Prepare Sauce Hollandaise with Blender, save coagulated Sauce

Hollandaise sauce hand blender

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Prepare or save hollandaise sauce with a hand blender! Of course you can try that, that’s why I wrote this article and explain here the sources of error when preparing a sauce hollandaise. Once the sauce hollandaise has coagulated – egg yolk and butter separate – professional tricks are needed to save the sauce. I have already described the preparation of the sauce Hollandaise elsewhere in my cookery blog. In the Kochwiki with Recipe Sauce Hollandaise I show you my surefire variant of the preparation of a classic sauce Hollandaise.

1. Save Sauce Hollandaise with a Blender or Blender Stick

Place the curdled sauce in a saucepan or in a water bath over a moderate heat (approx. 80°C). You can recognize the curdled sauce Hollandaise by its flaking. The butter and the egg yolk have separated and it looks unattractive. You can now “save” the sauce hollandaise in three ways:

1.1 Add cold Water to the curdled Sauce Hollandaise

Add some cold water to the sauce at the edge of the pot/bowl and try again to whip the sauce exactly from there with a blender. At best, the sauce combines slowly and is saved.

1.2 Add a fresh Egg Yolk to the curdled Sauce or start again with a fresh Egg Yolk

Add a fresh, raw egg yolk to the curdled Hollandaise sauce and mix with a blender at this point. My hint: I rarely go this way, I rather whip the egg yolk in a fresh water bath bowl, then slowly add the coagulated sauce.

1.3 Saving the curdled Sauce Hollandaise with the finished Sauce Hollandaise

Add some ready-made Hollandaise sauce to the curdled sauce and mix from this place with a blender. The sauce can now be mixed bit by bit.

2. Why does the Sauce Hollandaise curdle?

The preparation of the sauce hollandaise classic is a bit tricky, the sauce likes to curdle and that is no shame, let’s look at the sources of errors in the following:

2.1 Egg Yolks whipped too hot

The sauce Hollandaise coagulates when the temperature is too high when egg yolks are whipped and reduced. In the worst case, the result is scrambled eggs. Remedy: Measure the water temperature beforehand and pull the pot off the stove before adding egg yolk and reduction. The water temperature should be between 75 and 80 °C.

2.2 Butter added too hot and too fast

The hollandaise also likes to curdle when the butter is too hot or too quickly added to the whipped egg yolks. Remedy: The temperature of the butter should ALSO be between 80 and 90°C and the butter must be added very slowly in a thin jet and beaten in.

3. Simple Sauce Hollandaise byThomas Sixt

You can find in my cookblog the recipe to make sauce Hollandaise just by yourself. There I show you a new preparation technique that is 100% sure to work. The video to the recipe I tie here in addition, so you can already have a look …

4. Sauce Hollandaise Video

I show the preparation of my simple Hollandaise in this cooking video, the preparation is absolutely sure to succeed.:

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