen and Sina Peschke , I pimped the liver sausage bread recipe and refined it with glazed apples, spring onions and marjoram.

A good sausage sandwich always works.

For me, beautiful childhood memories are linked to the liverwurst.

After all, my grandfather from Lower Bavaria always had a real farmer’s liver sausage in the house.

He used it to make a hearty Bavarian snack for his grandson.

The recipe for Bavarian roast pork is also from Grandpa Loibl. Take a look at the roast, it tastes really delicious!

Back to bread with sausage spread:

You can prepare this particularly finely as shown below.

Today I would add a small fried quail egg and serve the liver sausage bread to my guests as a small intermediate course in a brunch menu.

There is even a video as 🙂 Step by step support.

So really nothing can go wrong. Good succeed!

1. Recipe Liver Sausage Bread

Below are my instructions, I wish you the best of luck!

Liver Sausage Bread With Glazed Apples

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 250
Total Time 15 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 0 Min.

Simple instructions for a refined liver sausage bread.

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Liver sausage bread recipe image
Liver sausage bread with glazed apples and marjoram recipe image © Thomas Sixt


1 Piece Apple
2 Piece spring onions
25 g butter
4 Slices Pumpernickel
180 g farmer’s liver sausage
Some majoram
Some primal salt
Some black ground pepper


Cut apple slices
Prepare apple slices

Prepare apple

Wash the apple, cut into quarters and cut out the core.

Sliced apple on wooden board
Sliced apple pieces for the berry mix jam Food picture © Thomas Sixt

Cut apple

Cut the apple pieces into small pieces and put them in a pan with the butter.

Sweat the apple pieces.

Cut spring onions
Spring onions, also known as tubular leeks or winter onions, when cut into rings.

Spring onions

Cut the spring onions into rings or diamonds.

Add to the pan with the glazed apples and sauté briefly.

Depending on how you feel on the day, you can sprinkle the raw spring onions on the liver sausage bread at the end.

Liver sausage bread recipe image
Liver sausage bread with glazed apples and marjoram recipe image © Thomas Sixt


Spread the spreadable sausage generously over the pumpernickel slices.

Season the apple and onion mixture with a little salt and pepper and add the marjoram.

Mix briefly, cook gently for another 2 minutes and arrange on the sausage sandwich.


Herb Tip:

If you use dried marjoram or thyme, cook them with the apples for a few minutes. This allows the taste of the dried herbs to develop better.

Tip for “vegan liver sausage”:

Optionally, you can find a recipe for vegan liver sausage here in the food blog. The #animal version with beans and tofu tastes similar and delicious!

Bake your own bread:

You can easily bake a special low-carb wholemeal bread , gluten-free and based on oatmeal!


2. Nutritional Values For German Leberwurstbrot

3. Diet Breakfast Liver Sausage Bread

How does liver sausage bread become a diet dish? Nutrition experts recommend bread with a high fiber content on the plate.

Pumpernickel with at least 7% dietary fiber is used here.

The liverwurst should also be coarse (at best) and you also need fruit and vegetables.

For a quick diet success, you could also do without the apples and simply use zucchini instead of the apple pieces.

The low carb wholemeal bread presented in the following picture is particularly recommended.

It has a dietary fiber content of 20%.

Wholemeal bread low carb recipe image
Wholemeal bread low carb recipe image © Thomas Sixt

4. Glazed apples go great with liverwurst bread

In the morning I rarely like pickled vegetables, at least not pickles.

So I put some apple pieces in the pan and glaze them lightly with butter and very little sugar.

These apples taste great and are refined with raw or fried onion slices from spring onions.

This is just hearty enough to gently wake you up.

Glazed apples
Apple slices grilled and glazed with balsamic vinegar.

5. Supplementing liver sausage bread with herbs is a pleasure

With this culinary upgrade for the diet kitchen, the last kick in the form of herbs should not be missing.

I used marjoram, chives in rolls, lovage, thyme or parsley cut into fine strips also work well.

Garden herbs bouquet
Herbs as a supplement are popular with star chefs, anything that tastes good and makes you happy is allowed.

6. More ideas

Toast Hawaii
French toast

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4.99 from 1138 ratings

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  • Hello Thomas,

    this is a really successful recipe, although here in US we have to order the German liverwurst.

    I had received a gift basket and first had no plan what to do with the spread.

    While studying your extensive instructions, of course, the idea of vegan sausage and your bread also caught my eye.

    The bread is so wonderfully easy to bake and it tastes great.

    Thanks for the good ideas 🙂 Greeting Elenore


    • Dear Elenore,

      Thank you for your feedback, here in Germany it is just getting cold again and there the Leberwurst fits very well on the menu.

      I just do the apple against zucchini or other vegetables, because I urgently need to lose weight.

      The food tastes just too good to me.

      I am very pleased that both the homemade bread and the Leberwurst found a good place with you.

      Best regards Thomas

      P.S. For all who read along, here again the two links to…

      Vegan liver sausage


      Diet Bread