Poached Egg with fried and roast Potatoes for Breakfast and Brunch

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The recipe Poached Egg with fried Potatoes I present to you today. It is a great dish for breakfast and brunch with friends or two. The exciting egg dish can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. I like the egg with fried potatoes because the potatoes give it a crispy and hearty touch. The combination of potatoes and the liquid, poached egg is simply delicious. Please try it out quickly, share it with your friends on Facebook, thank you!

1. How to Poach the Egg, the Instructions

Making poached eggs yourself is quite simple, I already described this in the recipe: Egg poached on spinach and don’t want to create double entries here.
step by step egg poaching: poached egg in water
The egg is poached in vinegar water, with a little time and patience a poached egg with a soft, waxy or firm core is formed.

2. Fried Potatoes as a Side Dish to the Poached Egg

If you have any boiled potatoes left from the day before, fry your potatoes directly in the pan. I like to prepare crispy fried potatoes from fresh, raw potatoes and fry the potato slices in hot vegetable oil.
Fried potatoes from fresh, raw potato slices taste great!
You can find my instructions on how to prepare fried potatoes elsewhere!
recipe picture poached egg with roast potato close-up view
Poached egg with hearty fried potatoes, nevertheless vegetarian and definitely delicious. A treat for your breakfast and brunch with friends!

3. Making fried roast Potatoes as Star Chef!

In the starred excellent kitchen of Alfons Schuhbeck in Munich, Bavaria, we did it exactly as I described it above. Yes, we even fried the cooked potato slices so that they always brown evenly. After frying, the fried potato slices are placed in a hot pan with foamed butter. Finally, these roast potatoes are a real hit when they are tossed and seasoned with salt, pepper, nutmeg, caraway and marjoram!
Prepare fried potatoes like star chef, I’ll show you how!

4. Prepare Roast Potatoes with Egg in the Correct Order

First prepare the fried potatoes. At the same time you can prepare the tomato cubes, blanch the tomatoes, skin them and prepare beautiful tomato concassee (that’s what cooks call the tomato cubes without skin). When the potatoes are in the pan, you can dare to approach the poached egg. First prepare the fried potatoes, then you succeed the court stress-free! You can then prepare the eggs in a concentrated and cosy way with the right and desired consistency, soft, waxy or firmly poached.
Poached egg on spinach and wild herbs, an ideal recipe for Easter.
The poached egg on the spinach leaves, surrounded by wild herb blossoms, looks splendid. I cut the egg open at the table or just before serving, so that the liquid or waxy yolk becomes visible.
The poached egg arranged on the leaf spinach, surrounded by wild herb blossoms, looks splendid. I cut the egg at the table or just before serving it at the top so that the liquid or waxy egg yolk becomes visible.

5. Poached Egg for Maundy Thursday, Easter Breakfast and Easter Brunch

The poached egg with fried potatoes is for me next to the poached egg on spinach a real highlight for Maundy Thursday. Besides, I like to serve the two egg dishes for Easter brunch, as late breakfast and generally for multi-course brunch with friends. The preparation is really simple and my guests are always enthusiastic, because otherwise such egg dishes are rare.
Poached egg with roast potatoes – an ideal dish for the next brunch!

6. Decoration for the Egg Dish

My egg dish is quite colourful. The fried and roast potatoes harmonize perfectly with the poached egg. I also add tomato cubes for freshness and herbs like marjoram and cress. I peel the tomatoes, how this works, I show in the article tomatoes peel and skin step by step.

7. Recipe

My recipe follows at the end of the page in detail, as always with all ingredients and preparation steps clearly structured and prepared. After all, you’re supposed to succeed in court. The dish is very suitable as a starter, not only when vegetarians (who eat eggs) come into the house. Finally, the info again: The correct spelling for the dish and the method of preparation is poaching, but this is pronounced “posching”. I am pleased about positive remarks to the recipe and contribution!

Poached Egg with fried Roast Potatoes

Recipe for poached egg with fried and roast potatoes, optimal egg dish for breakfast and brunch. Step by step kitchen story with many chef tips and star chef fried potato!

Servings 2 Persones
Calories 450
Total Time 30 Min.
Preparation Time 15 Min.
Cook Time 15 Min.
Recipe for poached egg with fried potatoes. A step by step kitchen story with star chef tips. Experience all the ideas for the perfect poached egg with side dish. The dish is ideal for breakfast and brunch with friends and is prepared in less than 30 minutes. Happy egg cooking for Maundy Thursday, Easter and brunch with friends all year round. Good luck!

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recipe poached egg with fried potatoes


For the poached Eggs

2 pc Chicken eggs
some white vine vinegar

For the fried roast potatoes

4-6 pc Potatoes (small potatoes, these look more beautiful halved)
200 g Vegetable oil (for frying the potatoes)
30 g butter
some Salt
some Pepper
some nutmeg
some majoram (dried or fresh)
some caraway – cumin (seeds)

Plate Decoration and Plate arranging

etwas majoram (fresh, optional oregano)
2 pc tomatoes (Make tomato cubes, see extra article!)


Beat the fresh eggs in a bowl, boil the water in a wide saucepan and add the vinegar. You really need really fresh eggs, with a full yolk, so that your poached eggs succeed well!

Heat vegetable fat for frying in a pot or in the deep fryer. Peel the potatoes, cut them into 3 mm thick slices and fry them immediately for 3-4 minutes at 170°C. Remove the fried potato slices from the hot oil and allow to cool for a few minutes, then fry again until knsuprig light brown. Place the fried potato slices in a pan with foamed hot butter, season with salt, pepper, marjoram, caraway and nutmeg.

Blanch the tomatoes in boiling salted water, quench in ice water, peel and prepare tomato cubes without skin. See the reference to the cookery school “Skinning and peeling tomatoes” in the article heading 6.

Remove the boiling water with vinegar from the stove. Stir the water once in a clockwise direction, slowly slide the eggs one by one into the hot vinegar water. Now carefully place the egg whites with a wooden spoon around the egg yolks so that the poached eggs get a nice shape. Let the eggs poach soft, waxy or firm for 6-8 minutes according to your taste.

Arrange the prepared fried potatoes on warm plates, leaving space in the middle for the poached egg. Using a skimmer, remove the poached eggs from the vinegar water and rinse briefly under warm water. Place the drained poached eggs in the middle of the plate. Decorate with fresh herbs, sprinkle with tomato cubes and serve quickly. I prefer to add the salt and pepper to the dish, cut the egg slightly at the top with a sharp knife so that the egg yolk is visible. I wish you a good appetite!

8. Calories (kcal.) Poached egg with fried roast potatoes

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