Omelette With Tomatoes Recipe With Cooking Video Instructions

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I’ll show you the omelette with tomatoes recipe in this post.

I like to prepare a delicious frittata with tomatoes for breakfast or brunch.

I really like the fragrant basil in combination with tomatoes.

This egg with tomatoes, basil and cheese tastes particularly delicious, I promise!

Look over my shoulder while I’m cooking, I’ve added a cooking video for you!

I wish you good luck!

1. Recipe Omelette With Tomatoes

Here you will find the step-by-step instructions.

Have fun and good luck!

You can send me cooking questions at the bottom of the page using the comment function.

Omelette With Tomatoes And Basil

Cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 287
Total Time 15 Min.
Preparation Time 10 Min.
Cook Time 5 Min.

Easy instructions for preparing tomato omelette.

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Omelette With Tomatoes Recipe Image
Omelette With Tomatoes Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt


8 Pieces cherry tomatoes
1/2 Pieces onions (or a shallot)
1 tbsp Olive oil
1/4 Bunch basil
30 g Pecorino cheese
4 Pieces eggs
primal salt
black ground pepper


Cut tomatoes for tomato salad.
cut tomatoes.

Prepare tomatoes

Wash, halve or quarter the cherry tomatoes.

Cut out the green stems.

Sprinkle the tomatoes with salt, pepper and sugar and leave to marinate briefly.

Fry tomatoes
Fry the tomatoes in a coated pan.

Caramelize tomatoes

Heat the omelet pan over medium-high.

Put some oil in the pan.

Fry and caramelize the prepared tomatoes.

Dice the shallot
Halve the shallot and cut into fine cubes.

Add onion

Optionally, you can add diced shallots or diced onions:

Finely dice the onion or shallot and add to the pan with the prepared tomatoes.

Reduce the heat and give the tomatoes and diced shallots some time to flavor.

basil fresh
Provide basil leaves

Prepare basil

Reserve some basil leaves for decoration.

Finely chop the remaining basil with a sharp knife.

Grate parmesan
Finely grate the parmesan

Prepare cheese

Finely grate the parmesan or pecorino and set aside.

Beat eggs in bowl
Scrambled eggs in the bowl.

Prepare eggs

Crack the eggs into a bowl, season with salt and pepper and mix with a fork.

Add the finely chopped basil and some cheese and stir.

Prepare the tomato omelette
Prepare the omelette with tomatoes in the pan.

Prepare omelette

Put the eggs in the pan, beating at first, then let the egg set and push it to one side in a crescent shape.

Tomato omelette recipe image
Omelette with tomatoes Recipe Image © Thomas Sixt

Serve omelet

Turn the omelette skillfully once, continue cooking briefly, season again with salt and pepper, then arrange on warm plates.

Preparation tip: If the omelet breaks when you turn it, it’s not a broken leg.

Simply push the egg together again, finish cooking and serve.

The more “healthy” vegetables you add, the more unstable the omelet will be in terms of shape.




2. Calories and Nutritional Values

3. Select And Prepare Tomatoes For the Omelette

I like to use cocktail tomatoes myself. Depending on their origin, these are very tasty.

You can also prepare diced tomatoes from large tomatoes and use them for the omelette.

When it should go fast:

Cut the cocktail tomatoes into quarters, season the tomatoes with salt, pepper and some brown sugar, baste the tomatoes with some olive oil and let the tomatoes ripen in flavor for about 10 minutes.

Briefly sauté the prepared tomatoes in the pan, caramelizing them slightly – that’s pure, brilliant taste!

Preparation tip for the tomatoes from chef Thomas Sixt

Prepare large tomatoes as shown below.


Fry the diced tomatoes only briefly (sauté), you can cook halved or quartered cocktail tomatoes longer (see recipe and video)

Tomato cubes Prepare the tomato concasse
Quarter the peeled tomatoes and cut out the core. Cut the tomato flesh into strips or cubes.

When your tomatoes are ready, you can move on to the cheese and basil.

Alternatively, you can prepare your tomato omelette with the cocktail tomatoes as shown in the video.

This is even faster and tastes fantastically delicious!

4. Which Cheese Goes Well With the Tomatoes Omelette

The trick to making an omelette with cheese is to add the cheese right to the egg.

The cheese in the omelette then melts, the cheese on the outside browns deliciously and tastes wonderful.

In general, grated cheese melts faster, which is very important for the omelet preparation. Please grate the cheese as finely as possible.

I like to use Edam, Emmental, mountain cheese, Parmesan or Pecorino for my cheese omelet.

The cheese types Edam, Emmental, mountain cheese, Parmesan or Pecorino are ideal for the cheese omelet. Parmesan is more Italian!

Matching omelette cheeses Tip from chef Thomas Sixt
Grate parmesan
Finely grated parmesan is a recommendation for this dish.

5. Matching Herbs To the Omelette With Tomatoes

I use fresh basil in this recipe.

You can also use fresh parsley, chives, lovage (maggi herb) or thyme.

Frozen herbs or herbal mixtures are also suitable and save you additional time.

You can use dried or frozen herbs if you don’t have fresh ones on hand.

Use dried herbs sparingly, they develop a strong taste.

Fresh herbs, frozen herbs or dried herbs from the spice rack give your omelette a great taste!

Herbs ingredient tip from chef Thomas Sixt for your fine breakfast egg
Garden herbs bouquet
Herbs as a supplement are popular with star chefs, anything that tastes good and makes you happy is allowed.

6. More Ideas For Your Kitchen

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  • Hi Thomas!

    Thats a great Egg-Dish 🙂

    It is Simple and delicious. I like the tomato and basil combo.

    Tastes great. Greetings Elon


    • Hi Elon,

      thank you for your nice feedback. that makes me happy.

      I hope you find enough basil for your preparation.

      Dried herbs are an alternative but not quite as refreshing as fresh.

      Wish you good luck!

      Best regards Thomas


  • Hi Chef Thomas!

    I like to make the omelet for dinner.

    It’s a good low carb dish and tastes amazingly delicious.

    Thank you so much for the nice tutorial and video.

    Love greetings Missy


    • Hello Missy,

      Low carb is a good idea for dinner.

      You remind me how delicious a diet dish can taste….

      Thank you and love greetings Thomas


  • Hi Thomas,

    I have made this egg dish several times now.

    🙂 With small tomatoes it goes quite fast.
    🙂 With the tomato cubes without skin it tastes even better to me.

    Thanks for the nice recipe and the idea with video!

    Greetings Sarah


    • Hello Sarah,

      The riper the tomatoes the better. There you can taste the sun in the egg dish.

      I like both variants. If it is to go fast small tomatoes, if I have time I peel the large tomatoes and use only the pulp.

      Maybe you would like to try my omelet with vegetables. That would be another great variation.

      Wishing you continued success.

      Greetings from Thomas


  • Hello Thomas,

    I love this egg with tomatoes because it tastes so simple and delicious.

    Thanks for the tutorial, photos uand video.

    Love greetings Lisa


    • Hello Lisa,


      Thank you for your nice message. That makes me happy of course.

      Please let it continue to taste good.

      Best regards Thomas