Grilling and Barbecue, all Tips from the Professional Chef for Optimal Grilling

glowing, white coal, the optimal moment to grill.
Glowing, white coals are ideal for grilling fish!

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A successful barbecue evening with friends is fun! In this article I have summarized some tips for your barbecue party which will certainly help you to exist as a barbecue master. Make your loved one happy, I wish you relaxed grilling and good conversations, tasty food and an exciting evening!

1. Prepare the Grill correctly and heat it up

Grilled sausages always find fans!
A grill sausage makes all guests happy, even children …
Sausages on the grill, recently also often vegan or vegetarian. Sausages taste great with homemade grill sauces. The link can be found at the end of this article.

2. Tips for Barbecuing and Ideas for relaxed Barbecuing with Friends

3. Important Accessories for Grill and Barbecue

Not every grill accessory is really suitable for handling on the grill. Optimal are tools with long handles and thermal protection. Here is a list of the most important grill accessories:
grilled banana on the hot grill, WHERE that's a great dessert!
Grilled bananas are a HAMMER in terms of taste. Clean the grill grate beforehand with the brush and sprinkle the bananas with a little sugar.
Grilled bananas have a grandiose taste. Clean the grill rack with a brush beforehand! Sprinkle the bananas with some sugar.

4. Further Contributions on Grilling

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