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Peeling Peppers, Step by Step Culinary School with Picture, the Instructions from the Professional

how to step peel peppers

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In this article I show you how to peel peppers with photos step by step. First the variant, as I learned from star chef Heinz Winkler, then other variants that work just as well. The skin of the pepper is considered indigestible, so peeling the pod is an important preparatory step in good cuisine. I wish you good luck, please share this article with your friends! Thank you!

1. Peel Peppers yes or no

Peeling peppers or not, that is a question of philosophy. If you can spend enough time cooking and want to offer your guests or family the best possible pepper preparation, then peel the peppers before preparation. The skin of the pepper is indigestible, so peeled peppers are definitely more digestible.
The skin of the pepper is indigestible, please peel it!

2. Prepare Paprika for Peeling

For all three varieties, peel the peppers, first wash them, then cut them in half, remove the core, then skilfully cut them into quarters or sometimes eighths. Always try to cut exactly at the end of the bend, so you get the best pieces of pepper to peel.

3. Peel Peppers Like the Professionals

This is how the chefs and star chefs do it: The pepper is prepared as described above and the pieces of pepper are placed on a baking tray with the skin facing up and then placed under the preheated grill.
Grill the peppers, then peel them, so I prepared the peppers for ratatouille at the star chef!

4. Grill the Peppers, then peel them

Grilling the pieces of pepper is best done at a high temperature. Preheat the grill to at least 250°C and slide the baking tray into the top rail. Please be careful, this is quite fast and you should stop!
grilled peppers prepared for peeling
Grilled peppers on a baking tray. The skin throws blow.

5. Peel Paprika in a Plastic Bag

The grilled skin of the pepper is easier to remove if the pieces of pepper are placed in a plastic bag after grilling and closed for a few minutes. The resulting steam dissolves the peel of the peppers.
grilled pepper in a bag for peel - step by step instructions
Place the grilled peppers in the plastic bag while still hot and close. Wait 5 minutes!

6. Peel and Skin the Paprika Pepper

The grilled skin of the peppers can now be removed with a knife.
Peel the pepper pods. You can easily peel off the grilled skin.
After the grilled, warm paprika pieces were in the bag, the skin can be removed quite well.

7. Further Methods for Peeling Paprika

As promised, there are other variations on how you can peel peppers conveniently, these I will introduce in the following!

8. Peel the Pepper with the Peeler

Get yourself a high quality pendulum peeler, dismantle the pepper skillfully as described above. Then peel the peppers individually with the peeler. If the pendulum peeler has a black blade, that works quite well, but if the blade is blurred, then it becomes very tedious!

9. Blanch and peel the Pepper

Similar to skinning and peeling tomatoes, you can briefly and quickly place the pepper pieces in boiling salted water, then in ice water, then immediately peel them. Personally, I like this variant the least, but it works quite well.

10. Peel whole Peppers

The last trick concerns the whole pepper. This variant is used when I prepare mini peppers as a side dish, these should be put on the plate as a whole. So I have to skin them as a whole. For this you need a burner, ideal is a large crème brûlée burner with sufficient filling. You should do this on a baking tray and place a cloth under the baking tray so that your kitchen is not damaged. Flame the peppers that you have skewered onto a large kitchen fork evenly with the flame until the skin blows and then place the whole peppers in a plastic bag or freezer bag. After a few minutes you can peel off the skin well.